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Welcome Author S.L. Danielson

Hi all!

On this Valentine's Day, I'd like to welcome fellow M/M author, S.L. Danielson. She is speaking about her upcoming release.

Without further ado, lets welcome her in...

Thank you, Michael for hosting me! So great to be here!!!

So, here's the 411 on my latest book by Silver Publishing, coming out March 26th:

Scott Williams, the brilliant math tutor is all grown up and in college. He’s anxious to move forward with his schooling and his life in general. He’s also thrilled to have lost over 50 pounds in less than a year!

His boyfriend, Jared Adamson, is also with him at the same school. They became promised over the summer and look forward to getting through college and spending the rest of their lives together.

Freshman year goes smoothly, but when sophomore year arrives, everything is turned upside-down. Scott takes up tutoring again and meets a young, shy fellow math tutor named Daniel. Jared is also tempted with the older, very handsome and fiery-haired Taylor who becomes his psychology tutor.

The couple gets their first true dose of real life away from their parents and also of true jealousy. Both Daniel and Taylor present a dilemma for the happy couple as do demands for each other’s time! Emotional arguments break out and for the first time in their relationship, they deal with uncertainty over their future together. Finally, after a tumultuous argument, the two break up! What happens next? Will this couple survive these four years together, or will they be just a memory to each other?


A few days later, Scott knocked on Jared's door. He was greeted with a warm embrace and escorted inside. "Hi! Hey, I have someone I want you to meet."

Scott saw an imposing figure seated on the side chair next to Jared's bed. He was at least 6' 4", blond hair and brown eyes. He looked like a super-sized version of his lover. He stood up to greet him. "Hi. I'm Bret Davis. I'm in Jared's psych class. You must be Scott." He stuck out his huge tan hand to shake, which Scott met. His hand crumpled under the man's crushing grip.

"Ow…nice grip there!"

Bret released his hand right away. "Oh, sorry about that! I didn't mean to hurt you. Did I?"

Scott stretched his fingers and cracked his knuckles. "No, you're good. Quite the handshake there." He looked back at his lover. "I'll have to introduce you to my new tutor partner."

Jared cocked a brow. "Who's that?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, remember I told you I was tutoring now? He's one of them too. Engineering major like me. Fellow geek. His name's Daniel."

"Ah. Is that where you were the other night?"

Scott nodded. "Yep. Two hours of talking about nothing but math. You'd have loved it."

Jared shuddered. "Holy crap. Don't you get enough of math for one day?"

Scott laughed. "Nope. Love it almost as much as I do other things." He put his arm around Jared's waist and kissed his cheek.

Bret cleared his throat. "Ah, young love. My girl and I are a lot like you two. Though, ya know, a guy and a girl…"

Jared stopped him. "We get it, we know. Scott and I have been together over a year."

"That's cool, you guys exclusive?"

Scott looked at him oddly. "Yeah, we're just us. Why?"

"That's totally cool. My girl and I broke up for a while, but we're back together now. You guys handling the stress alright?"

Jared nodded. "We're doing the best we can. It is a different universe here, that's for sure. But, we're good."

"Glad to hear that." Bret replied. "Hey, Jared, wanna join my study group? My cousin Taylor goes here too."

"Very cool. Good to have more heads working on this. What's he like?"

"He's older, in his 30's. He wanted to be a shrink and got really close, but then life happened and he had to back out. He's really super smart though and should totally be a shrink. Helps me out tons when I'm down in the dumps."

"Sounds like a good group. Yeah, I'll go. When do they meet?"

Bret glanced at his watch. "Oh, in like two hours. How about we all catch whatever's at the cafeteria and then we'll go?"

Jared caught Scott's gaze. "Alright with you, hon? Don't you have a lab tonight anyway?"

"Yeah, I sure do. Looks like we're both booked now."

"Just gotta make the most of it while you can, man," Bret offered.

Jared slipped his hand around Scott's. "Shall we? At least we can have dinner together."

Scott smiled at his lover and kissed him softly. "There is that. Come on, I'm hungry."

After dinner, Jared and Bret walked over to Bret's cousin's room. They knocked on the door and a voice bellowed in reply. "Enter."

The two students walked in and saw the man on the floor, writing notes furiously. Bret cleared his throat. "Taylor, I've got someone I want you to meet."

Jared shifted his feet and waited for the man to respond. In the meantime, he took in the sight before him. The man had a medium build with shoulder length hair the color of a sunset.

The man finally turned to face them. His face was bearded and his bright green eyes were the perfect accent. He stood up and hugged his cousin briefly. "Well, what's your name?"

"I'm Jared Adamson. I'm in class with your cousin. Nice to meet you."

Their eyes locked for a moment, brown to green. Taylor held his hand for a moment. He was much gentler about it than Bret was. Taylor's pulse beat through his pasty, white skin so strongly that Jared could actually feel it.

"Likewise. I'm Taylor Watson."

Bret broke the mysterious air between them. "Hey cuz! We're here for the study group."

Taylor laughed to himself. "Some group. Tonight it looks like just the two of you though. Have a seat anywhere you like. I'm not very formal."

Jared eyed the room. Bret took a seat on the chair stuffed back in the corner. Jared eyed the bed, but felt odd in taking the tutor's place of rest. Taylor noticed right away.

"You want my bed?"

"What? Oh, no…I—"

Taylor laughed. "Grab whatever place you want. Even the bed."

Jared smiled and relaxed a bit. He sat down on the long, twin mattress and was surprised by its firmness. "Ah, now this is comfy."

Bret laughed and offered his cousin a seat by his side on the big chair. "Park it over here, Taylor. It's just the three of us."

"Very true." He grabbed some textbooks, and sat down next to his large cousin. "Shall we begin?"

Thank you S.L. for that great post. Looks like it will be a great book. Make sure you go visit me at S.L's blog today where I am interviewing the other have of the Lose Myself duo, Matthew Gionapolis.


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Thank You SL, looking forward to the book!

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Life After Math sounds good. I like that they move from home to college and now have to face life without a safety net.