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Wednesday Briefs - My Demon, My Vampire Michael Mandrake

It's been forever since  I did the Wednesday Briefs. This is from my short I just completed for the Valentine's Day giveaway. I've had several request to expand it and I will. For now, enjoy the first part. 

The sounds of swords clanging against one another rung through my household. Every week, once or twice in a seven day span, I’d teach and spar with who would become a very important vampire in the coming days, Ryland Durand.  For two earthly years, which to me had only begun, I gave Ryland lessons on various black arts and spells, putting him amongst the most powerful immortals in the universe. Coupled with his intelligence and calm spirit, the gifts I’d bestowed upon him would make him damn near invincible. I was told we would need allies like him if the great battle my first father prophesied would occur.
Though my prime objective was to be his instructor, I had developed intense feelings for the blood sucker. Nothing would please me more than to have Ryland by my side, but the vampire had committed to his brother and a human named Dale. When I expressed how I felt to Ryland, he responded there was no room in his heart or his bed for another. Nevertheless, I would not be deterred and would use every opportunity as merely another part of my relentless plan of seduction.
“Ha!” Ryland lunged forward, showing off his magnificent fencing techniques, attacking me whenever he could detect what he supposed to be my weakness.
“Good move, Ryland.”
When Ryland appeared to be relaxed, I knocked the weapon out of Ryland’s hands, sending it across the room. Not allowing him to move, I placed the tip of my blade against Ryland’s throat. Without moving it, I slowly stalked closer to Ryland, watching his eyes and reading his thoughts. Within those, I saw the plans Ryland had concocted to use the magic spell I’d given him to gain the upper hand.
Although I’d lose this particular match, I’d let him win so he’d question my decision.
For a demon who relies on raw emotions for consumption and arousal, there was more than one way to obtain what I desired.
“You have plans to take this sword?” I asked him, cocking an eyebrow.
Ryland grimaced, gnashing his teeth together. “I … I do.”
While I continued to scan his mind, I studied Ryland’s face. The sharp cheekbones, the gorgeous profile. Beautiful light brown eyes with speckles of yellow along with a narrow nose and full kissable lips. Ryland was indeed a sight to behold and my only wish was to be near him even with my feelings for the blasted angel looming over my head.
Of course, if given the choice, I would pick Ryland in a heartbeat over Calisto.
We were one in the same; demons and killers.
Nearly losing my concentration, I swiped my tongue over my lip and nodded once. “Then do what you have been taught.”
Ryland’s eyes changed into a deep crimson color, before he closed them. In a matter of seconds, my sword flew out of my grasp and into Ryland’s. Then, with all his might, Ryland roughly pushed me against the wall with so much force it caused cracks in the foundation. With his body fully pinned against mine, he raised the weapon, tucking it under my chin.
Noting my defeat, I grunted and met his fiery gaze once again.
“How did I do, teacher?” Ryland flashed a smirky grin.
Not able to be killed, only tiny embers of fire spit from my neck. I felt no pain in the spot Ryland had pierced. Instead, discomfort in my groin where I desperately wanted release. Thoroughly aroused by the two of us being so close, I drew in a sharp breath and bowed my head once.
“You’ve done well, Ryland. As to be expected.”
Ryland’s grin disappeared. He marked me with the edge of the sword. Then, he quickly pulled it away, his crimson eyes narrowing. “You knew of my plan the whole time, did you, not? Why did you let me defeat you?”
Still watching the beautiful creature, I ran my hand over the slivers of flesh on my throat. The wounds dissipated and I leaned in close. Our mouths were only an inch or so apart. I shrugged. “I did not, my friend. You caught me by complete surprise.”
“Liar!” Ryland spun on his feet, apparently angry about my submission. “You are to teach me, Valios. Allowing me to win, will not teach me a damn thing!”
