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Free Read Mi Familia Part XVIII

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Recap: The threesome are going through rough times now with their friendship being pulled apart by wanton desires. Will it survive?

Diante’ sighed, wishing he hadn’t convinced Jared to take this dangerous step. He could sense there would be more trouble on the horizon. Something he wasn’t sure he was ready to deal with.

Vince moved on top of him, taking Diante’s lips into his. “I need to make it up to you.”

The youngest of the three raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“I rushed it to get Jared outta here, babe. I’m sorry.” He kissed Diante’ once again.
Diante’ shook his head. “It was fine baby. Let’s go take a shower, huh?” He tried to move Vince from atop him.

“Not right now, baby. I gotta be inside you again and take my time. Make love to you as I should. I am your lover.” Vince grabbed another condom.

He smiled on response, gripping onto Vince’s back, watching him prep himself for another go round. Diante’ was amazed at the stamina his man had and even though he was tired, he enjoyed the sex between them too much to say no.

Diante’ wrapped his legs around Vince’s waist, bracing himself for Vince’s penetration. The moment he felt his boyfriends manhood pierce him, he exhaled, meeting his lover’s thrusts just as he wanted.

“Oh God, yes.” Diante’ held on tighter. His balls swelled up from the pressure in his groin. His nipples felt taut and skin flush as the trembles came near. “God, I love you, Vince.”

“Of course you do, babe. I’m only reminding you who your man is so you won’t soon forget.”
* * * *

The moment the threesome shared did conjure up unwanted feelings. If it wasn’t Vince’s distrust and envy of Jared it was Jared’s repeated attempts to get closer to the couple who stayed intact despite the disruptions.

However, Diante’ was getting weary of the tension felt in the apartment. He wished they’d never crossed that line, since now it seemed Jared tried everything he could to get closer to him while Vince constantly fought him off.

This also caused his boyfriend to be more territorial. He got jealous every time Diante’ even looked at another man. When Vince would come pick up Diante’ from school, he’d scoff if he saw him around too many guys, namely Diante’s new friend, Dolby Macade who seemingly hung with him more than anyone.

The college Diante’ attended, San Diego City, was a little more accepting of gay and lesbian students so tensions between them and straight attendees were minimal. They could walk hand in hand on campus and socialize with little problem but they still knew where and when not to be at some places around the university.

All this and the problems within the apartment started to wear on Diante’ as he strived for straight A’s during his freshman year. He wondered what it would take to make Vince and Jared get back on friendly terms because he missed the fellowship they’d had for their years together has best friends. The relationship was obviously in jeopardy. He thought it may be time to do something drastic.

Diante’ walked into his apartment, setting his bag on the floor. The day had been really tiring especially since he got very little sleep the night prior. Vince insisted they have sex before he studied which made him stay up later to read some necessary chapters to complete today’s test. He wasn’t real confident about his score but he hoped he’d at least be getting a “C.”

Morillo fell on the couch, twirling his longer locks between his fingers while drinking a Coke. Since Vince loved his hair longer, he promised him he wouldn’t cut it.

What the fuck?

The distractions of Jared and Vince weighed heavily on his mind. He started to feel that getting involved with Vince was a bad idea. Not only that, allowing Jared to join them only caused more problems. How would this be fixed? He really wasn’t sure.

Something drastic needs to be done.

Diante’ grabbed the phone, calling Dolby who was not only a friend but a confidant. He’d told the man about all the issues going on between him and his mates and Dolby did his best to advise him even though his answer to the so called dilemma was to love them both which Diante’ didn’t want to do.

He took another swig of his pop. “Hey, um, can I come over to your place a while. They’re not here but just the air is suffocating me.” Diante’ pulled on his collar and shrugged.

“Sure.” Dolby’s voice came through the receiver loud and clear.

“Great. I’m taking the bus so I’ll be a while…” Diante’ took a pen and notepad off the table. “What’s your dorm number?” He started taking it down.

Jared came in the door, noticing Diante’ sitting on the couch. He walked over, smiling at him.

Diante’ waived as he tried ending the phone call. “Okay then, good, alright. Bye.” 

He pressed the button to hang up. “Hey. I was just about to head out and visit with my friend. Can you tell…”

“Nope…” Jared interrupted and shook his head. “I can’t, babe. You know me and Vince aren’t talkin’.”

The younger Morillo sighed. “Damnit Jared just let him know I’ll be back so he won’t come lookin’ for me.” He hated that their relationship was so strained that they couldn’t even speak.

“No…and besides, you can’t go anywhere without him. He’ll go ballistic if you’re out there alone.” Jared held Diante’s hand. “Besides, we need to talk, right? I mean, I think you should tell him how things would resolve themselves if he’ll allow me to be with you guys again.”

Diante’ couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His eyes narrowed and he snatched his hand away.  “You being with us is what got us here in the first place!”

“No, your man’s jealousy is what got us here. Don’t you think he’s a little overbearing?” Jared held onto his shoulders.

He shrugged away. “Um, maybe but I like that he’s overprotective.” He lied, he actually hated it. It was the reason he wanted to visit Dolby to talk with him about a proposition he’d just come up with.

“Whatever.” He brought Diante’ into him. “C’mon, you go on and stay here with me, okay? We need to talk and in the meantime…”

“Hell no,” he scoffed and pushed his friend away. “What the fuck has gotten into you? A while ago you couldn’t stand the thought of being gay. ‘I’m only into pussy, I’ll never get tired of that,’ you said. Now, you can’t stop being around us faggots, huh? I don’t even see you really going out with any women anymore.”

“I do, but only to fuck. Nothin’ special. I’ll admit, it is a little less than I used to but it’s because I love being around you. I want nothin' more than to settle it between the three of us so we could make love and not war!” He laughed, grabbing his shorter roommate again.

Diante’ attempted to wrestle away from Jared but to no avail. All the struggling caused them to crash to the floor with Jared on top of him. “Jared, c’mon, no…get off!”

Jared pinned Diante’s hands above his head, crushing his mouth against Morillo’s. He moved slightly, rubbing himself against Diante’s crotch. “Oh shit, Diante’. Let me do this. C’mon. I want you so bad.”

“Mhmmm…no…” he shoved him with all his might. “Please Jared, don’t do this. Our friendship is already on the brink of failure. I miss us being together as friends. This will kill it.”

“No it won’t! We just need to convince him this would be the best solution. Just let me get what I want. You know you want this too. I can tell.” He kissed Diante’ again.

“Ughh…” He pushed him more, failing miserably to move the hunk of man. Diante’ couldn’t deny that Jared was very attractive and this moment between them felt amazing. He gripped onto Jared’s back muscles, reciprocating the kiss.

Maybe we do need to make love

Jared sighed into Diante’s mouth and reached down, undoing his trousers. “Oh God, yes…Diante!”

“Mhmmm…fuck…” Deep down this wasn’t the right course of action but for now, his body couldn’t reject his older friend even when…


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