Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly update!


So today, Michael and I (lol my gay man twin) worked on Sakina and we produced almost 6K. We are totally stoked.

That means we are on target to finish by 9/30, which means that we can submit by 10/15. Totally cool. Not to mention, we also managed to get a tale done called the True Meaning of Love starring, John and Roger Taylor and my fave MIA porn actor, David Taylor.


Want and excerpt, the next post will bring that to you.

As far as the other pseudonyms, Rawiya and Blmorticia had stories accepted today. Rawiya's All About Leather and Blmorticia's Cocksuckers Complaint by EveryNightErotica and Excite, respectively.

WOOHOO! Next the excerpt!

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