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Taboo Tens Day Six Welcome GA Hauser...

Greetings fans!

Welcome to another day of the Taboo Tens!

Today, I'm honored to have dear friend and great author, GA Hauser.

She's also giving away a copy of her new book, Order of Wolves.

Take it away, GA!


Are You A Man- Or Are You A Woman?
In the world of fiction, anything goes. Sci-fi, horror, can be a ten-legged creature, a vampire, an it. It's the wonder of the genre. We play make believe in our heads and either read or write things we enjoy.
In reality, we need labels and identities to associate with society's mores and acceptable behaviors. Or do we? I have always been asked why I write what I write. Truly there are many who do not get it, no matter my explanation. 'Ladies' don't write porn. Especially gay male porn. Well? How do I explain what I do for a living?
So many of us- male or female, don't fit the stereotypes. And I hate stereotypes with a passion. They are ultimately negative, derogatory, and demeaning to race, religion, and sexual preference. Shove the stereotypes where the sun don't shine.
Yet, looking at me...I am a woman. All woman. Or am I?
I love guns, trucks, listening to the whine of the C5 Galaxy engines of the massive jets on the air force base, I stop short at a passing locomotive train to ogle the powerful engines...I crave owning a sleek race car, and have a very high sex drive. Am I a woman? If you didn't know I was, and I listed those character traits, perhaps you may think I was a man.
I love sports of all kinds, running, biking, playing volleyball...
Yet...I won't dance. No way. Don't even try to get me into pantyhose for more than an hour, nor high heels unless they are in calf-fitting boots.
I don't paint my nails, shop ‘til I drop, or gossip about pop idol or whatever reality talent show is on TV.
The boys on RuPaul's drag race make me feel downright butch.
And speaking of those boys, why don't we? Boys who want to wear dresses and make up.
Are they a man or are they a woman?
They swish their hips around, talk about bloating and having their periods, (more than I ever did with any female friend- IF I ever did!) They are talented seamstresses, makeup artists, hair stylists, and wear their miniskirts with abandon. And? I adore them. I love them for their talent and their balls, seriously, they do have balls, to do what they feel regardless of society's pressure to be 'all' male. Does being male mean spitting? Scratching your gonads in public? Watching NASCAR every week?
Lines are constantly drawn and crossed out. To me it's all amazing and wonderful to see. Behavior of every kind has fascinated me. From the loco-bunnies of serial killers to the straight faced politicians who lie for their own gain, I am consumed with why we are what we are.
But we are who we are!
There's no denying we develop from both nature and nurture to be ourselves. But my mother raised me as a girl. I have the pictures to prove it. I was in little frilly pink dresses, and my hair was always tied in pigtails or braids. She did her best. The tomboy came out in me early. I was on my bike riding the neighborhood, playing ball with the boys, and joining the boy's track team when there was no girl's team. I took motor lab class instead of 'home ec'.
Now? I devour and write gay romance like chocolate truffles. I feel a bond with men in many ways. I can't watch 'housewives' on TV. The high pitched voices alone make me cringe. Why do women 'squee'? That sound is like nails on a blackboard.
Even my female friends tend to be like me. Strong, opinionated, independent. Are we women or are we men? Are we defined by purely our genitalia? Seriously?
I think all of us have a little of both in us. And either we play up the feminine side to cover our masculine side, or we accept who we are.
If people would just let go of the stereotypes for men and women, maybe they would see you don't have to ask why. Why do I write gay porn? Why do some men love men? Why do some women love women?
What's the difference?
If you ask me- which you didn't- but you're reading this blog, so I will answer...
If you accept people as who they are, without judgment, and you live and let live, (remember that golden rule?) you may stop wasting so much time over nonsense and get rid of hate and ignorance.
If someone saw me on the street they'd think immediately, 'that's a woman'. But am I? Once you get to know me, you'll see the real gay man inside me. If you do, will you hate me?
Whether we are men or women, gay or straight, bi or transsexual, it all comes down to this...
Mind your own business and accept me for who I am.
Got it?

Be careful out there.


Blurb for The Order of Wolves

Sequel to Of Wolves and Men

In the sequel to Of Wolves and Men we find ATF Agent Roman Burk and horse wrangler Charlie Mosby, still investigating the strange curse they have been burdened with.
Charlie struggles to come to terms with his boss and co-workers on the horse ranch in Heber, Utah, knowing he is Roman’s gay lover. This new problem of changing into a wolf or crow whenever they grow angry or emotional, has both Charlie and Roman near the end of their rope.
Roman loves Charlie, but he loves his job back in Reno as well. Though Charlie has been his champion and ally through their ordeal, Roman doesn’t know if Charlie would be willing to give up his life and career and join him in the city.
Another wrangler, Butch Crowell complicates the situation for the two men, whose life is already too bizarre for either of them to believe. Butch instills jealousy in Roman as he too becomes enamored with the handsome cowboy Charlie.
In the end, it’s up to Charlie to decide which path to choose, and if leaving a place where he has lived and worked for years is the best course of action.
 The Order of Wolves is about the alpha male, and who will inevitably be top dog.