Feeling his disdain, I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes tight. Tiny flickers of fire burned in my belly, seeping down to my groin. Knowing the vampire’s emotions were getting out of control, my arousal increased. If only he would allow me one time to make him experience the same excitement firsthand.
Ryland’s bark sounded and broke my concentration. Unlike other immortals it took a lot for me to be sexually turned on. However, with my student in such close proximity, the task of stimulating me was not difficult at all. The lust I had for him was abundantly clear.
Slowly, I opened my eyes, taking in the vampire’s attractiveness. I licked my lips, sensing the surge of energy bolt through every spot in my body.
“I cannot do this anymore. You are not keeping things professional as I have asked you to.”
“I have kept things exactly the way I said I would, Ryland. I have yet to make a pass at you. Although …” I stood in front of him, softly running my hands over his flawless jawline. Being of the undead, his flesh was cold to the touch. Still, the fire in my mind, heart, body, and soul would not be extinguished no matter how low his body temperature was.
“Our lesson is over, vampire. Now that our professional time is complete, I could use the rest of the evening to show how much I care for you.”
Ryland continued to eye me confused. I sensed the conflicts in his mind and heart about the feelings he had for me.
Could they be mere adoration?
Perhaps love, but I didn’t need the last emotion to sustain me. I was a demon. We cared nothing about being loved. We fed on hatred, lust, and greed. Surely that “godly” quality did not make a damn bit of difference in how I’d pursue a relationship with Ryland.
“Then, I shall end this night now.” Ryland pulled away and slammed his sword into the scabbard on his hip.
Before he could get away any further, I reached out for Ryland, curling my claws around his bicep.
“Please, stay.” I managed through baited breaths.
I seethed, thinking of Ryland’s partners. His lovers, who ruled his mind and body, making him inaccessible to those who were more than fond of him.
Namely me.
“I cannot. I am due home to enjoy a dinner with my family. Dale wants us to try something he calls jambalaya. A southern staple, he tells us. He’s even went as far as to add fresh animal blood to season it for myself and Ryder. Such a thoughtful lover he is.”
Ignoring his statement, I yanked Ryland into me. We were turned in opposite ways, but still able to lock eyes; his light brown orbs with my emerald greens.
Again, I leaned in close, inhaling the faint scents of flesh from Ryland’s body. He also smelled of sandalwood, not natural, perhaps a chemical he had took to wearing so his true ardor would be masked.
“He is that, but in your heart I detect emotions for me. You do not want to leave. The fire inside your groin burns out of control, much like mine. You lust me. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t continue to come here taking lessons.”
Ryland nodded. “It is true, Valios. I do sense my feelings for you running deeper than they should, but I must beg of you to respect me and my relationship. You have known about this−”
“I do, but I choose not to allow it to override my desire to seduce you.”
Ryland swallowed hard. Apparently aroused, he opened his mouth and hissed, revealing elongated fangs.
“Ah, Valios. You make things too difficult, and despite the want I possess to be passionately entangled with you, I must still decline this tantalizing offer.”
Ryland pressed a soft kiss on my cheek and squeezed my arm.
“I shall leave now. When you have new lessons to show me, I will return. Until then, please do not contact me.”
Ryland grasped my bicep again, before using the power I’d given him to disappear into thin air. Unlike the old vampire folklore, Ryland did not change into a bat. Instead, he vanished into a cloud of smoke as I would do.
Mentally, I kicked myself for giving him that ability, to use against me when he saw fit. At times I wished I hadn’t been so giving with my most important spells, like now when I wished to compel him to stay by my side.
Despite this, I was doing my duty as the head soul catcher demon, preparing one of our greatest allies for a possible war down the line.
Though neither of my fathers predicted me falling for the bloodsucker, I did not regret it entirely.

