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Wanting - An FFM Novella by BLMorticia Part 1

Greetings. Me and my muse were prodded by a fellow author to do a novella involving my favorite model of the moment, Nick Bateman. So, of course, I took the plunge writing my first FFM with fictional characters Samantha Daniels and Chandra Wills. 

THIS ISN'T REAL  So don't get any bright ideas! It's only a fictional short with some hot sex between three very hot individuals. 

Hope you enjoy it!

* * * * *

Blurb: Samantha Daniels has everything she could want; outstanding grades, a budding writing career, as well as a hot man on her arm, but she still desires something... 
She wants it. 
She craves it. 
And her boyfriend Nick Adams cannot provide it. 

Librarian Chandra Wills is shy and helpful by day and a temptress vixen by night. She's desired by men and women but she only wants one woman... Samantha. Burned by her past relationship with a couple, Chandra is antsy about giving Samantha and Nick a try but Samantha's gorgeous hunk of a man has some tricks of his own to get both beautiful, voluptuous women in bed with him.

Some things are worth trying, even if you only do it once. Life’s too short to play it safe.
In deep thought, Samantha dragged her pencil over the page in front of her. English literature had been her passion, but that was no longer the case.
“Samantha? Samantha? I asked you a question!” A stern male voice snapped her back to reality.
Laughs and snickers filled the room.
“I’m sorry Professor Daley, I…” She shook her head and slid further down in her seat. Her cheeks flushed from embarrassment.
Professor Daley’s eyes narrowed. “I’m sure you are, Samantha. Why don’t you tell us what you were thinking about?” He took a seat at his desk and folded his arms.
“Probably that hot ass boyfriend and how he hit it from all angles,” a classmate shouted.
Others whistled and cooed in jest.
You got that right!
Samantha smirked at the comment, knowing that girl was just jealous. Yeah she was lucky, in fact more than, with such a hunk for a man to call her own. But that wasn’t what ruled her thoughts right now. Samantha’s fantasies involved something deeper, darker than Nick could provide. He was a good man, fabulous in bed, but he didn’t possess the right equipment.
Not quite.
“Ahem, um…” She sat back up straight and curled the brown stray hairs around her ear. Trying to collect her thoughts, she inhaled sharply. “Well professor, I was thinking about the poem you asked me to enter into the contest for Strong Women’s Prose.”
“Oh, really?” Daley’s face softened at those words.
“Yeah, I um… wanted to change it before I sent it in for the final time if you don’t mind, Sir.” Sam added a grin for good measure.
“Oh my God, no you did not! You’re not gonna believe that are you, Professor?” The same girl, Delilah was her name, yelled out, seemingly annoyed by Sam’s attempt to save herself further embarrassment.
“Sure, I… I can. Give it to me tomorrow and then I’ll send it in. And Sam,” Professor Daley got up from his chair. “Though I appreciate you taking this task seriously, we do have a lot of important things to discuss in class. Midterms are coming up you know.”
“Yes sir.” Samantha drew up her lips and sneered at Delilah. She wished she could pull that bitch’s hair away from her scalp.
Delilah seemed to have it out for her ever since she started dating Nick last year. Before, they had at least been cordial to each other but now she’d become a raging cunt.
It didn’t matter though because Samantha knew she got the upper hand on Delilah. She had top honors in her sights, a promising writing career, and a hot man on her arm.
However, there was only one thing missing…
A woman
Yep, another woman to rock her and Nick’s world now and into the not so distant future.
Once Samantha convinced Professor Daley about her poem, class went on without any further hitches. Sam endeared herself to her favorite teacher again and Delilah didn’t make any more comments. And really how could she after Samantha basically pulled herself back together, thinking fast on her feet?
If she wasn’t dreaming about the video she watched last night after Nick went to bed, she might’ve been more attentive in class.
Instead of a movie, it was a montage of hot scenes with beautiful women pleasuring each other while one lady took control over all of them. This dominatrix, Shelly, demanded the so called straight women perform cunnilingus on the lady next to them and make them come. Samantha couldn’t help but be drawn to the facial expressions, the moaning, the sight of neatly trimmed vaginas being orally assaulted with a combination of tongue and fingers.
“Whew.” Just recalling the footage caused a warm trickle between her thighs. She squeezed her legs together to relieve the pressure.
Nick would have to do a lot to satisfy this feeling until she got what she wanted.
Of course, her man always hit a home run when it came to pleasuring her, but Samantha desired a woman’s touch to complete their union.  Only a lady who fit her exact specifications would do.

