Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow Wednesday Installment Number Nine

Tyson Beckford

Welcome to this weeks installment of the wow and if you didn't notice, all my pictures follow a theme every week.

Today is MUSCLES! Seeing Thor inspired me to do this one. WHEW!

I mean, the men I go for don't have to be cut like this men but in the world of erotica when we write fantasies, we can always include these beautiful men in our stories.


The names are underneath.
As always, I don't own anything, they're from Google Images.

From now on, all past segments will be on the right for you to, ahem, refer to.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow for Angel Martinez!

David Taylor

Marco Dapper

Jason Momoa

Greg Plitt

Diether Campo

David Gandy

Chris Helmsworth

Chris Camponani

Boris Kodjoe

Alessandro Gasman



Lucia said...

I loooooooove looking at muscles, so again great pictures!

Rawiya said...

Thank you lucia. BEAUTIFUL arent they?