Sample Chapter for The Order of Wolves:

Look at you. Charlie hadn’t always preferred men as sexual partners. He had dated women exclusively, and at one time considered the idea of asking out one of Vernon’s lovely daughters, Suzie or Sherlane. But…
A chance meeting on the roadside on Interstate 80 with a gay man changed all that. ‘Joe’ offered Charlie a blowjob after helping him change a flat tire. Charlie couldn’t recall the last time anyone had offered him such a lovely treat, so he accepted, assuming doing something once with a man was curiosity, nothing more. But after the contact, Charlie was left craving another sexual encounter with a man.
That’s when he met Roman, who he found stark naked on ranch property. The sexual appetite of Roman, not to mention his good looks, gave Charlie another chance to see if… If an alternative lifestyle was something he could consider.
It was.
The closer he and Roman got, the less Charlie craved lying with a woman.
And now? Now that they were both half wolf/ half man, or a third wolf, a third crow, (which Charlie had yet to change into) and a third man. What on earth are we?
Charlie’s sexual drive had hit an all time peak. All he wanted to do was hump Roman, suck him, roll on him, and sniff him. It was madness at its highest level, and pure fantasy.
With his morning erection needing some attention, Charlie dug one hand under Roman and curled him into an embrace. Slowly Roman came to the surface of his slumber. His bedroom brown eyes opened under dark lashes, making Charlie shiver with desire.
“Howdy, partner.” Charlie smiled, giving Roman’s neck a good sniff.
“That’s some wake-up call.” Roman parted his legs and pressed their crotches together.
“Rise n’ shine.” Charlie licked Roman’s jaw, beginning to assert his dominance over him, urging Roman to his back.
A sound like a low purr came from Roman as he submitted to Charlie’s advance. Spreading wide, he allowed Charlie to do as he pleased, which made Charlie a happy man.
Once Charlie had licked his way down to Roman’s chest, giving attention to each nipple, he knelt up and reached for the petroleum jelly left on his nightstand. Though he had intentions of getting condoms and proper lubrication, Charlie wasn’t one to go into town very often, and the idea of asking someone to pick those items up for him was impossible. Not to mention, turning into something canine while behind the wheel of his truck, was a daunting prospect. It was against Charlie’s nature to take risks, but he was a very trusting man. He trusted Roman.
As Roman watched Charlie prepare, he said, “We have got to get lube. I can’t stand that shit.”
Charlie chuckled softly. “Read my mind?”
“No. I can’t seem to do that to you anymore. But, come on.” He curled his nose.
“Lubrication and condoms. I must be outa my mind to be ridin’ you bareback.”
“Me? I’m clean. Are you kidding me?” Roman shifted on the bed as Charlie inserted two fingers inside him. “Oh, that’s nice…” He moaned. “And I haven’t had sex for years before we met. Not with this crazy job, I don’t.”
“Hush up. I’m not believin’ that for a minute.” Charlie tried to wipe his fingers off and ended up rubbing the remainder into his dry hands. He tugged on his cock to keep it hard, moving closer.
“Right. You believe we turn into animals but you don’t believe I don’t fuck around anymore. I give up.”
“Fuck now, talk later.” Charlie rocked Roman’s legs backwards so he exposed his ass, pointing his stiff length at it.
Roman held his own knees and raised his hips to make it easier for Charlie. Instead, Charlie backed up, grabbed Roman and spun him around roughly. “Changed my mind. I’m goin’ to do you doggie style.”
“How appropriate.” Roman got on his hands and knees.
“Seems more natural.”
“Don’t even go there.” Roman pushed his face into the pillow.
“I’m goin’ there, Roman. Make no mistake.” Charlie laughed and gripped Roman around his hips, yanking him closer. He pushed the head of his cock against Roman’s tight rim and penetrated him gently.
Roman gave a snarl and wriggled backwards, uniting their bodies.


What a fab post! So many great points. awesomely done GA! And a fab blurb and excerpt!

Please make sure you comment to win. We will be announcing winners from the first days later on this evening. Today through Friday's winners won't be announced till Saturday so please, comment away!

Hope you enjoyed. Tomorrow, be here as we have Carol Zampa on the blog.


SJ said...

Great interview and I so agree GA and Rawiya! Stereotypes suck! They're the scourge of society because it makes people create biases and prejudices they otherwise would never have. And I also agree, it might help us live and let live, if we just took a moment to stop and think and refrain from judging. We all have a little male and female inside us.

Great post! Thanks for sharing. And yes, please enter me in the drawing. That's one book I am looking forward to reading! YAY!

Hugs & love,

Rawiya said...

Thank you SJ for commenting. I'm about to read book one.

Real excited too!

Leaundra said...

Great post Amanda, I hate stereotypes also. I'm so not girlie I was the biggest tomboy growing up and my mom had to hold me down to put a dress on me. I'm a housewife but I love sports especially football and baseball, I can't stand soaps and I don't cook my husband does and it's been like that for 24 years:-) I'm always surprising people, if you want to stereotype me you will get it wrong every time:-) Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks Leelee<3

Rawiya said...

