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Free Read Mi Familia Part XII

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Recap: The three friends have been through a lot of trials and tribulations. Now, they are coming to some realizations as well that may effect their friendships.

Jared drove away from the apartment in a quandary. So badly, he wanted to stay behind and be with his two friends who seemingly were quite attracted to one another.

If only I had the balls to tell them…

He slammed the steering wheel in disgust, wondering why he hadn’t revealed his feelings. He knew he still liked the girls but he felt that connection to both of them. Jared just couldn’t admit to his friends that he was curious about gay sex as they were.

He shook his head, sighing, “A little pussy will make me forget.” He smiled, turning up the radio, listening to Pearl Jam as it blared through the speakers. Jared tapped his fingers, singing the song “Jeremy” which was always one of his favorites.

He decided to focus not on what was going on back at home, but on the task ahead. His goal he’d always held near and dear to his heart. Being a porn star.

Jared never thought he had much talent to do anything else. He hated working for anyone really but the opportunity to get paid for having sex seemed like a dream come true.

Right up my alley, he always thought. Besides, the pay sucked at the pizza parlor. And he would make way more on just doing a movie than he’d make delivering food in about 6 months time. Not to mention, the ladies loved Jared.

Despite being a fifth year senior, he was very intelligent. Knew how to balance his checkbook, had great sense and street smarts. He just didn’t like school; and because of that laziness, he was held back from graduating with his peers.

It didn’t matter though. The only people he cared about in the world were at his apartment about to embark on new discovery.

What I wouldn’t do to be a fly on that wall.


Vince dropped Diante’ on the bed after the two of them had attempted to have sex. Vince slid it in but couldn’t penetrate Diante’ all the way. He screamed out in pain, not wanting to continue.

Vince lay on top of him, stroking his curly head. “I’m sorry baby…” he kissed the back of his neck.

Morillo moved slightly. “It’s okay, mi amigo. I should’ve prepared for it, huh? I mean, I knew we were close to doing this. I been practicing with my own finger but…maybe we need to go get some things.”

“Yeah…” Vince got up so Diante’ could roll over on his back. He lay on top of him again, taking a few strands of his hair into his palm. “We could get some of that stuff online. Maybe Jared could get it for us.”

“Yeah, that would be great. Once we do that, I won’t be so tight.” He reached out, pulling Vince’s head in for a kiss.

When they connected, Vince groaned into the embrace. His cock was still rock hard even though they’d failed to accomplish tonight’s goal. The pain made him wince. He hadn’t jerked off since yesterday and needed the release. “Diante’, you think…”

“Yes…” Diante smiled, cutting him off. “That’s the least I can do, huh? I’m not perfect at it but, I won’t hurt you.”

Vince laughed. “Just don’t bite my dick, okay or…maybe…” he looked away from Diante’ a moment. “Not hard…”

Diante’ chuckled in response, rolling Vince over with all his might, surprising him.

“Whoa, baby! You been workin’ out?”

“A little,” he winked, kissing his lips feverishly. “I need to keep in some kind of shape to keep up with you.” He planted a peck on the left side of his face before going down, licking the top of Vince’s cock.

“Ohh fuck…” Vince grabbed a handful of Diante’s hair, tugging at it hard.

“Yes, Vince…you know you want to come, huh?” Diante’ massaged his balls, only licking the underside of his jewels. In seconds, he fully engulfed Vince, causing him to cry out.

“Oohh shiitt…DIANTTEEE’…” He began to tremble, forcing his friend into his crotch. Vince was losing focus quickly, his breaths became labored. “Diannttteeee’…oh GOODDD…”

“Mhmm…come for me, Vince…in my mouth, amigo…” He locked eyes with Vince just before he spurted onto Diante’s face. Immediately, Diante’ sucked him again, drinking him completely dry, still fondling his balls.

“Ooh…Diante’, God…” The aftershocks started to wear down. “You are good at that…REALLY GOOD! Better than any girl I’ve had, that’s for sure.”

Diante’ raised his head, still swallowing with a smile. He leaned over Vince, kissing his lips, making Vince taste himself on his tongue. “I’m glad I could at least do that for you.”