If only I would’ve made my feelings known before Ryland and Ryder found their third. The written story in the immortal truth book would’ve been written in my favor. 

*****Hope you enjoyed the story. To read more about Valios and Ryland, read N'awlins Exotica Parnormal series. The first four are free on Smashwords. The 5th is 99 cents. This is an alternate universe story. A spin off of the original tale. 

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A Wanting Tale - Sexy Scene Nick and Sam

**I tried to get a scene going with another character alongside these two, but Nick wasn't a fan. So I scrapped it and decided to publish this just for your enjoyment. This is just Sam and Nick for now in a hot scene!**


Graduation had come and gone so fast, it made my head spin. My parents had flown in from New York to watch me walk across stage and receive my diploma, but honestly they could’ve stayed home. College was a big deal, but not earth shattering. Besides, they’d already said they didn’t agree with my choice to major in creative writing, but as I explained to both of them, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than being an author.
 Though I loved my folks to death, I was happier to see them go home because they didn’t give me or Nick too many moments alone. No question, we’d had plenty, but as I already stated, I’m greedy. I have to have either my man and or woman close to me in order to be satisfied.
Speaking of woman, it had been nearly a year since Chandra and I started dating and she still hadn’t made up her mind. Nick and I will be leaving for Phoenix in the fall and I have to have her decision before then. A part of me already knew the answer. Chandra was too stubborn to totally give everything up to be with me and Nick, regardless of how deep the emotions ran for us. She wanted to be in control of the situation, and not having that over me or Nick made her sick. Chandra was however a dominatrix. A temptress. She could have any man, woman, or couple she wanted, so having us dictating what we desired over her own needs made things extremely complicated for her.
I was sure this was killing her inside, but I wouldn’t back down from my selfishness. I’d played her game exactly the way she wanted, hoping she’d give in and be part of our union. These days, Nick desired her almost as much as I did, allowing her to push the limits with him beyond his wildest dreams while I watched. In return, Nick pushed buttons to the brink and challenged her in any way he could. Truthfully, they’d broken the rules of a true Dom/sub relationship, but that mattered little too both. Their sole purpose was for each other’s and my pleasure. We didn’t wish to be part of any status quo.
Thankfully, all the graduation festivities came to an end and the moment we put my parents on a plane, Nick and I rushed home so we could have a few minutes alone together before Chandra joined us for a private party. She mentioned bringing a new sub along for our enjoyment, but conveniently left out the gender. For me, it didn’t matter because I was comfortable with both men and women. With Nick it did. He’d made that perfectly clear he wasn’t interested in another man. A woman might hold his interest as long as she was as hot as Chandra or me. I actually looked forward to seeing how Nick would deal with competition if it was a man and I’m sure he felt the same about another woman.
Picture of Nick Bateman
Only for inspiration!
The minute Nick put the car in park we rushed to the front door of our apartment building. I unlocked the door and he chased me up the stairs until we reached our place. The anticipation building, I could feel a trickle or two running down the insides of my thighs. My pussy was already sopping wet. I couldn’t wait for Nick to take me bare. I’d gotten well used to the idea now and he happily obliged me with pleasure at every turn.
“Samantha …” Nick hissed into my ear and nipped at my earlobe. The moment his tongue traveled along the edge, more of my release squirted out. I moaned in appreciation. I could feel his rigid dick tracing the crack of my ass through my dress. To accentuate how much he wanted me, he wrapped both arms around my waist and lifted me off my feet. He rubbed his covered cock against my backside, making me shiver all over. I could barely concentrate on trying to unlock our door with so much excitement and energy running through me. Even still, I attempted to fit the key into the hole.
“Yes, Nick! God, I can’t wait for you to fuck me!”
I screamed at the top of my lungs and before I knew it, he gave me the push I needed to finally focus and get us through the door. I leaned against it and watched him, yank the t-shirt from over his head. The necklace with a bone pendant flapped against his six pack abs and his brown eyes bore into me. He swiped his thick tongue over his lips while he shoved his pants along with his underwear from his waist, revealing a long thick rod standing proudly between his legs. A bed of light brown curls surrounded his gorgeous cock. I could hardly wait for it to be deeply embedded into my pussy and ass.
“Fuck, Sam!” Nick toed his shoes off and kicked the garments aside. Before I could take another breath, Nick was on me like white on rice, kissing me passionately while he fiddled with my dress until it gave way and slinked halfway down my body. He grabbed the elastic of my lacey underwear and pulled them until they tore and fell at my feet.
“Baby, oh yes. Gotta … have … you!” I said the words in between mind blowing lip locks. The vents cool air gave me chills, but not enough to stop me from overheating. I desired Nick inside of me more than anything else right now, and nothing would stop me from getting what I wanted most of all.
We continued to kiss and grope each other until Nick lifted me up by my bottom to meet his cock. As he pinned me against the wall, Nick ran his dick along my pussy lips, slicking himself with my juices.
I ran my hands along his shoulders and neck to give myself leverage.  I opened my legs wider, allowing him to settle in between and line his dick up with my center. Without much warning, he slammed inside of me and held me up with both ass cheeks in his hands.
“Mmph, ooh God, Nick! Fuck me!” I curled my legs around his waist and tightened my kegel muscles around his dick. The sensation of being completely filled caused heat to rise in my face all the way down to my belly. Goose pimples formed on my flesh and my ass tingled, knowing it would be next in line for Nick’s pummeling. I clawed his back, pulling him in closer while I braced myself for the explosion to come. I had learned some restraint with Chandra, but with Nick, I could barely hold any of that excitement. He had me, mind, body, and soul even with Chandra being my desired woman. Despite what I felt for her, I would love him forever and that would never change.
