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Manlove Monday ---Seduction and Desire

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Welcome to the last installment of Manlove Monday on Tabooindeed. The series will officially be moving to the Its Raining Men blog starting next Monday so we’ll be doing cross posts her e with a link back to ITM.

Today, using another photo from the very talented Kevin Slack, we’re talking seduction and desire!

Two very popular words when speaking about love and erotica.

Seduction – The act or instance of seducing, enticing…

When you think seduction, it’s a very sexy word. Just the way it’s rolls of your tongue. What’s my character doing to entice his partner into doing something? Is he giving a strip tease? Is he saying dirty things ? Is he doing what our friend is doing in the picture, rubbing against him to make him react?


It looks as if its’ working too. While the character is doing this, he’s showing how much he desire’s him.

Desire – A longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction. In the four part of that definition, it specifies sexual appetite.

If you’re speaking the word desire, it usually has something to do with sex but it also means the will to accomplish. Works both ways in my mind. Our man is desiring the other and seducing him, using his body and speech to make the man want him more.

I love building stories around these two words as every erotica romance writer does. In my opinion, it’s even hotter between two male characters. Writing a scene where one man is hot for the other always invokes a tingle for me. *grins* If he shows his desire for him through his acts, the way he speaks and moves, damn hot.

Why was the first thing I mentioned a strip tease? Is my muse thinking I need to do a stripper story?


In my next impromptu scene, our man that was the receiver in the last post is the initiator in this one, showing his man just how he wants it done.

He desire’s to seduce him…

NOTE: I have obtained permission to use the photographs. Do NOT copy or reproduce unless you contacted him first.

More than Friends part 4…

Now it was my turn to be the aggressor. I couldn’t wait to make that move. Show him just how much I desired him.

Immediately after we kissed, I showed my strength by rolling over on top of him. Our manhood mated, the heads rubbing together.

“Mi amigo…” he gasped, putting his hands at his sides. His fingers gripped onto the covers. Mine were doing the same. I desired to be inside him.

“Si…” I answered. No more words needed to be spoken. I saw the longing in his eyes. I leaned in, covering his lips again, before moving faster.

The feeling in my groin was becoming unbearable. The juices of my desire formed on the tip, making small puddles on his skin.

“Mi amigo,” I repeated. I desired more from my friend. I wanted to seduce him. Within moments, his hands were grasping my flesh. He longed for the same. I’d succeeded in my task.

Hope you enjoy that impromptu. I believe it may be the basis for a story someday.

Big plans for the rest of the week, mostly involving Its Raining Men. We'll be doing a contest there as well as an awesome inaugural post from author, Marie Sexton on Saturday!

Hope to see you all there...

Until next time, I hope to see you all on the blog at ITM with hot posts with more pics, fics, and fun.

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