TY for visiting Lee. Dont forget to check your email!

Lisa Worrall said...

I totally loved your post GA :)
I'm a girl and on occasion quite a girly girl, but it doesn't define who I am inside. Unfortunately, the old adage of "you can't judge a book by it's cover" is seldom actually taken into account. I do all the girly things with my daughter I'm supposed to - but I'd never tell her I'd rather be kicking the football around the garden with her brother than painting her nails and having tea parties. You only get one shot at this life and you have to remain true to yourself. All my friends know the genre I write in and some like to read and some don't, which is fine by me - but I refuse to stop writing about gorgeous, sexy, hot men and mould myself into the type of writer I look like on the outside. The inside is much more fun...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I'm looking forward to being you when I grow up ;)

Please enter me for the drawing *bounces up and down*

Anonymous said...

That was great to read! It's a subject we're discussing at a class I'm following so I'm really interested in this subject. I do think Man and Woman isn't the right word for describing all that you are, they aren't two strictly different things.
Loved reading the sample chapter too :)

Angel Martinez said...

Hey, GA! I think you need to tell us how you really feel now, lol.

Seriously - we are labeled by our biology but humans are such complex creatures, gestalts of experience and character. We are so much more than mere biology. I worry for our girls these days, with all the images bombarding them. (I must be pretty, I must look like the women on Sex in the City, I must find a man to be fulfilled, there must be something wrong with me if I don't like the same things everyone else does.)

Raise your girls to be themselves, folks, not princesses.

Rawiya said...

Thank you all for the great comments and visits!


Sarah J. McNeal said...

Boy, if everyone could go about their lives without judging others wouldn't it be a wonderful world? Nice blog, G.A. and I wish you every success with The Order Of Wolves.

Rawiya said...

TY Sarah for dropping by.

I do appreciate it. :)

Diana Castilleja said...

Morning G.A., everyone. I agree. What more needs to be said?

GA Hauser said...

Hi, morning everyone! I think the more we smash our preconceived notions about roles and mores of society, the better the world will be. We are all a bit of male, and female inside us. And what Carl Sagan would call- 'star-stuff'. We're special, individual, and each of us has a right to do as we please without harm. Hugs to all of you, you are what makes me think there is hope in this world. xxxooo

Jen B. said...

First off, I hear and get what you're saying so don't get me wrong with what I'm about to say. I agree that it would be super great if people wouldn't be so judgey. Between that and prejudice, life is full of land mines. But, that being said, I do think that humans must label male versus female based on genetalia. Yes, the exception is the transgendered individual. Eventually society will have to change certain legel definitions to cover those who are transgendered. First, we need more people to accept them. (Sorry, got off topic) I am a lot like you, I have always had lots of male friends, I love fast cars, I like high octane movies etc but I am still all woman. I hope in the future that more women feel safe and secure enough to express their inner person and not just be girly like society expects. Of course, I want M/M fiction to find it's way into the "mainstream" and I would be ecstatic if all gays were accepted. I think it will happen, it will just take time. The book looks great, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post Amanda. I thought for a long time that because I grew up climbing trees with a book in hand just to sit among the branches while I read, that I was a freak of nature. I played baseball, softball, grew up surfing the waves in Southern California and was a mean boogie boarder. I always hung with a group of guy friends. My mother, being the typical bride of the 1950's permed my hair and dressed me in lace and ribbons and gave me a rabbit skin muff to keep my hands warm. UGH! I hated that. All I wanted was a pair of cords and my tattered Vans and my baseball glove and my glove oil. I was thrilled when I was able to go to school sporting two black eyes from being hit in the nose with an errant bat. I've always hated being stereotyped and yes, I have worn heels and gotten compliments on my legs and my hair and appreciated it but the real me wants nothing more than a seat in Dodger Stadium watching Don Sutton pitch and watching Ron Cey catch. Wow! Thanks for the trip down memory lane today!

GA Hauser said...

Exactly Patti! I was the same way. I suppose that's how we ended up, gay men in women's bodies. :)
But I think we have found lovers and friends who let us be the men we are.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I loved your post!! I have always been a tom boy - I also took auto shop in HS and actually rebuilt a car engine while in college. I've always been more comfortable hanging out this the guys - less drama, more down to earth, etc. And luckily I have raised my daughter the same way!! And taught her to except everyone for who they are and not to judge.

I too am a gay man in a woman's body!!

Susan R
susanmik AT gmail DOT com
(blogger will no longer hook to my google account - tried about 10 times!! too frustrating, but I am really NOT anonymous!)

GA Hauser said...

Thank you, Susan...yes, blogger has really been a PITA recently.
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I think there are may women who associate with men, and visa versa. It's nice to find like minded individuals to share it with. :)

She said...

Great post. Very thought provoking. I don't know why we need labels but it seems we learn it very early. I think we label so we have order in "our" worlds. Each person had different labels. As I get older I realize labels don't help anyone. They are more hurtful because once a label is applied that is what you expect a person to be or behave as. When they don't you're world is skewed and you don't know what happened. When that happens I know it's me that has to rethink and change my attitude and thoughts. Thanks for sharing.