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Manlove MONDAY --- More Interracial Romance - MASQUERADE

More Multi Cultural Romance - MASQUERADE

Thank you Michael for allowing me to do Manlove this week!

It is no secret that I enjoy the sight and stories about men who are from different backgrounds making love.

I just blogged about it at Edward Kendrick’s place on Friday -

So, I won’t bore you with the same thing rehashed but what I will say again, I want more.

As I stated in my blog entry, I’m partial to the bm/wm although any would interest me. And I want them to be well written, have some humor, and not the same black man who is so macho he’s a thug bullshit. I want romance, I want two men who have tension only to find common ground and love one another in the end, at least a HFN. Something I can sink my teeth into as well as have me near tears when the pressure may get too much for the characters.

Well, I believe that I come up with a series like that.

The story is called Masquerade. For those who have been following Michael’s Blog, I have been posting this on LiveJournal at the Free Fiction Friday every two weeks. Last Friday was yet another excerpt from this tale that I’m about to submit to a publisher.

However, on recent trip to NOLA, my setting of Masquerade, I came up with so many different stories for my beloved Brit Mathias and his hot Nola man, Derwyn.

In part one, that I’m posting now, they do have a bit of trouble as they try to get together but not enough. As you know my characters like more tension, so in the next part, I’ll most likely be focusing on their parent meeting, and then there is the controversial part three with Derwyn’s twin brother Devin that gets a mention in part one. That part I had already in my head before my trip.

I love having all sorts of ideas and get all mushy inside when they actually work. Without revealing a lot, it looks like this couple may have at least 5-7 stories working for them including a spinoff that will involve them but be something a bit different.

Don’t you just love when characters speak to you?

I thank Michael again for letting me have it this week. Here is a sample of this story that I hope to get published.

When I played, I really didn’t pay attention to crowds. Once I was done, I went home to my apartment to play with my cat Melba who I named after my favorite black singer Melba Moore. A five-year old black stray I found after Katrina separated her from her family.

However, there was one night I was forced out of my routine by the sight that appeared before me. Coming through the door were a young Caucasian man and a voluptuous black woman. Since the lights were still on, I was able to enjoy how attractive he really was. Lovely tanned skin, from what I could see his eyes were light brown or hazel. He had to be about six foot three or four. The girl was hot as well; if I were a straight brother, I would’ve been all over her.

The hostess sat them on the right side of the stage, two tables away. As I looked at them, they were talking, sharing kisses after ordering from the server.

“Whoa…” I mouthed, drinking a bottle of Evian as I glanced at this hot man. “Damn!”

I could not stop staring, he was just too pretty. Usually I liked more of the manly variety but this one was so different.

I need to stop ogling him.

When his eyes met mine, he smiled and nodded. The moment he turned away, I swear I felt my cheeks flush, my heart fluttering. “Mmm…” I muttered.

As the lights dimmed, I quickly gulped my water, putting Maurice to my lips. The crowd applauded when I started playing the notes to “Songbird” by Kenny G. I always loved that tune, it was so romantic and since I was feasting my browns upon Mr. Lovely, it seemed like the right time to play it.

After about thirty minutes, I decided to play Masquerade by George Benson as my last tune. It was always my favorite especially since I hid behind the mask of being straight. After Colin left me, it was definitely appropriate because of the lyrics. The words we’d said didn’t mean as much because we were too lost in the game that we were playing, therefore, it caused our relationship to deteriorate. Both of us felt distant towards the end of our relationship.

I had played the song in my set even before I met him but it never meant so much until after we parted. Once I blew the final note, the place erupted with claps and cheers; giving me a standing ovation. Although I was taken aback by the reaction, I appreciated it nonetheless. As I put down my sax on the stand, I glanced back over at my desired and his girlfriend. They were finishing their drinks, chatting as they were earlier.

I have to go introduce myself

So, uncharacteristically, I walked past a few female admirers putting up my finger sending them a signal to give me a second. Even though I saw the man with his girl, I needed to say hello so I could at least look at that beautiful face of his up close.

As I took the slow walk over there, I thought about what I could say to him. Certainly it could not be, ‘Hey man, you are hot…,’ I thought while chuckling. I figured just so I could get to know them I would pretend to like the girl. The sister was rather attractive so it would be easy, especially since I acted straight anyhow.

As I arrived at their table, I rolled my shoulders a bit, taking a deep breath.

“Excuse me, my man…pretty lady. Hi yall’ doin’. Did you guys enjoy the set?” I decided that was the reason to interrupt their conversation.

Both of them looked up at me, smiling. She adjusted herself in her chair putting her hand out.

“Yes, you’re an outstanding performer. I love that last tune you played, is it your own?” she said.

Surprised by the fact that my Nubian sister did not know it, I chuckled. Just as I was about to correct her…

“Babe, that’s Masquerade by George Benson; it’s one of my favorites actually. Allo mate, my name is Mathias and this is my girl Nina.” He extended his hand grinning. “Really enjoyed the show, your playing is the best I’ve heard in sometime,” he nodded flashing his pearly white teeth through a lovely pair of lips.

Oh my God. How does he know what song that is and she doesn’t?

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