“Sam. You like this dick, right? You want it!” Nick said the words still riding me and making my head hit the wall in rhythm with his thrusts. He let go of my ass, but I stayed upright because I was still tightly wrapped around him. Then, he licked the side of my neck until he reached the top of my shoulder. Nick gently bit the space there and pressed his hands onto the wall behind us.
Not wanting to break our union, I held on for dear life, moving my head until I could capture his lips inside of mine. I forced my tongue into his mouth, tasting his saliva and coffee with a hint of the toothpaste he’d used. I fucked his mouth in the same motion as him fucking my pussy. I cried out in our kisses, clutching his back with my nails to hang on.
I wanted this …
I needed his dick more than I needed to breathe and I hoped my actions showed him that.
“Need you, Nick. I need you there.”  I bit his lip. Hard. Nearly drawing blood. With our lips still locked, he moved his hands back to my buttocks and lifted me up into his arms. He withdrew his cock from me and started walking towards the couch. Immediately, I felt the emptiness and whimpered while I kissed him again.
Nick pulled away. “I gotta get all the way in, baby. On your back so I can watch my cock going in and out of your ass!”
Once he put me on the sofa, I chuckled at the response and pulled the dress up over my head. I fiddled with my bra until it gave way, making my perky tits spill out. I leaned back on the arm of the couch and drew my legs up to my chest to give him a view of the taut skin between my thighs.
“Yes, baby. If I didn’t want back in you, I’d eat your ass!” Nick laughed and smacked my buttocks hard.
“Ow!” I yelped in pain, feeling the sting on my flesh. Still, the little discomfort aroused me. It reminded me of the way Chandra smacked my butt with her favorite flogger. Nick knew I got off on the hurt and relished having my ass reddened during my sessions with Chandra. He’d totally taken advantage of that, which I didn’t mind. In my opinion, the couple that plays together stays together.
“Mmph. More, baby.” I wanted to sing the Britney tune to egg him on, but my main desire was getting fucked raw and proper. I needed to feel that cock pulsating between my ass cheeks and firing off several loads before he sucked them out. In all honesty, he didn’t like it, but he knew it turned me on. So like the good man who knows how to please his woman, he reluctantly did it anyway.
Nick slapped me again, then hovered over me, rubbing the tip of his hardened erection against my asshole. When it pierced the tight skin there, I clenched my teeth tightly together and breathed in and out to receive him in the most sensitive spot on my body.
“God Sam, you’re so tight. Feels like a glove, babe!” Nick slid all the way in until his balls were flush against my buttocks.
I wiggled my ass until he hit the right spot.
“Yes, right there, Nick.”
I grimaced from the discomfort and held onto my toes to pull my feet back some more. I’d learned the maneuver from watching some anal sex porn movie because I wanted to give and receive the ultimate pleasure when allowing Nick to fuck my ass. Despite being a curvy girl, I prided myself on being flexible for my man.
For most women it was so taboo, but I actually got off quicker when he fucked me in the ass. I loved it both ways but something about him doing me from behind aroused me more than anything else.
 “Jesus, Sam. I’m gonna come. I hate to do it, but I … can’t hold on any longer.”
“Then, don’t babe. Come for me. We’ll have more time later on.” I let go of my feet then wrapped both legs around Nick’s neck, resting them on his broad shoulders. I moved my body along with his and licked his earlobe to get him going at a faster pace.
“Fuck, baby!” Nick howled while he rammed into me with all his strength and power.
“Harder, Nick.” As I said, I got off quicker when my ass was being reamed. At times I wished he would treat me like a man and be rough, but he wouldn’t because he feared hurting me. In all truth, I wanted to be hurt.  I wanted to be sore and not be able to walk without discomfort. Chandra took it out on me when she wore the strap-on and I was used to that brutal, yet thorough fucking.
Finally, Nick got the message and reared back before slamming into me, making the couch creak under our weight.
“Yes!” I hissed in his ear, then grabbed his face, plunging my tongue deep inside of his mouth. We got caught up in our kiss, fighting for dominance and I sucked on his bottom lip as if it was his dick.
Nick picked up the pace and my ass burned from him pistoning in and out of me, but that was exactly what I wanted. I clawed his back, letting him know I’d be coming any time now. He pulled away from my mouth and I immediately felt a sense of loss. He planted both hands on either side of my head and drilled into me.
“Gonna come, baby. I… holy fuck!” Nick arched his back and slowed his pace.
I gripped onto his shoulders and prepared myself to be filled with his cum. In moments, juices squirted out of my pussy and I hyperventilated. My skin was on fire and the sweat dripped from under my hairline.
“Jesus, Nick! Oh God, yes!”
Nick continued to fill me and I yanked him down, crashing our lips together in a bruising kiss. As the trembles wore off, my heart continued to hammer in my chest. My nipple perked and my clit pulsated under his touch as he ran his finger over the loose bit of skin. I continued to kiss him and I rubbed my pussy against his fingertips.
“Sam, you are …” Nick continued to massage my slit, bringing it back to life.
Although I was exhausted, I couldn’t help but want more stimulation.
Besides, it had been days since we’d had sex and heck I wanted to make up for lost time.
“You love me?” I brought him in for a kiss again then pushed him away so he could do the duty.
“I really do. It’s why I can’t deny you.” Nick smiled wryly and pushed my legs up to get a good view of my ass. I could feel some of his warm cum dripping from my hole, but most of it, I’d held in to give to him as a treat.
“And the same with me,” I smiled at him and wiggled my butt a little to give him a hint.
“You’re such a kinky woman, but I love ya!” Nick leaned down and licked from my clit on down the crack of my ass until he reached my hole. He took one swipe, then buried his face in between my ass cheeks.
I threw my head back and pinched my nipples, hard enough to make them taut under my own touch.  When my arousal heightened, I rewarded him with his own release. I heard Nick groan when the warm liquid hit his lips. I really think he’d gotten used to the idea and started liking it more than he was letting on.
I would’ve loved for Nick to actually confess that it turned him on more than he ever would’ve thought. After all, I was an erotica writer. More for the muse to be inspired by if my man was just as kinky as I was.

