Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taboo Tens: Day Twenty One Em Woods

Good morning!

Welcome to Day 21 of Taboo Tens Month...

This has been a lot of fun. I want to thank all the fans and the bloggers for a great  30 days.

Lets welcome in one of the best in gay fiction, Em Woods with an err, eye opening post.

Em is also giving away not one but two of her latest book, Impossible to Resist.

Please give her your undivided attention.

*strolls into Michael’s place, flops down on the couch* 

Oh, it is comfy here! The shades are pulled, lamps are on low, and all the smexy men one could want…just hanging out. Nice.

Before I dip into what I wanted to … share … I want to thank Michael for letting us pesky guest bloggers take over every now and then. It is a real treat to play around on someone else’s wall and get to know different readers and authors.
So far we’ve met lots of wonderful writers and heard about tons of wonderful stories that I know I, for one, have added to my TBR list!
But…here’s something I thought might be a little different.
You’ve heard us authors/writers talk about characterization, yeah? We yammer on about sketches and traits. About their eye color, their hair color…what kind of build they have – are they skinny, slender, muscular, a bear, a twink?
But in erotica…there’s something else we have to think about.
Their packages.
Yeah. THAT package.
I thought maybe you might like to see some character sketches…in reverse so to speak. *grin* So, if you’re squeamish, don’t like cock, or have little ones around…

You’ll want to stop here and come back later. Because from here on out, we’re going to look at various penises and think of what kind of character would belong to them.

You ready to see what’s in there? Okay…Let’s go.

Let’s start with this one…straight, pretty, well trimmed, nice tight balls. Tanned…I think our boy here sees the sun a lot. So, that would make him a construction worker (see those abs?)…no, wait. A lifeguard at one of those high-dollar country clubs. But he has higher aspirations than being a pool boy, our mister straight and narrow. He wants to finish his college degree and start his own business. Hhm. But there’s that pesky CEO from XYZ company that thinks he’s entitled to more. And our boy gets caught in a compromising situation…by the one man he truly desires. *nodding* Don’t you see that?

Aaahh….here’s our construction worker. Those tan lines riding just low enough on his hips that you just know his jeans hug his ass like a second skin. I bet he’s got a sweet little man at home. Probably a bossy bottom. Our boy here has black hair (duh, right?) and I would peg him for deep brown eyes. Probably a scar or two, maybe even a tattoo just out of sight there. He thinks he’s more average but his lover is over the moon for him. But the construction boss has taken a shine to the boyfriend and starts making life hard for our guy here…

Ooh! A hoodie!
Here I believe we have a boy-next-door type. The stereotypical blond hair, blue eyes, star quarterback. But now Mr. BND is in a jam. He’s gotten himself locked in a pair of handcuffs…naked. Who does he have to call? Why, that would be his best bud, who happens to be a local police officer. Nothing like a friends-to-lovers to just cheer me right up. How about you? 

Okay…it’s homework time.

How about you take this picture here, and tell me who you think he is, who’s his man, and what kind of trouble could they get into?

Thanks for stopping by, y’all. I hope you had as much fun with this as I did. Bet you didn’t know we authors could character sketch just from a pretty thang like these, eh? Don’t forget…leave your version of his story.

Later guys!
Em Woods


Impossible to Resist Blurb Taken from Goodreads

While Max’s biggest fear is being touched, his greatest dream is to be loved. Can he let Jeremiah close enough to heal, or will he turn away all that he wants for the safety of what he knows?

Max Eisner suffers from haptephobia, the fear of being touched. He refuses to let that stop him from living, though every second outside his house compounds his distress. Nor does it prevent him from yearning for that one man who will crash through those barriers and make Max his in every way.
Jerimiah Sandburg has watched the handsome man walk past his office door every morning for the past three months. Every day he has the same pained look on his face, flinching whenever someone brushes against him. Jerimiah isn’t sure if Max will trust him enough to work through whatever is bothering him, but he’s not willing to wait another day to claim the smaller man for his own.

Will Max listen to the call of his heart, or will he shut himself off once and for all?


THUD, What a blog.

I've enjoyed all the posts by our bloggers but this one, WOW!

This one is awesome.

I haven't really thought that hard about how my characters packages looked. In descriptions, hung, maybe shaved, nothing more. *laughs*

Food for thought, indeed! Great blog Em.

Comments? I know you have them. You can win a book if you do!

Make sure you join us for Havan Fellows tomorrow...


Havan said...

Um . . . I'm supposed to go to work now???? Wonder if I have time for one more shower? *blushes*

As always, Em, you explain things to me like no one else can . . . you are freaking terrific! *hugs and gropes*

patricialogan said...

Wonderful blog Em. So.... um, thought provoking...yeah, that's it...

Angel Martinez said...

Very fun, Em! Lessee - that last boy is an artist. He draws, illustrates graphic novels, likes to do oils on the side but doesn't think he'll ever sell those. He's a natural beauty who doesn't hang out for hours in the gym to get his body (though he's active a lot of the time.) Just finished a game of football at his friends house and the talk turned to, you guessed it, packages. The boys are engaging in a little show and tell :D

Em Woods said...

Havan...there's always time for another shower. *wink*

Patricia...*grin* you like my scenery??

Angel!! Brilliant! (Now go write it...I wanna read!) LOL

Rawiya said...

Great blog, Em! Thanks so much for being a guest.

TY all for visiting.

JR Boyd said...

Oh! Oh! I did my homework, Em! *Looks up at picture again* THAT man is a country boy. No doubt in my mind. He's taking a break from his daily chores by enjoying a bit of fresh air :) From the looks of "things", he's catching a mid day rendezvous on the sunny side of the barn. With his ranch hand of course. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if his neighbor farmer walked up to "borrow some fuel" for his tractor.

Mmmm... *goes back and looks at all the purdy pics again*. Great job, Em. I love your lessons. Psst...I'm looking for a private tutor. Just sayin'.

Em Woods said...

LOL...awesome, JR! Private tutor, eh? Hhmm...let's what I can come up with. *wink*

Erica Pike said...

Hoodie! LoL. FYI, probably 90% of Icelandic men have a "hoodie". Hi Em *wave* I really enjoyed your post.

Tara Lain said...

Too fun, Em. Thanks so much for making my day!
: )

Angel Martinez said...

I think more and more young men probably have hoodies. When my son was born, it was simply understood in this country that you do the big "C". It was awful. I felt like a barbarian. I think moms today have access to better info.

Rawiya said...

Thanks everyone for visiting!

Em Woods said...

Glad I could help everyone...smile...for a bit. *grin*

Pender Mackie said...

Looks like a small town boy to me. :D I think he likes to spice up small town life with public sex. I know he's with someone who's just off camera.

JoAnna said...

Wow what a great post! I enjoyed the pictures too! I would say the last gentleman would definitely be a bull rider. Waiting to show his newest protege, the "ropes".