Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Men who are Bi

Originally posted 3/5/10
Ok let me first say that the pic on the left doesn't mean that the two participants are bi however I wish they were. LOL

What is it about gay and bi men that attract women?

Are bi men more in tune with their fem side, are they any more emotional? Or are we just attracted to the fact that it's hot seeing two men with or without a woman present get it on with each other?

Tonight, I visited Literotica.com and looked at posts from many bi men who admit to loving cock, fuckin' etc.

Several of them wanted to chat with me because their g/f or wives weren't into it. Just to chat mind you!!!!

WOW! I don't get that at all. Ah well to each his or her own but if I ever got the chance to date a bi guy when I was single....wow!

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