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Dirty Laundry - Wanting REVISIT Lesbian Story Interracial FFM

Often when I scan the interebs I find a picture that catches my eye. When my muse of the moment, Nick Bateman posted this one, my imagination ran amok and I wrote this little short revisit of Wanting. 


(Picture of Nick Bateman NOT MINE)

* * * * 

After an extended long day, Samantha Daniels turned on the lights to her campus apartment she shared with her boyfriend.
“Nick? Nick, I’m home.”
She frowned when there wasn’t a reply and walked into the living room, throwing her bookbag on the couch.
The last nine or so months had been draining; tests, classes, meetings with agents, book contracts to go over. Everything crammed into less than a year and Samantha felt like her life was on a racetrack at the Indy 500.
Make that her professional and college life, while the personal portion was what kept her somewhat sane.
Her man, Nick Andrews, constantly by her side, cheering her on and doing everything in his power to make her happy, and then there was her sometimes woman, Chandra Wills who assisted her with work and play. Despite all the help she’d been, she held true to her position of not being their third and this was what drove Samantha absolutely batty. No matter how many times Nick and Chandra tried to change Chandra’s mind, their naughty dominatrix/slash librarian wouldn’t give in. They’d sexed her, mostly Samantha since Chandra still didn’t feel comfortable being alone with Nick. They’d submitted to her, allowed her to introduce them into her world of bondage and submission, and yet the woman wouldn’t budge.  Regardless, Chandra was determined to stay on the outside, but Samantha was just as stubborn and wouldn’t give up.
Thankfully Nick was fully on board with this, desiring Chandra just as much as Samantha.  She considered herself very lucky to have a wonderful man as her lover. Most might’ve left if they saw how much their woman wanted someone else.
Exhausted from the day’s events, Sam leaned back on the sofa and plopped her feet up on the coffee table. She’d been running ever since seven from class to class then onto a romance author’s symposium held off campus. Things had been hectic and it wasn’t even time to graduate. Sam anticipated everything to be doubly tiring when May finally rolled around.
Just as she closed her eyes, her phone chimed, meaning she’d received a text message. She plucked it from her pocket and eyed the screen.

At the laundrymat. Wanna come keep me company?

Nick had taken a part time job at the campus laundrymat to make some extra cash. The pizza place wasn’t paying enough and both of them had to get ready for graduation fees in a few months.
Sam smiled and pressed the buttons to respond.

Nah, I’m too tired. I’ll just wait for you to get home.

And she really was. She’d just walked in the door and only wanted to take a hot bath then wait in bed for Nick. She was too tired to call Chandra over to join them.

Aw please, babe. I’m dying here. These Youtube videos are getting boring as hell.

Sam laughed and rolled her eyes. She really didn’t want to move from this spot and wished Nick could find some other form of entertainment for this late evening.

Nick, I wanna take a bath and wait for you in bed. I’ll make sure I’m fully naked and ready for you when you get back.

She grinned, pressed send, and toed her shoes off. Feeling her feet throbbing from walking all day in heels, she grimaced and slowly got up to walk to the bathroom. When she arrived, the phone buzzed again.  

