Friday, December 24, 2010

Woohoo... Another one...

Another acceptance for Me, Michael Mandrake into the Valentine's Day anthology through Sizzler/Intoxication, the erotica imprint for E-Renaissance. An even bigger coo that it was selected by famous erotica author and editor, Sascha Illyvich. The story, "Only When I Lose Myself," is a m/m tale about a very popular musician whom falls in love with a young man who has Asperger's Syndrome.

The story was actually rejected by another publisher, then when I finished the first part and submitted it to Mr. Illyvich he accepted it. WOW, I am truly overwhelmed.

Of course, I will let all know when the release date is as well as the buy link.

In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt...

The minute he got past the box office, waiving at the ticket agent, Laura came around the corner with her assistant, Diana.

She smiled at him while rubbing her hands together. “Matthew, hiya doin’. Did you check that list again to make sure that we did not forget anything; he should be here in about a half an hour.”

“Yeah, Laura, I did. You guys act as if it’s Jesus second coming or something. He is only a man…damn…” Matthew said looking at the piece of paper once more.

“Uh, Matthew, let me remind you that he is the…”

“Second biggest selling solo artist in the last decade, yeah, I know. Still, he ain’t no God. Now, let me go down to catch up on working at something I adore; keeping up with the cleaning supplies and counting them, repeatedly. Here you go ladies, have fun…” Matthew put the slip of paper into Diana’s hands while trotting away.

When he made his way down the long corridor, Laura called out to him. “Matthew, don’t you want to meet him? He is quite a hottie you know…”

Matthew stopped in his tracks before turning around to face his two bosses. “Uh, so. What does that have to do with me? You know I’m not good at talking with people. I only talk to the two of you because I have to.”

Matthew was right about that. Seriously, he was not one that enjoyed face-to-face conversations. He was more comfortable with email or chat because he was not in front of anyone. Matthew only talked to the managers because that was part of his job, he never attended any social gatherings outside of work, he’d always left in a hurry after his tasks were done. He was definitely a loner and had not had any kind of romantic involvement in quite awhile.

Diana shrugged, walking a little closer to him, “Matthew, I heard he is the sweetest guy. Not only that, he is openly bisexual; he has hinted how much he likes to be around young men.”

Matthew folded his arms, “And again, so! I mean, even if I wanted to be even remotely interested in him, I do not like talking with strangers, I don’t like in person chatting, and furthermore, he has already put me out with this insane list of demands. So Diana, no, I don’t wanna meet him…” Matthew’s brows furrowed.

Just as Matthew finished, Bret Davenport walked in with his pride and joy, Adrian Vanderguard in tow, carrying his guitar case.

“Ladies, we are here!” Bret sprinted over to the two women holding Adrian by the hand.

Bret was definitely a flamer. Standing only about five six, weighing about one eighty, had spikey black hair, brown eyes, and black rimmed glasses that sat very far down on his nose. The way in which he marched told everyone that he had learned to walk the runway at some point and did not care who knew it.

Again, Matthew rolled his eyes while trying to escape, but before he could, Laura grabbed his arm. “C’mon Matthew, just stay here and meet him; I heard he is really sweet.”

Matthew stood, rolling his shoulders. The sight of Adrian was a nice one. The star looked about six foot three, weighing a tad over two hundred; he appeared to be one that was no stranger to the gym. Adrian’s short brown hair with the blond streaks in front made him unique, along with the light brown eyes, killer dimples, and winning smile.

When he walked over, immediately his eyes met the green orbs of Matthew who was only about an inch shorter than he. Seemingly, the singer liked what he saw because he was not looking at the two attractive females that had their hands outstretched, only at the environmental engineer wearing tight jeans with a form-fitting tee to boot.

“Allo, I’m Adrian, nice to meet you…” Adrian said in a heavy British accent to Matthew, who had no choice but to greet him.

“Hiya, I’m Matthew, good to see you as well,” he said really, fast while shaking his hand. When he finished, he walked away from the group, shying away from the inevitable conversation.

Adrian’s eyes followed Matthew before Laura took his hand into her own. “Uh, Mr. Vanderguard…”

Adrian interrupted, “Call me Adrian, please…”

“Hi Adrian, I’m Laura,” she blushed. “I’m the manger here and this is my assistant, Diana…”

Diana lightly put her fingers atop Adrian’s. Although he smiled at her, his mind was still on the fine maintenance man that was sweeping the hallway.

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