Thursday, April 28, 2011

Accepted AGAIN, Contest reminder, Whats Coming

Greetings and happy Thursday! Usually, this would be a guest day or day off for the blog but with Eden Winters and LA Witt up the next two days, it is Mi Familia Day as well as updates.

I'm pleased to announce that Binding Justice was selected for the Sizzler Editions bondage anthology. Once again, I'll be teaming up with fave editor Sascha Illyvich and one of my fave authors and friends, Em Petrova who worked with me on the My Sexy valentine Antho.

We are also joined by Sarah Bella and Clarissa Pattern. Also, a big shout to Shay MacLean who's joins the Sizzler crew as a standalone! WOOHOO! Congrats!

Also, as I stated, tomorrow, we have Eden Winters and LA Witt the next day with superb interviews. Really excited to have them on. Please look to the left as you'll see the calendar or announcements has been updated through May with something on the blog almost every day!

Lastly, this is the last two days for the contest. Remember, if you comment on my blog, you will be entered to win won of the seven prizes. Please refer to this entry from last week.

I hope you've been enjoying the posts. We have so much more to come. GA Hauser, Jaime Samms, and so many more star authors, as well as fab content from yours truly.

I'll see you tomorrow with Eden Winters! Till then...

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