Sam, I need you here, babe. I’m doing our laundry, too and I think I left a small bag of soiled sheets behind. Not only will we have clean sheets, but I’ll make the trip well worth your while. J

“Ugh!” Sam turned to the left and headed into their bedroom, picking the bag up from the floor.
“You did that on purpose, Nick.”
Aggravated, she slipped her shoes back on, grabbed her keys, and walked out to her car. Though the laundrymat wasn’t far, there was no way in hell she’d be going anywhere with those aching feet.
* * * *

Nick peeked at his phone again and stuffed it into his back pocket. Most likely, no response meant his good looking woman would be here any moment with their sheets. He’d purposely wet them a little more because he knew how much she liked to keep things clean. Other than her dirty talk and mind, she was a neat freak and Nick played on it every chance he got.
Almost finished with their three loads, he began folding the towels along with their sheets and blankets. Working at the campus laundrymat had a lot of perks, like free laundry as well as access to the place after hours.
 Nick was determined to make tonight fun for them because they’d been missing one another all week. Between school, him working and her going to various appointments, Nick hadn’t seen much of his lady love other than early in the morning for breakfast or late night. He knew all of it was necessary for them to get through May then on to graduate school. Still, it didn’t make it any less difficult for him to miss his woman and he thought an impromptu rendezvous would be exciting.
As he folded the last sheet, a tap on the glass disturbed him. He turned around, making a beeline for the front door. When he arrived, he twisted the lock, and opened the door wide.
“Hello, my sexy woman.”
“Hello.” Sam pressed her lips against his and pushed past him, dropping the bag on the floor. “Okay, so there’s the bag. Are you almost done here so we can go home?” She petulantly crossed her arms over her chest.
Nick took a step back, noticing the dress she wore. Paisley print, spaghetti strapped outfit, just barely covering her voluptuous thighs with her black pumps to match; nude stockings and most likely red lingerie underneath.
As per usual, his woman was dressed to kill and Nick appreciated her going the extra effort to look good.
Only one woman could rival her in dressing sexy. Hopefully she’d come around and want to be part of their loving union.
“Almost done, but we still gotta wash these sheets.”
“Yeah, but—”
Sensing a complaint, Nick cut her off, covering her lips with his own while he cupped her hips in his palms. He squeezed tight, yanking her fully into him while they shared a hot kiss.
“But?” His eyes met her wild blue gaze.
“Oh God, Nick, I swear, what you do to me.” Sam dragged her fingers over his chest, rubbing his pecs through his white t-shirt.
He hissed from that feeling and bit his bottom lip.
“What I wanna do is make love to you before the night gets away from us.” Nick pulled her forward and pressed her against the row of machines. He placed his hand flat on one of them, looking into her gorgeous baby blues.
“Here?” Nick, no, we can’t do that here. What if we get caught?”
Nick shook his head. “Babe, we’re not gonna get caught and even if we did, so what? Where’s that hot exhibitionist who writes those saucy books, hmm?”
“Exactly, she’s the one who writes, not the one standing in front of you,” she snorted. “It sounds hot, but I don’t know about all this. I mean, what if the boss comes by or…”
Nick lifted her chin up and pecked her lips. He traced them with the tip of his tongue before darting it in between them. “Love, my boss won’t come by here, okay? Babe, I need you. Damn, ever since we started doing it bare, I can’t get enough.”
Sam curled her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. “It is true. It does feel good having you inside of me, completely bare. I just wish…”
Knowing what she was about to say, Nick captured her mouth again.
“I know, I know, I want her too, but she’s stubborn as a damn ox. She refuses to come around and, perhaps we should just accept that she’ll never want us long term.”
Sam sighed, shrugging her shoulders.
“Maybe so, but I miss her like crazy. When we have sex, I feel guilty that you’re not there with me. The same when we’re alone, I want her there, too. God, I’m so freaking crazy, right?”
