Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wow Wednesday Installment Number Eight

Greetings fans!

In honor of my next story to come out, Binding Justice and my guest tomorrow, Patty Logan, today we are doing the BONDAGE!

Enjoy these and please join me tomorrow for my sitdown with gay bondage extrordinaire, Patricia Logan!


Patricia Logan said...

Wow MM, I read your intro at first and thought "gay bondage extraordinare" what a cool title for me. Then I thought, why does MM think that? Then I thought.... duh dude.... you write it into every book including the one you finished last night! Then I came here and *face palm* recognized nearly every picture and stole the one I didn't have... so I guess, yes, if the shoe fits... LOL!

Rawiya said...

LOL Well, there you go! ;)

TY for visiting and commenting

GA Hauser said...

Always a pleasure....Ahhhhh... or as Mark would say, "Ah! Ah!" ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Lovelovelove those pics!!!



Rawiya said...

Hugs GA and Sammy. I'm glad you guys love the pics!