Sunday, March 20, 2011

Manlove Monday MENAGES!

Hello again, and welcome to my regular segment, Manlove Monday. This week I’m speaking about another subgenre of erotica that is growing quickly in terms of the amount of authors doing it. MENAGES!

Ooh, and you notice what word is in front MENages. That means men, plural, more than one.

Now, most ménages include a female but the really fun ones are those with males in multiples. 3, 4, 5, and when they are together, pleasuring one another, HOTTT! You recall, Em’s Pertova’s story in My Sexy Valentine? 5 yummy men, having fun! *grins* That’s the best type of story where all the men involved can have enjoy one anothers acquaintance and body.

To date, I have only wrote 2 menage stories: One for the story, The Wretched: The Delicacies of Lust, Liquor, and Cannabis in the Rock and Roll Over where I have 4 men and a male voyeur. The other in The Tattoo Anthology Volume II for the story, A Different Kind of Family Portrait where I have 3 men in a loving relationship.

Those same three men are in my Free Read, Mi Familia which is going quite well. In this one, the names are different but the storyline will still be the same. It's more of their tale, told from school age to adulthood. The story is cross posted on,, and Livejournal. It has gotten some nice comments. The guys have a lot to say, so I see it going for a while. Its full of love, emotion, some suspense, commotion, and well, sex. Not right now though since I’m still writing the characters as young men under 18. Very soon, that will change.

I hope you will take the time out to look for the story and as a cross plug, please check out My Sexy Valentine to view Em’s 5 man frenzy as well as the other stories by Daisy Harris, Ike Rose and Me. And of course, have a look at the Wretched as well.

If you haven’t read my free read yet, please check out the following link. Mi Familia

NOTE: Manlove Monday will be moving to Its Raining Men along with my favorite photographer, Kevin Slack in two weeks. The last post here will be next Monday with another hot picture. Also, please check out this link to see my post on Carolina Valdez’s blog as well as her awesome interview on mine starting tomorrow.

Until then enjoy the MENAGE!

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