“Don’t say that…” Vince covered Diante’s mouth with his own. “any time we spend together is good, Diante’. Remember, we just started this. We got plenty of time to fuck or…” he traced Diante’s face with his fingertips. “It’s actually makin’ love. I can fuck anyone but I won’t because…I love you.”


Diante’s eyes began to tear up. He couldn’t believe he was hearing these things from Vince with such regularity. For the first time, ever, he felt he had a reason to keep living. He had more confidence in himself too. With Vince’s love he felt invincible. “I love you too, mi amigo!”

“No…no…mi amor…” Vince grinned, enveloping Diante’s lips, thrusting his tongue in between them.

Morillo accepted, reciprocating it, moving on top of Vince, rubbing his crotch against him. Diante’ opened his eyes as they continued, stroking Vince’s blond hair, curling it around his fingers. “Si…Mi amor…”


Back to the present

“Ohhh…” Vince moaned aloud, lying in the middle of the bed, surrounded by his two partners. They’d taken a walk in front of their beachfront home, only to return and enjoy a little fun before dinner.

Diante’ and Jared had their hands between Vince’s legs with one massaging his shaft while the other pressed his hand up inside him. “Shhiitt…ooh God, one of you…please…”

Diante’ laughed, “Me…” before kissing him on his cheek. He reached over to the night table, grabbing the lube and latex.

Vince smiled, watching his first true love opening the foil. “Oh yes, I do love when you’re there, baby…”

“Uh huh…” Diante’ finished prepping. He handed the bottle to Jared.

Jared took a little, spreading it on his hand prior to gripping Vince’s cock, rubbing the shaft. He pressed his thumb on the tip, invoking more pre passion juice to spurt from the head.

“Ooh yes…” Vince threw his head back into the pillow, enjoying the pleasure that was his two men. Diante’ slipped inside his tight hole, pushing into him while Jared continued to jerk him off. “Ooh Goodddd…you two. Jared…”

Jared looked away from Diante’. “Yeah, lover…”

“So glad you finally came around, man…took you long enough…” he answered with a wry smile. Vince groaned at the feeling of Diante’s length inside him. He reached out, just as Diante’s leaned in further, bending down to catch his lips. Vince hugged his neck, grabbing a handful of Diante’s dreads in his palm, pulling on them.

“Oggghhh…oh Vince…damn…” Diante’ grunted. “You feel so good, mi amor…”

Jared hugged Vince close, joining into their embrace. Their tongues intertwined, making all three moan in unison. Vince pushed upwards to meet Diante’s thrusts. He felt the eruption spurting from his cock as Jared continued stroking him.

“Ooh Jesus…oooh fuck…yes…” Vince’s eyes rolled into his head, watching Diante’ and Jared kiss one another feverishly. The trembles began to subside as he caressed Diante’s back.

“God I love you both. Forever and always…”


In the past...

The following morning, Jared returned back to the apartment. He threw his keys onto the table before going towards Diante’ and Vince’s bedroom. He opened the door slightly, peeking his head in.

“Hmph…” he grunted, noticing the two of them still asleep.

Jared wanted to know how the night went and if they had a good time. Even with the great night at Geena’s house, he was still curious about their first night together and if they were successful.

Should I wake them?

The thoughts were going through his mind a mile a minute. He didn’t want to seem anxious but he was. The second best thing to being here would've been hearing it from the two of them and their takes on the experience.

He pushed the door, walking in, staring at the two lovers on the mattress. That moment, his cock stirred with need, seeing Vince naked on top. His bare ass looked very delectable.

“Shit…” he grabbed his dick through his jeans, stroking it lightly. “God you both…” His eyes traveled over Vince’s slender frame down to Diante’s leg which besides his face was the only thing he could see. “Mhmm…” he groaned, unzipping his denims, pulling out his shaft from beneath the material. Jared used his other hand to pinch his own nipple. He twisted it with his finger as if it were a radio dial. “Ooh damn…” he threw his head back in ecstasy, dreaming of the two men, fucking while moistening his lips. “Gooddddd…” he yelled. His cock was swollen in his hand. Jared knew the eruption was close since his groin was full to the brim. He continued masturbating, pumping his shaft until...




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