Friday, November 26, 2010

Another story for Michael and Rawiya

XOXO loves Michael and Rawiya's work. They just accepted two more, one by each for their upcoming XMAS anthology. Michael's is a spinoff of "Longing For A Normal State of Vertigo." which will be part of a Sizzler/Intoxication Anthology called Riding the Rocket. It is entitled, "A Gift of Myself." It is romantic, hot, subtle, and sweet...

Here is a small excerpt...

“I want to spend out first joyous occasion, alone. Your friends and family will understand.” David said when we spoke about it, sitting in front of the fire. David was leaning on my knee at my feet.

As I took a drink of my Brandi, wincing once it went down my throat. “Yes, yes, just as they have understood why I have became a recluse.” David took my glass out of my hands, setting it on my side table.

“You are not a recluse, love. Believe me, I will be ready to face the world, shortly…” David got up from his sitting position, kneeling in front of me, taking my hands inside his. “Listen, my lovely husband to be, I know that everything you have done for me has been hard and I assure you, it will come back to you, tenfold.
Remember, you are not dating a normal mortal, but an angel from above…”

I raised an eyebrow, “Or below,” I smirked, stealing a kiss from his lips. “My love, I do not need any payment for good services, all I ask of you is your love and admiration. I have already committed to you, David.”

David returned the peck. “Yes, but I do not want you to think that I am ungrateful for what you are doing.”

“Of course I don’t, why would I think that?” I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, stroking his curly light brown locks. I fingered his collar before letting my tips roam across his firm chest.

David closed his eyes, “I love when you touch me, Hayden…”

Watch for it in DEC. Will post the link when it is available.

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