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Free Read Mi Familia Part VI

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Recap: Last week, we had a glimpse into their lives as grown men but we continue to find out more about them as teens. What happens next? Read on to find out.

Diante’ was startled holding his cock in his hands, over an issue of Playboy that Jared had in his stash. There was nothing he could do but move back and proceed to clean himself up. “Hey, I said I was comin’!” He frowned at Vince.

“Dude! Jared was jokin’, and I walk in here to see it was true. What the hell man!”

Diante’ threw the magazine in a nearby wastebasket. He got up, tugging his pants and underwear up to his waist. “Hey look, it’s been awhile, okay? I don’t get a chance to do this at home. My mom is constantly roamin’, dad is tryin’ to kill me…”

Vince leaned against the door, closing it. “Dude, I get it…it’s just that…I wasn’t expectin’…well fuck man. Jared is gonna kill you. You just jacked off on one of his rags.”

Diante’ buckled his belt. “No he won’t. He told me I was welcome to do that anytime I wanted just to make sure I cleaned up the mess.” He turned away from Vince, walking towards Jared’s bathroom. He put his hands underneath the faucet, rubbing his hands vigorously to get his own cum off his hands. Diante’ heard Vince’s footsteps, then a hand on his shoulder. He looked through the glass at his best friend. “I don’t need your shit, okay? I get enough of that at home.

“I know man, it was, um, just a shock, that’s all. I didn’t know Jared knew about it.”

“Yeah, well.” Diante' dried his hands on a towel hanging nearby. He shifted to face Vince who was his same height. “You gonna move so I can get outta here?”

Vince held out his hand, grasping onto Diante’s. “Look dude. I just wanna tell ya’ we’re here for you, okay? We know you got heavy shit goin’ on at the crib. You know you can always come talk to me, right?”

Diante’ continued to hold on. The tears began welling up in his eyes. “Damnit Vince, I dunno what to do, man. I…I’m so sick of livin’ there, gettin' my ass whooped by that asshole but I’m afraid if I leave, he’ll take it out on my mother.”

Diante’ began to cry harder, leaning forward into Vince. He let go of his hand and hugged him instead.

Vince accepted the bear hug, cradling Diante’ in his arms. “I know, man. That's why you should let us fuck him up for you. Me and Jared will beat the livin’ daylights outta him and once we do, you can come live with us.”

“What?” Diante’ sniffed. He lay his head on his best bud’s bicep. He gripped his back tightly. “What do you mean, Vince?”

“Diante’, Jared wants us to come live with him so we can get away from our useless families. I’m startin’ to think it’ll be a good idea.”

Diante’ didn’t let go of Vince and he was glad that his friend didn’t seem to mind. He pondered over what he was saying a little bit, not answering him at first. After a few moments of silence. “Vince, I’m gay, I know I am.”

“I know, dude and there’s nothin’ wrong with it, okay? Me and Jared was just sayin’…”

Diante’ let go in a hurry. “What?”

Vince held out his hands. “Easy, man…yeah, Jared knows and he supports you, too. We ain’t gonna let anyone fuck with you, dude, but back to your pops. You need to let us put a can of whoop ass on him, okay?”

Diante’ shook his head, looking into the blue eyes of Vince that he always enjoyed gazing into. He’d always felt strongly for Vince, even to the point of saying he loved him more than a brother.

Diante’ appreciated that the both of them wanted to take on his dad but he was still concerned about his mother. If they did do it and he moved out, where would she go? He was aware that papa would abuse her more if he departed. “I dunno, Vince. We’ll see.” Diante’ had nothing more to say about that. He wanted to talk with Vince more about his admission.

* * * * *

Vince sighed, still staring at Diante’s swollen face. He felt sorry for him but he was glad he’d finally admitted he was gay. Vince felt compelled to admit his curiosities as well but decided to focus on his good friend who needed his support. “Listen man…I meant what I said. We’re your buds. We’re here for you. I dunno what took you so long to tell us.”

Diante’ sniffed, wiping his nose. “I didn’t know how to tell you. I thought you two would hate me.”

“Why would we do that, huh? We’re your bro’s man. Thick in thin, all for one, one for all, you know?” He rubbed the back of Diante’s neck.

“Thanks man. I…just was scared. I’ve never told anyone how I felt.”

Vince patted Diante’. “It’s not good to be holdin’ that shit inside, dude. You need to talk it out with us. From now on, okay? Trust us, man. We got ya’ back.”

He and Diante’ exchanged smiles for a moment. Both of them had their hands on one another’s bodies. Complete silence was in the room as they continued to gawk at one another.

Vince felt the knots in his stomach and the tightness in his crotch. He could tell that Diante’ wanted to lean closer to kiss him. He wondered should he just go on and shock the hell out of his friend and do as he desired. Vince moved slightly, putting himself in the position to be grabbed by Diante’. He saw him inch a little closer. Vince parted his lips. He closed his eyes. They were startled by the sounds of Jared bursting in. Instantly, they stopped.

“Dudes, what the fuck! Where did the two of you run off to? I got some prime weed and no one to share it with!” Jared came in with the joint in his right and the rum bottle in his left, stumbling towards them before dropping at their feet.

Vince sighed, as did Diante’. They both chuckled, staring at their drunk friend. Vince let go of Diante’s back before bending over, picking up the bigger Jared who was seemingly ready to pass out. Diante’ took the items away from Jared. He sipped out the bottle after taking a puff of the marijuana.

He coughed. “Yeah, that’s some good shit.” Diante’ continued to cough as Vince turned back towards the bedroom, dropping the bigger Jared on the bed. Vince was strong though. Although he looked smaller, Vince could lug things twice his own weight.

Vince faced Diante’, watching him come out of the bathroom. When the two of them got closer, Vince yanked the liquor from him, taking a swig for himself.

Diante’ took another puff, passing it in Vince’s direction.

He waived it off. “We don’t need that shit. I’d much rather do cigarettes.”

Diante’ grinned at him. “I hear ya’.” He pinched the end of the joint, putting the small bud on the side of his ear. “He’d be pissed if we threw it out.”

Vince nodded, holding out his hand, taking Diante’s inside it. He pulled the smaller Diante’ into him, covering his mouth with his just as Diante’ wanted to do with him.

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