“No, no, of course not, but, we do need to start thinking about our future, most likely without her. Next year, I’m going to graduate school in Nevada and you’re coming with me. I’m not leaving you behind, regardless of how you feel for her.”
“No worries, I wouldn’t let you.” Sam pushed into him and crushed their lips together.
“Mmph.” Nick lifted her up slightly, rubbing his erection against her thigh so she’d know he meant every word. With her still in his arms, he unbuttoned the top of his jeans so she could feel how hard he was for her.
“See what you do to me, Sam? I get like this whether it’s with you or both of you at the same time.”
“You’re such a horn dog, Nick. I swear I can’t resist you no matter how hard I try.”
“Nope. Resistance is futile, my love.” He put her down on the floor and shifted her around so her back would be against the machines. “Let me grab those sheets and put them in so we can get started along with the rinse cycle.”
Sam laughed and grabbed his cock through his underwear, then smacked him on the buttocks.
Nick walked to the bag then turned the key on the soap dispenser, grabbing one out. Once he had it, he ambled back to the machine, throwing the sheets in and turning the key on the wash to get them started.
“Only a few minutes before they get going.”
“And while they do…” Sam hiked up her dress, showing off her red lacy boycuts. One hand held it up while the other busied itself, pinching her clit through the soft fabric. She whimpered and licked her lips, while her fingers danced on the damp material.
Nick ogled her a moment, then the machine so he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to add the soap. He opened the attached door and poured the whole box in before tossing it aside.
“Oh yeah, babe. I love when you play with yourself.”
Nick pressed both hands on opposite sides of her head and mashed his body against hers. The rumble of the machine sounded in the background, making a nice backdrop for what he’d wanted to do most of the day, or really the week.
Apparently aroused, Sam smashed their lips together and lifted her leg up for him to get a good angle. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders to maintain leverage.
With their lips still intertwined, he reached down, tugging at his jeans along with his underwear until they encircled his knees.
“Augh, Sam, oh God. I wanna be in you. I need, oh fuck!”
Nick moved away from the kiss and yanked at her panties, forcing them to give away. He tore them from her waist and lifted her up, thrusting his swollen, moist head inside her sex. The minute his dick connected with her pussy, he gasped from the sensation of her soft skin enveloping his cock. Damn, it had only been a couple of days since their last time making love, but the way it felt, it seemed a lot longer.
“Ugh, oh Nick, oh damn!” Sam moved back just enough to pull the dress over her head. She pushed her blondish brown strands from her face, grabbed her phone and tugged her bra down to reveal her perky tits.
“Hello, pretty ladies. Oh damn, how I’ve missed you.”
He leaned down and kissed both nipples in succession before looking into her eyes.
“You want me to take that?” He nodded in the direction of her cellular phone.
“Nope. I have an idea.” She pulled him close and held the phone away from her face. “Dial Chandra.” Sam looked at him and smiled wickedly. He loved when she got naughty ideas, especially when they involved him and Chandra.
Without really missing a beat, he looked at the screen, noticing she requested face time with her female lover.
“Oh damn, baby. That would be hot if she picked up. Even more of she watched and participated by touching herself.”
“Yes it would.” Sam nodded at him as they waited.
Excited at the prospects Nick readjusted his hold on her and encapsulated her mouth within his. He picked up the rhythm, moving with her against the machines as it started it’s first spin. The added motions from her backside, made his groin fill faster. He tightened his grip on her thighs and gritted his teeth, bracing himself for what was to come.
“Holy fuck!”
Nick toyed with her lips, biting sucking, while he continued pushing inside of her.
“Hello Sam?”
Nick pulled away, and looked at Chandra’s pretty face on the screen and licked his lips, hoping she could see the action.
Hot damn!
Virtual is almost as good as real.

