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Saturday Sips - Closely Guarded

Good afternoon and welcome to teh Saturday Sip here at Michael's.

I'm very excited about the new novel I'm working on. Its a mystery suspense full of action and of course, hot man on man.

The story is called Closely Guarded. 

Here is a brief blurb.

Agent Darien Moseley leads a double life. A musician by day and when not playing, an agent in a special organization called PROTEKT. He’s called upon to travel to Russia where he is to investigate the death of a dignitary as well as protect the son from harm.

That dignitary’s son is intrigued by the prospect of meeting an American. His boyfriend, Ivan is jealous about this and due to his behavior, Darien is suspicious about his involvement.

The two square off for Nicolay’s love while trying to catch the killer and keep him safe from harm.


Moscow, Cherkesov Residence

Почему меня! Почему это случилось с ним (“Why me, why did it have to happen to him?”) Nicolay Cherkesov sat on the sofa of his home in Moscow, sobbing after hearing the news of his father’s death. The twenty- three year old was left at home because of the security concerns. He’d begged his father not to go but being the man he was, he refused to be a coward and stay in Russia.
Там есть, любовь. Я знаю, вы не хотите его оставить, но он должен был, как видите. Он должен был продолжать быть сильным, даже перед коммунистической партии. (“There there, love. I know you didn't want him to leave but he had to, you see. He had to continue to be strong even in front of the communist party.”) Ivan Tetiukov, his boyfriend of two years, held onto his shoulders, caressing it through his shirt. They’d met at a party that celebrated the fall of communist rule. His father was Alexander’s guard and he was Nicolay’s. It didn’t take long for them to become more than friends.
Nicolay continued to shed tears. His heart ached since he had no family.  His younger brother was lost during childbirth as was his mother, Oksana. His aunts and uncles, even his grandmother disowned him because of his sexual orientation. All he had was Ivan.
“I know someone killed him because he wanted democracy, and most likely, they didn’t like that he was an open minded person with new ideas.” He spoke in broken English.
Ivan caressed his man’s shoulders, gripping them tightly through his jacket. “He was good man, Nic. All were jealous of his success and all he did to bridge the gap between Russia and the rest of the world.”
“Yes…” he shook his head, reaching for Kleenex. “And that is what they did not like. He made Russia relevant!” His eyes watered a little more as he grasped Ivan tighter. “I only have you now, my love. “
Ivan smiled, pulling Nicolay’s chin to face him. “I’m all you need, my sweet.” He kissed him lightly on the lips. “Now, I must do everything more to keep you safe. The counsel has suggested that we call someone from the outside to assist. This I am not too happy about, but…whatever will have to be done to keep you alive, I will put my ego to the side.”
Nicolay turned to look at his mate, taking his brown curly hair into his palm. He tugged it, yanking him in for a deep kiss. He tangled his tongue with his, pressing his body against Ivan’s, driving him to the couch cushions. “I love you, Ivan. I feel so safe in your arms. I don’t need anyone to protect me but you.”
Ivan nodded, exhaling, running his fingers through Nicolay’s blond hair. His brown eyes met Nicolay’s greens. “Ah but, my love, they will want to hurt me as well. Guilt by association. For that reason, I would want someone else to be here to take care of both of us. You father’s foes were in many places. We need more sets of eyes than just mine, yes?”
Nicolay bent his head slightly, agreeing with what Ivan said. “Yes, I guess you are right, моя любовь. (My love). These people they are calling on, who are they, exactly?”
“Some agents form Western Europe called PROTEKT. They are said to be the best in security and crime solving. The counsel will be in touch with their chief of staff in the morning.”
Nicolay lay on his man’s chest, dragging his nails across his lapel. He breathed in the scent of Ivan’s cologne and body scent, sighing as it intoxicated him.
Ivan was still talking but Nicolay had other ideas on his mind. The grief over his father’s assassination could only be remedied by his man’s touch. “Ivan,” he interrupted him. “We talk more, about this tomorrow. I need you now, my love. I need your Толщина внутри меня. (thickness inside me.) Please lover.”
Ivan smiled wryly, allowing Nicolay to guide him off the couch. They walked up the staircase, on their way to Nicolay’s room.
Nicolay needed this now, in order to forget the horrible events of the day. He'd been on edge regarding his father’s trip and now with that behind him, he needed a distraction to get him through the days ahead when he’d lay the great Alexander Chereskov to rest.

Hope you enjoyed. 
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