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GA Hauser - Promo Lancelot in Love

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Today I'm in NOLA but while I'm gone, GA Hauser is here with a guest post about her latest book.

Please have a look!

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I suppose I am very lucky. I have photographers contacting me to ask me if I would like to place their photos on my covers. When Dennis Dean contacted me, I was thrilled. I chose this picture he called, 'Paradise'. Yes, indeed, it was. Looking at the two handsome men, relaxing in a hammock, reminded me of summer, which reminded me of my youth. Long ago, in a galaxy far away...okay, never mind that, but when I was a kid, my mom would take us to the bungalow cottages in the Catskills. Her sister, my aunt, and all my family would stay, play, swim, and enjoy the summer days.
As I remembered my own childhood, I thought about what it would be like to go back there. So I invented Lancelot. He shares my memories, and goes to the cottages to unwind. For anyone who has read Teacher's Pet, Lancelot is getting over the sting of a relationship with Dorian Foster. For those who want to know who he is, Teacher's Pet should be on your list. Lancelot of course, meets the love of his life in that crazy run down bungalow cottage. And so, a story was born. Enjoy!

Blurb for Lancelot in Love;

Still working through an upset of a romance gone bad, thirty year old Lancelot Sanborn escapes to an old haunt; the bungalow colonies of the Catskill Mountain Resort. As a child Lance remembered the comfort and simplicity of his summer vacations, lazing by the lake and enjoying everything upstate New York had to offer. A stark contrast from his hectic life in the Big Apple.
Twenty-three year old Keefe Hammond and three of his friends from Rutgers decide to rent a cottage at the resort for a Labor Day weekend of non-stop partying. Keefe was deeply in the closet and had no intention of stepping out. Until…
The two men meet as they became temporary neighbors in the bungalow resort and soon Keefe began testing his own desires for sex with a man, against his terror of revealing who he is to his friends.
One place Lancelot never expected to find true love was during a retreat to escape from it.
In the end, love always finds a way and for Lancelot, he finds the love of his life in a young man named Keefe.

Sample Chapter:

Lance buttered the toast when it popped up and began filling two plates. The screen door opened and closed, without slamming.
“Don’t feel you need to keep me company.” Lance served the food, sitting down once he refilled both their coffee mugs.
“Am I bugging you? You said you came here for peace.”
“No. You’re not. You’re a nice distraction.” Lance pointed to the chair Keefe was hovering over. “Sit.”
Keefe did, picking up a slice of bacon. As he chewed he said, “So, you really would have ‘devoured’ me last night?”
Lance swallowed his food and met Keefe’s gaze. In the light of day, he could see the sky blue color of his irises, his blond beard growth and tiny salmon pink nipples. He didn’t answer, continuing to eat.
“What…uh…what would you do if you could?” Keefe shifted on his chair.
“What would you want me to do to you?”
“Fuck.” Keefe laughed, brushing off his hands.
“What are your fantasies?” Lance sipped his coffee, studying Keefe. The amount he wanted to play with this young man was growing with getting to know him better.
“I dunno. Getting my cock sucked. Shit like that.” He took a big bite of his toast with egg on top.
“I assume a girl has sucked you.”
Keefe’s cheeks went rosy and he kept eating.
“No? No blowjob yet?” Lance grew stiff in his shorts. Even his nipples became erect.
“I know it sounds stupid, but I didn’t want a woman to do that to me.”
“But you fucked one.”
“Yeah. I sort of had a girlfriend in high school. I did her twice. Wasn’t much to brag about.”
“So, you’re completely in the closet. No one knows how you feel?”
“No one.” Keefe looked anxious to admit that.
“Do you live at home?”
“No. I have an apartment.”
“So, you live alone, don’t go to school any longer, and still haven’t asked a guy out.”
“I’m terrified.” Keefe gulped audibly, his eyes appearing glossy.
“I don’t know. Everything. You know, being looked at differently, my family knowing.” Keefe finished the food on his plate, placing his knife and fork on it.
“How do you think your family would react?”
“My dad would kill me.”
Lance nodded. “How about Mom?”
Keefe shrugged. “She’d just be disappointed. But she’d back whatever Dad decided to do.”
“Any sisters or brothers?”
“One of each. I have an older sister, and a younger brother.”
Lance picked up their plates to wash in the sink. There wasn’t a dishwasher.
“Thanks, that was great.”
Lance nodded, thinking about taking this young buck’s cherry. He tried to remember his first time. Fifteen years ago, in the locker room after football practice. He got fucked by his best friend and teammate, Ross Givens. It hurt but Ross sucked his cock after.
“Do you want me to leave?”
“Hm?” Lance dried his hands and picked up the coffee pot to top off their mugs again. “I have no plans.”
“I bet that feels nice.”
“What feels nice?” Lance was completely distracted by the idea of taking this virgin into the fold.
“Not having plans.”
“Oh.” Lance dumped out the remainder of the coffee, rinsed the carafe and set it in the drain board. “Let’s sit in the living room.”
They brought their cups with them to the couch and coffee table, setting them down. Both men sat together on the sofa, facing each other, bending a leg underneath them.
Keefe propped his chin on his palm, his elbow on the top of the couch cushion. Lance felt as if he were in the gaze of a man who had that dreamy look in his eye. When Keefe pinched his cock through his shorts, Lance took notice.
“Can we talk about my fantasies again?”
“Sure, Keefe.” Lance tucked his leg under him tightly.
“I love the fact that I can tell you.”
“You seriously have bottled all this up? All of it?”
“Do you even look at naked men photos?”
“No. I’m too scared someone will find out.”
“How? You live alone? Don’t you own a computer?”
Keefe cupped his crotch, Lance assumed to hide his erection.
“My sister sometimes comes over. When she uses the computer, those sites are saved. I just don’t want anyone to know.”
“How long do you think you can keep up the charade?”
“Eternally?” Keefe laughed sadly.
“Oh, baby. That is so unfair to you.”
Keefe made a noise of frustration in his throat and Lance could see him squeezing his cock. “How did you come out?”
“I was still in high school. I told my mom first, she told my dad.”
“Did they kick your ass?”
“No. Believe me, they were pissed, but, Keefe, they get over it.”
The expression of stress on Keefe’s face, his body language, all told Lance the poor guy was struggling badly with the issue. It was different for every man. And never easy.
“And you’ve had boyfriends?”
“Yes. Many.” Lance smiled sadly. “Maybe too many.”
“Do you do safe sex?”
“Of course. I tested negative.”
“You…” Keefe shifted on the sofa, still holding his cock. “You actually had an AIDS test?”
“Yes. I did. More than once. And when you become sexually active, so should you.”
“Shit. You see? It’s crap like that that scares me.”
“Things are much better now than they were in the nineties. Most men take precautions and are not infected.”
“I’ve never even had crabs.”
“Neither have I. I’ve never had any STD.”
“No? But you’d been with a lot of guys?”
“No one gave me anything through sex.”
“Is that just luck?”
“It’s a little luck. It’s being smart, choosing wisely. Not having unprotected sex, even though you want to fuck.”
“I want to fuck.”
“I can’t imagine being without sex for as long as you’ve gone.” Lance smiled but he felt unhappy for Keefe.
“Who does who with you?”
Lance spotted a small wet stain appear in Keefe’s light blue shorts. “You mean who is the top, who is the bottom?”
“I do both.”
Keefe closed his eyes and groaned, massaging his groin. “I’m going to come thinking about it.”
Lance scooted closer to him.
Keefe opened his eyes, appearing terrified.
Moving slowly, so Keefe could stop him if he chose to, Lance reached towards Keefe’s waistband. Keefe released his hold on his own cock and pushed his hips up enough to indicate he wanted whatever Lance was offering.


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