Friday, February 11, 2011

Erotique---FREAKY FRIDAY Pour Some Sugar on Me


It is Valentines Day so instead of doing the real freaky, lets talk about sensuality.

Definition of Sensual -
Arousing or exciting the senses or appetites; of or pertaining to the senses or physical sensation; sensory.

Being sensual with the one you love can be just as erotic or hot as being outwardly sexual. Showing small displays of affection, a small kiss, a hug, a massage or just doing like the couple in the pictures, spending that time together, intimately.

Although I am an erotica writer, I recognize the sensuality that's needed in a story. Some may call it sap but in my opinion, if written well it can leave the door open for the reader to imagine what happens next.

In a story, not every love scene has to end up with copulation, it could be just the interaction between characters, being playful with one another, dirty talk while exchanging kisses. The simple things that can lead to SEX but are beneficial when out in public, unless you're an exhibitionist! ;)

In what ways are you sensual with your partner? What's the smallest gesture that turns you on about him or her? If you're brave, leave your comments.

Here now is an impromptu story about the couple above, hope you enjoy...


Nathan lit candles around the bedroom preparing for Nahilia's arrival. She'd been on a business trip for the past two weeks; he couldn't wait to get his wife in bed since it was the Sunday before Valentine's Day.

"Hunny, I'm home," she said from the front door.

Nathan who only dressed in his new pair of Valentine boxers rushed to her side. She laughed when she caught sight of the red hearts on his underwear.

"What," he opened his arms, bringing her in for a hug. "You don't like them?"

"I love them. I just didn't expect you to wear those. You frowned so much when I purchased them for you before I left."

Nathan rolled his eyes, "I know,'s Hearts Day tomorrow and well, since you've been gone..." *kiss* "And I missed you..." *kiss* I thought I would put them on just for your benefit.

"Aww how sweet."

Nathan's hardened muscle poked her as they embraced once more. She chuckled, wiggling a little. "I really missed you..." she looked into his blue eyes.

"I missed you too, baby. You're my muse. When you're not here, the words don't flow so quick from this writer's fingers."

Nahila grinned, stroking his buttocks through the silk. "Show me how much you missed me, Nathan..."

Without a word, he carried her into their bedroom where he'd placed rose petals on the white bedcovers. He lay her down, beginning to undress her from head to toe, kissing every spot he uncovered.

"Nathan..." Nahila whispered.

Nathan continued showering her with his affections, showing her that she was his queen, the only one he truly loved.


Tina Donahue said...

I enjoyed the interplay between Nathan and Nahila. :)

Rawiya said...

Thank you...

Time to write some vanilla. Too many characters building in my head! Now I have these two as well!