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Free Read Mi Familia Part IXV

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Recap: Vince and Diante's relationship is flourishing. How much farther will they go to symbolize their love?

WARNING Sex between 17 year olds

Diante’ couldn’t believe what he’d heard from Vince. He was saying how much loved him, how he wanted to be committed to him and come out. As much as Diante’ loved that, he was too scared. He couldn’t fight despite the fact Vince had taught him a few moves.

Still, it excited him that Vince truly was into him and not because he’d felt sorry. He had his doubts but the admission to Jared as well as what he’d just confessed, made him sure that Vince was being honest about his feelings and that it wasn’t just about sex.

Diante’ enveloped Vince’s lips, making his own cock pulsate. He pressed his body against Vince, lying on top of him. Since both were only dressed in their underwear, their cocks mated under the material, sending shocks through their bodies.

“Ooh Vince, I love you, Goodddd. Let’s go into the bedroom and try again, huh? I want you inside me!” Diante’ continued to grind his crotch against Vince’s. His breaths turned into pants.

“You sure, baby? I mean, we don’t have to. I know how painful it is.” Vince hugged Diante’ tightly.

“I don’t care, Vince…please. I want you there now,” Diante’ yelled at the top of his lungs.”
Vince chuckled, kissing him again. “Okay, baby…get up so we can go.”

Diante’ did as asked, taking Vince by the hand, leading him back into their bedroom. The moment they were inside, Diante’ pinned his lover to the door, stripping his underwear to his knees. He jerked Vince’s cock, making his man write uncontrollably.

“Ooh shit, Diannntee’…now baby, I want you, now.” Vince yelled, pushing him towards the bed. Once they got there, Vince reached inside the drawer, pulling out a condom and the lotion.

Diante’ reached up, taking the bottle, putting some on his fingers. He rubbed it on his cock before massaging his tight hole. “Ohh Vince!” He closed his eyes and bit his lip while Vince pressed his wet finger inside Diante’.

“Yes, damn…you are so tight, baby!” Vince kissed him hard before taking hold of his own cock. He placed it in front of Diante’s entry, tapping on his orifice.

“Go on, I don’t care if it hurts, mi amor. Do it!” Diante’ took a deep breath, lowering his lids again.

Vince pushed a little inside of him and immediately, Diante’ screamed. “Ooh Goodd…shitt…”
Vince sighed, “You want me to…”

Diante grabbed him. “No…” he grunted. His ass in a lot of pain. He trembled a little due to just the 2 inches going inside him. “Please baby…more…just go slow, mi amor. Te amo!” He rose up slightly, enveloping Vince’s lips again.

“Okay…I’ll go real slow.” He moved again, slipping another bit inside.

Diante’ winced, breathing hard as Vince continued to penetrate into him. He could feel his hole loosening, giving way to the pleasure with each of Vince’s movements. “Oh yes…” It still hurt but not as bad as before. “Mas, bebe…yes…” he breathed. His eyes rolling in the back of his head.

“Oh shitt…Diante’, I can’t hold on. FUCKKK…” Vince threw his head back.

Diante’ held onto his back, moving slightly along with him. “Oh Goodddd…yes…Ohhh shittt…VINCE!” He felt no discomfort anymore only Vince’s shaft expanding inside his buttocks. “Oh yes, bebe…fuck me…”

“Oohhhh…” Vince shuddered on top of him, pulling out, throwing the condom on the floor. He tapped Diante’s stomach with his cock while jerking himself off, spurting his natural wine on Diante’s brown skin. “Yes…damn…”

Diante’ smiled, staring at his lover, dragging his hand through his juices, putting them to his mouth, sucking them off. He did it again, placing a little onto Vince’s.

He laughed, “That was incredible, baby!” Vince kissed Diante’s fingers.

“Uh huh, it was babe. It'll be better soon, I’m sure, when we get the hang of it!”

“Yeah, it will. “ He leaned in, taking Diante’s hard cock into his hands before kissing him. “It’s your turn now.”

“Mhmm…will you suck me, mi amor?” He dragged his hand over Vince’s lip.

Vince grinned wickedly. “Yes, I certainly will. With pleasure, my darlin’!” He kissed Diante’ prior to going downward on his body with light pecks and nips. First on his chest then on his stomach and belly button.

“Ohh Godd Vince…yes…” He pulled on Vince’s blond hair.

“Oh yeah, baby, pull on me some more! I love it!” Vince went further, taking Diante’s cock into his mouth, slurping the juices from the frothing head.

“Oh yes…GOODDD, Vince…” Diante’ began to shake. The eruption in his groin beginning to take over his body. He thrashed on the mattress, pulling Vince’s head into his crotch, loving every minute of it. Diante’ had never felt so good in his life. He had a lover in his friend. One he’d desired. What could be better than that?


Jared lay in his bed, sighing after he’d came just from the sounds of his two roommates. The shocks wore off. He licked his own hand, loving the taste of his own release.

Maybe I am, gay?

He laughed to himself, reaching for the Kleenex, wiping himself off. He pulled his underwear back up, laying there with a smug smile. “I’m curious, does that make me a fag?” Jared lifted the Playboy mag from his sidetable, staring at the model; A lovely brunette with green eyes, huge tits and a shaven puss graced the cover. He moistened his lips, noticing his cock stir again.



Three weeks after they’d graduated, the three boys were busy working, trying to make enough to save for a bigger apartment. Not because they needed a bigger bedroom but they wanted to move to a slightly better neighborhood. They’d been thinking about some place in San Diego since Jared’s girlfriend offered to help them. Although it was not a gay friendly as Frisco, it was a lot better than where they were.

Diante’ registered for college to take classes in social work. He wanted to help abused teens and eventually open his own center much later after he’d become established. Due to his mom and dad’s pending divorce, only his mom was willing to help. His dad refused, saying he wouldn’t give his faggot son any money. This didn’t bother Diante’. He promised his mom he would work and help pay the way along with her assistance. His grades were good enough for scholarships too, so thankfully he wouldn't have to take out any student loans.

The relationship between Vince and Diante’ continued to flourish, with Diante’ finally being able to handle Vince’s endowment thanks to the dildo Jared had purchased at a sex tradeshow he attended. He gladly gave it to them, telling them that they should practice in front of him sometime to which both said, hell no. They thought Jared was only kidding but he wasn’t. Still, they didn’t want the audience. Seemingly, Jared started to accept that he might have more than just a curiosity which didn’t alarm him.

He finally turned eighteen and right afterwards, he went to have pictures done with his Tessa who promptly fucked his brains out as she promised, leaving the young men breathless for the first time. However, even with all that attention, his only thoughts were on Vince and Diante’.

The sight of them in bed, kissing, making out, ruled his thoughts. He watched them without their knowledge after his birthday party ended. The couple was on the couch, fully clothed until they retreated to their bedroom, leaving the older man there with a hard dick in his hand. Nothing ever deterred him from enjoying the pleasures of a good fuck until now. He had to find out if it was more than just an empty desire.

After coming back from Tessa’s place, he plopped on the couch, leaning his head against the cushions. Vince and Diante’ already knew about his curiosities but they hadn’t discussed it since that day. Now, it may be the right time to bring it back up. They were friends after all.

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