* * * *

“Oh, um, Sam? What are you doing?” Chandra lifted her glasses and gasped at the sight. Sam looked to be in the middle of a special moment with her man. She tilted her head, wishing she could get a clearer picture.
“I want you to watch us, Chandra,” she breathed. Her blue eyes filled with longing. Lust. The live picture shook a couple of times in succession, meaning Sam was not only in the middle of, but damn near close to the climax.
“Sam, you and Nick.” Her cheeks heated and she placed her glasses back on her face. “You two are so damn, naughty.”
Chandra had to admit how sexy it was to watch her favorite couple getting it on.
“Yes, we are,” she giggled, with a tremble in her voice. “Nick started it though. He called me … down…here, but, I miss you and he does too.”
Chandra put the phone close to her ear, listening to the gasping sounds of the two of them as well as a strange rumbling sound. “Sam, where are you?”
“In the laundry mat, babe. Nick works here.”
“Are you mad? Oh God, you two are taking a huge risk.” Chandra played with her pearls and nibbled on her bottom lip. Hearing the laboring breaths and their bodies hitting the machines sent tingles along her flesh and in between her thighs. She closed her eyes a moment, imaging what she would do to the both of them if they were together.
“Chan … dra.”
She looked up, noticing a change in angles. Now Samantha’s flush, moist face was directly in front of the screen. Her head jolted, apparently from Nick fucking her doggy style.
“Yes, Sam. I’m here, and I have to say.” Chandra opened her legs and ran her hand over her silky underwear. “Face timing you while you’re fucking is um… well… a fun experience.”
“Is it? Are you turned on?”
Chandra licked her upper lip and pinched her clit through the moist material covering her pussy. She flicked it a couple of times and gasped at the sensation, knowing she’d need more to push her over the edge.
“Sam, talk to me. I – I’m having a hard time seeing anything other than your face, but I want to hear you.” She sat the phone on the arm of the couch and toyed with her clit and her nipple at once. She pinched both and inhaled sharply, enjoying the tiniest bit of pain she’d inflicted on herself.
“Chandra,” Sam called her name, almost in a whisper. “I wanna fuck you so hard with the strap on you used on me a week or so ago and as I ride you, I wanna smack each side of your ass and leave a handprint on each side. I have to mark you, baby. You’re mine, all mine! I only share you with my man. Do you hear?”
Chandra heard loud and clear, rubbing her pussy and nipple at a feverish pace. She clenched her teeth and thighs tightly together, feeling the flood fast on the horizon.
No one had ever titillated Chandra like Sam nor ever would.
How many times had the dominatrix allowed herself to be controlled, to be talked to in this manner? For Miss Devine, never, but Samantha Daniels was no ordinary woman.
“Are you coming for me, Chandra? I can’t see you, but I hear you moaning and gasping. You wish I was there fucking you, right? You wish I was there to take all your juices afterwards and drain you dry?”
“Ugh!” Chandra dropped her head and twisted both slivers of flesh, just hard enough to set her off. Bursts of moisture gushed from between her legs, onto her thighs and the soft pillows underneath.
“Holy, fuck, Sam!” Chandra leaned back, still trembling from the aftershocks of her climax. She held her chest while the other still toyed with her clit.
“Damn, babe.”
“Oh God!”
Chandra shifted on the couch and turned to look at Samantha’s face, contorting from her climax. She smiled and exhaled, wishing she was there to see her up close.
Though she couldn’t help but be jealous of the man holding Samantha’s heart, she was grateful he was so understanding, allowing them to get together.
Too bad she couldn’t bring herself to accept that maybe Sam and Nick were worth risking everything including her sanity.

* * * *

Samantha gripped onto the edges of the machine and leaned forward, trying to hold on. Her legs were weak and her ass hurt like hell from the pounding.
Nevertheless she enjoyed every minute.
“Oh God, Nick, that was amazing. Chandra?”
Her slow and tired drawl sounded through the dual tone speaker. “How did that feel to you?”
“In the words of Nick Andrews that was pretty fucking amazing.”
“Yeah?” He asked behind her and pressed a soft kiss on Samantha’s back. “So, if it was, why won’t you let us do it to you in person on the regular?”
Sam felt the weight of Nick’s head on her back and his body on her buttocks.
“Shh, babe, don’t push her.” Sam struggled to stand up straight.
Nick angled his body around to kiss her and he walked away.
“I know, Sam. I know what we all want and, goddammit, it’s tempting and…”
“And? Chandra, we’re graduating soon. We leave for Nevada in June. I won’t be in Chicago much longer and…”
“Shh, don’t remind me,” she interrupted her with a nervous laugh.
“I know all of that Sam, I just need more time, more reassurance.”
Samantha shrugged her shoulders and straightened her clothes. “All right, babe. I get it, I really do, but damn I want this. I need this. You. Us, together, would be fucking incredible. Talk about inspiration for my work. Endless. It would be wonderful.”
“It sounds wonderful and you’re the most wonderful person in my life right now, Sam. Just … let me think. Let me come to a decision that I feel works for all of us. I can’t promise you’ll like it, but hey, who knows how I’ll feel over the next few months.”
Samantha hated how Chandra ended everything with questions. More freaking questions and if she didn’t care about her, she’d throw her hands up and say to hell with it. But maybe, it was more than just care.
Was It love?
Sam wasn’t sure, but now, she didn’t want to make things more complicated than they already were.
Besides, with Nick being an archelogy major and her being an author, things were up in the air. Could she handle her on and off affair with Chandra to be just as tumultuous?
Regardless of what happened, Sam truly did enjoy her late night rendezvous with her man and woman through the phone.
From now on the words dirty laundry would have a whole new meaning. 

Hope you enjoyed. I know I will revisit these three and hopefully bring them to a happy conclusion!