The moment the bell sounded, her and her classmates closed their books and got ready to head out into the hallway. She grabbed her English text, tossing it in her bag, then stood to get in the single file line to leave the room.
Daley treated his college students like elementary school kids when it came to things like this. His argument was, ‘he refused to have forty people run out of class like a herd of buffalo.’
“Sam? Hey Sam, wait up!” Another female voice sounded.
Sam’s one and only best friend, Carrie grabbed her arm. “That Delilah is a trip. You’d think that girl would let things go after a while right?”
“Yeah, but she won’t. I’m not really worried about her though. I got him and she didn’t. And that bugs her.”
“Yep, you’re a lucky gal too. Do you know how many girls Nick dated before you?”
Sam grimaced when Carrie mentioned other girls. She wasn’t the overly jealous type, but just based on principle, she didn’t want to hear about her man’s past conquests. “I know he had quite a bit. We talked about it before we had sex. He wants to stop using condoms but I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”
“Didn’t both of you get tested?”
“Oh yeah, he’s big on that and so am I, but… I’m just not ready for that yet, you know?”
Carrie playfully punched her arm as they walked. “What the heck’s wrong with you, Sam? You don’t trust him?”
“Of course I do, but… it’s not about that Carrie. I forget to take my freaking pills at times and… well…” Sam wondered if she should share the fact that she wasn’t all the way ready to make her and Nick that official yet.
Not until I get my woman.
Sam shrugged it off and sighed, “I got big things planned and it doesn’t included babies.” Sam adjusted her backpack on her shoulder.
“I get it, girl, really I do, but he would make some pretty brats don’cha think?”
Sam smiled at the thought. “Yep, but again, we’re not ready for that. He’s an archeology major which means after we finish college, he’ll be travelling all over the world. That’s no way to raise a kid. It’s almost like being in a rock band.”
“True, but, I think you should at least get him to put aside some sperm so if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have those genes!”
“Cut it out,” Sam shoved Carrie hard the grabbed her before she fell. She hugged her tightly against her own body and stroked her shoulder length black hair. If Carrie was into girls, Sam would’ve tried to bed her a long time ago but Carrie was strictly dickly. Honestly, a lot of ladies in her student body interested her, but her bi/gaydar wasn’t pointing her in the right direction.
Besides, Sam didn’t want just any woman. This lady had to be powerful and beautiful, gutsy too. Sam wasn’t willing to look on any of those fetish sites or ads to get what she wanted, not yet anyway. Someone with that kind of attitude wasn’t exactly what she sought. She liked a little pain with her pleasure, yes but nothing too severe.
Someone who would titillate and entertain both her and her man.
Where was that woman she desired?
She didn’t know where to start looking. And that frustrated her to no end.
After saying her goodbyes to Carrie, Samantha trudged on to the library to gather more research books for her physics midterm paper due in less than a week. She usually didn’t wait until the last minute to do papers, but lately everything other than school ruled her thoughts.
Nick contributed, but it was mostly the naughty scenes she’d saved on her laptop. She wanted that for herself. Sam desired a female she could bond with sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. Nick was good, but not enough.
Samantha was greedy.
She wanted more.
“Hey, Samantha.” A calm voice came from out of nowhere, jarring her thoughts.
“Oh, um.” Samantha whipped around, blushing once again. Her eyes met the wild brown gaze of her other good friend, her girl crush, Chandra Wills. “Hi, Chandra.”
“Hey. You must be in some deep thought there, babes.” She pushed her black frames up on her nose and flashed her pearly whites at Sam.
“I was, I…” Samantha lost all train of thought looking at Chandra. They’d been talking for months; almost as long as it took for her and Carrie to get chummy. Chandra helped her to find the books and any articles she needed to do term papers as well as her own novels. Seemingly she knew all the answers to the questions Sam needed answering. Maybe she’d be the one Sam needed to complete her triangle. “I was just thinking of… er…”
“The hot man,” Chandra touched her shoulder and squeezed, before removing it. “When you brought him in here the other day, I have to admit I stared longer than I should’ve.”
Sam silently whimpered when Chandra moved her hand away. Just that one gesture along with the smile caused a flutter in between her thighs. “Yeah?”
“Yep.” Chandra opened one of the doors to the library and waved her in. “He’s a hottie but I’d never…”
“You can stare all you want,” Samantha replied, wishing it would lead to something more. Perhaps that was the way to Chandra was by giving her access to Nick.
Samantha walked in and waited for Chandra to walk passed to gawk at her shapely legs.
“Oh no, hun, no way. I don’t want to mess up the happy union.” As expected, Chandra strolled to her desk.
Samantha attempted to pull herself together so she wouldn’t scare the lady. Chandra was everything she wanted in a girlfriend and more; curvy, mocha brown skinned, beautiful light brown eyes that resembled Hershey’s kisses and long, wavy black hair that reached the midpoint of her back. She was a looker, drop dead gorgeous in Samantha’s book. She never had enough nerve to ask her if she liked men or women, but by the thoughts she’d just shared about Nick, Samantha assumed she was straight.
“Oh shit, um, damn Chandra, I’m sorry. I’ve been so distracted lately.” She turned away and walked quickly to the table in the middle.
“I would too with Mr. Gorgeous for a boyfriend,” she chuckled. “Let me stop. You’re probably ready to beat my ass after saying such things.”
I’d rather kiss it.
“No I’m not. I’m not that type. I know the girls are into him and the fact he’s practically a genius adds to his appeal.” Samantha scooted up her chair close and yanked her materials from her bag, trying to look busy. Anything to keep from undressing Chandra from head to toe with her eyes.
“Yes it does, but he’s yours.” Chandra patted Sam’s shoulder and sat down next to her. “All right, enough about your hottie man, what are we working on today?”
Again, Samantha’s body caught a fire with the least little touch. She was the match someone rubbed against the matchbox. Heat rushed to her cheeks and her nether region, making her squirm at the most inopportune time.
Here in the library, with an audience.

Sam wanted to spend some alone time with her other close friend to talk about everything other than her studies.

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