Friday, November 19, 2010

Men that kiss aren't gay?????



So the article states that British young men now feel that the affection that they show towards one another is not considered sexual. Kissing, touching, groping your "mate" doesn't mean you're gay...Heh REALLY? As they would say on that popular At&T commercial.

I mean, I just do not get why men are so afraid to admit if they are bisexual. Yes, I know, it means you may be criticized for it but aren't people picked on for other things too?

The fact is, these men are closeted. Just simply speak up and say, hey I like men, deal with it.

In our society, it is sad to see that we have so many prejudices against people for a variety of reasons. Whether it be skin color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. And we wonder why the suicide rates are still high, especially among teens; because, our children do not feel accepted by their parents and or peers if they do something that is seemingly not the norm.

I am a parent, and if one of my children said that they were gay, I would not disown my child. In fact, me being a gay advocate would welcome it with open arms. Yes, I would be Sharon Glass in Queer As Folk. lol okay, maybe not that colorful but definitely supportive.

Things like this send me on a rant! Why is it that we don't accept being gay as part of our society? Why can we not just say if we are bicurious that we say it proudly? I admit, I am very bi-curious. I love the sight of a beautiful woman as much as I do a man.

Find fault with me, always will. Black fem, likes metal, reads and writes erotica, gay erotica, I'm short, my nose maybe to pudgy, who knows?

C'mon people, there is nothing wrong with being gay and if you're not, support those that are. If you have no interest, don't criticize, look the other way.

Okay, off my SOAPBOX

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