Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Sips - Closely Guarded

Good morning! Finally making more headway on Closely Guarded! I've put it down, researched, edited, meh! This book drives me nuts but I think I've finally got a handle on the characters.

Agent Darien Moseley leads a double life. A musician by day and when not playing, an agent in a special organization called PROTEKT. He’s called upon to travel to Russia where he is to investigate the death of a dignitary as well as protect the son from harm.

That dignitary’s son is intrigued by the prospect of meeting an American. His boyfriend, Ivan is jealous about this and due to his behavior, Darien is suspicious about his involvement.

The two square off for Nicolay’s love while trying to catch the killer and keep him safe from harm.

Unedited Excerpt

Just as he turned around, the door opened slowly, causing him to react quickly. He jumped back into bed and fiddled underneath the pillow for his pistol. He knelt on the mattress and aimed his gun in the direction of the door. “Yes?”

A small head peeked in.

“So sorry, it is me, Nadiya. I…I come to bring you food, sir.” She stepped in, her eyes widened when she focused on the weapon in his hand. Immediately, her brown eyes dropped downward. She smirked and walked closer with a tray. “For you, Mr. BA, some breakfast. Mhmm, not bad.” The young woman sat his breakfast on the mattress.

BA nodded and smiled back. “Uh, thanks.” He didn’t bother to cover himself since he noticed her staring. “For the food and the compliment.” He reached for the mug of coffee and took a sip.

“You are most welcome for both,” she curtsied and left.

BA drew up his lips and looked down at the plate of bacon and eggs with two triangles of toast on the side. Thank goodness he didn’t have to sit at the table with Ivan and Nikolay.

As he bit a piece of the bacon, he heard a small knock at the door. “Yeah?” This time he covered himself with the sheet.

“It’s me, BA, Nikolay.”

Hmph, right on time. “Come in.”

Cherekov’s son strolled in, dressed in black slacks and a matching long sleeve shirt. His blond hair perfectly coifed and smile, blinding and pearly white. “How did you sleep?”

“Not too bad I suppose.” BA tossed the last bit of meat in his mouth. “You?”

Nikolay sat on the edge of the mattress. “Okay, I guess. I had a couple of nightmares; the shooting last evening when the memorial took place. The members at party headquarters were surprised at the development.”

“Oh yeah?” BA continued to eat. “You didn’t tell them about our plans did you?”

Vehemently, he shook his head. “No, no, of course not. I realize now that no one can be trusted with anything at this point, especially since we have no clue who leaked the information about my change of heart.”

“Good let’s keep it that way. In fact, unless any of those people come by here, don’t talk to ‘em. Brenda should be starting to make connections today with the two goons that showed up here last night.”

“Oh, I see. That is good. The quicker you can make certain determinations, the killers will be found. Of course, it doesn’t mean I want you to go anywhere, my sweet man. I have not forgotten about my promise to you.”

“Oh I know,” he mused and drank from his cup. “I realize the quicker we solve it for you, there can be closure for you to heal. Once I knew exactly what happened to my parents, it helped a little.”

The man nodded and moved closer to BA. “I still cannot believe what you told me. Such cruel people, what they did, I hope they rot in hell.”

“Oh yeah, he’s behind bars. In fact, he’s on death row.” BA shook his head, thinking of the injustice. “I haven’t gotten the call yet about his execution but when I do, I’ll be there with bells on when they pull the switch on that cocksucker. I wish I could do the honors.”

Nikolay patted the agent’s knee. “I know how you feel. The people who are responsible for my father’s death, I would like them to suffer at my own hand. I am not sure how I will react when I find out but you are right, I will feel a sense of relief. I can take solace in the fact he died doing what he enjoyed. He wanted to be a great leader for Mother Russia and assist the people of this country. Besides me, it is all he really cared about.”

BA finished the meal and sat the tray on the bedside table. “Well, I promise you we’ll do what we can to bring these cowards in.” He leaned back against the headboard while gripping onto the sheets. Having Nikolay so close to him proved to be a detriment even while talking about the mission. All he could think about was how good his lips tasted, how well he sucked his cock. BA needed to make an excuse to get going or else he’d have the Russian on the bed, butt naked, and ready for him to take. “Uh, Nikolay.”

“BA, it is your like moniker, yes? Call me Niko. I only allow close and personal friends to call me that.” He smiled and dragged his long finger over BA’s jawline.

“Um, okay. Niko, you need to calm yourself. What did we discuss last night? I swear, if you continue to do what you’re doing…”

Nikolay didn’t back down. He grasped BA’s shoulders and yanked him in. His breath mimicked fire to BA’s skin. “Then what will you do, eh? Is that a threat, Sir? You will take me and tie me up? Will you throw me down on the bed and tear my clothes off to ravage me?”

Sounds hella good to me.

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