Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Found him!

So I found him! My man, my INSPIRATION! David Taylor, my MIA gay porn star has resurfaced.

The triad of authors Blmorticia, Rawiya, and Michael Mandrake are big fans of the 29 year old(?) with all three using this face and body to help them write what is in their mind one of the most beautiful men on earth.

One day, we hope to meet him so we can tell him that he is in our heads when we write a love interest and or sexy co-star in a story. I am sure he would be thrilled.

So you may ask, what has he been doing?

Well, after he finished Focus/Refocus for Raging Stallion, he dropped off the face of the planet only to comeback as a mainstream actor. He is the leading vampire in a movie called Brides of Sodom and he is also in a movie called Lake Death, both directed by Creeper Creepershin.

He mentions in this interview conveniently not mentioning his work as a porn actor. Its okay, we get it, David, you want to succeed at this and of course, we support you.

We are just glad that you are alive and well and hope to see you in many more movies to come! Keep taking those actors classes!

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