Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taboo Tens Day Twenty Two Havan Fellows

Good morning fans!

Welcome to day 22 of the Taboo Tens!

I'm happy to have on one of the members of the group the Story Orgy, Havan Fellows. 

If you don't know, the Story orgy are a group of writers that pen free reads every Monday. They include, Havan, Lee brazil, Hank Edwards, JR Boyd, and Em Woods. 

The book at left is the first by this talented group and Havan is giving a copy away and doing a guest post! Take it away Havan!

A lil chit chat and a free book up for grabs with Havan Fellows . . .

*struts in bouncing around and giggling*

Oh wow is there a party going on in the house or what?  Michael Mandrake sure knows how to throw it down . . . and to think lil ole me got invited . . . talk about seriously honored . . . with a heaping of ‘holy shite what am I supposed to talk about now’ sprinkled over the top for good taste.

All joking aside, talk about feeling out of my league – but in a really really good way!  Case in point – look right over there at the punch bowl . . . that’s Sloan Parker and Angel Martinez shooting the breeze . . . to be an ice cube in one of those cups – cause they’re so darn hot only an ice cube would do!  Oh and over there on the dance floor . . . that’s none other than my Goddess Em Woods shaking her money maker with Patricia Logan and Sue Brown – now that’s a ménage I can really get behind . . . or in front of . . . *face palm* . . . and of course over at the cool kid’s table with his Kindle in arm’s reach is Lee Brazil smooth talking one GA Hauser – I bet they’re talking about that awesome interview he did with her the other day on his blog! 

*blushes and kneels down to pick up all the names I just dropped*

The list of amazing talent here just goes on and on, I couldn’t name drop them all without this being the longest chit chat ever!

So what’s my point you may ask?  Because everyone who knows me knows that I always have some sort of point (whether right or wrong – good or bad lol) . . . *gestures to my close friends who all just opened their mouths to respond* . . . and no not that kind of point – even though that is my personal favorite . . . ha ha . . .

Well my *eye roll* point is that even though I’m a ‘newbie’ to this whole world – oh my goodness you’d never know it to see how openly I’ve been welcomed.

I’m like most authors, I’ve written all my life . . . I’ve dreamt about being published, but life got in the way.  I remember when I was only eleven and summer vacation had just started.  I set my alarm for 6a every morning and would haul my assets out of bed and go straight to the family computer and start my dribbling . . . my father once asked me why I was doing this . . . why not go out and have fun and be a kid. 

My reply to him, “Daddy, this is my future we are talking about and writing is a full time job.  I don’t have time to play until I finish two chapters.” 

It’s always easier to believe in your dreams when you are younger, but when a 36yo emotionally defunct (please don’t ask lol) single mother of two decides to finally face her dreams it doesn’t seem as simple.

So there I was starting up a Facebook account – at this time I wasn’t sure if I was going to become a published author . . . but I wanted a glimpse into that world . . . a taste of what I could have had and just maybe a chance to talk to some of my favorite writers also.

What I got still astounds me to this day:  authors and readers both reaching out to me . . . accepting me . . . laughing with me . . . encouraging me . . . quite simply just being nice to me.

I found the ‘click’ that I finally belonged with . . . no one looked down on me for enjoying ‘nonconventional genres’ *eye roll with a rude hand gesture*. . . no one judged me for my tastes . . . and most importantly people seemed to like my personality!  The same personality that makes certain family members and friends cringe or eye me like a freak.

I found a home.

In doing this I suddenly also found a new thirst for writing that I hadn’t felt for years; and with the support of my newfound friends I now have my name on a terrific anthology and produce episodes and short stories on my blog weekly with the other members of the fantastic Story Orgy.

So once again; what is my point?  Life is good if you remember to live it?  *face palm* . . . okay that is sappy but I think everyone is entitled to a little sap every now and then.  *winks*

Okay . . . you’ve hung around through my chit chat (i.e. babble) . . . so now for the fun!!!  If you leave a comment on this blog with your email addy you will be entered for a chance to win the Story Orgy’s anthology And The Prompt Is…

That’s it – simply leave a comment and roll the dice . . . *giggles* . . . now it’s time for me to show everyone what’s not considered good dancing . . . *be-bops through the throng of people and lets it lose baby*

pssst . . . here’s a snippet of the stories in my awesome anthology . . . oh and you have a special invitation to visit my blog on Mondays when I post with the Story Orgy . . . *winks*

And The Prompt Is…

Picking Up Quinn by Em Woods
Will racer Quinn Rowan and tow truck driver Liam Nelson find that love is enough to cross even the greatest divide?
Finding Pleasure by JR Boyd
This yarn takes a glimpse inside the life of Paramedic, Sterling Kost, whom works side-by-side with his assigned partner and EMT, Innocenzo Lucciano (aka Cenzo). Committed to discovering a place in the hospital, Sterling and Cenzo spend their lunch break scouring Methodist Medical Center of Dallas for a secluded location where they can be alone.
Farewell by Havan Fellows
Dwight’s heartache leads him to the cemetery; where lessons are waiting to be learned and second chances are freely given.
The Old Soda Shop by Lee Brazil
Former college roommates Matt and Sam have a history. Will a chance encounter in the street lead to a second chance at love?
With This Ring by Hank Edwards
The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Central Park, is one of the most elegant and romantic hotels in the world, even for its employees. When Carl, a seasoned member of the maintenance team, meets Dylan, a younger bellboy, their attraction is undeniable. Carl and Dylan meet in rooms recently vacated by guests and slowly forge a relationship, but can they overcome the difference in their ages and, 
somehow, fulfill Dylan’s dream of spending the night as a guest in the hotel?


Oh, I love this!   A virtual party! Yep that's what this is and we have a host of people here.

I couldn't agree more. I feel the same. I've been accepted to the author community with great love and respect. People have reached out, been wonderful even to this writer who is obviously new and looking for friends, other authors have taken in this gal and gave all the support she needed.

Or, that would be we! 


Thanks Havan!

Much success  with the book. I need to pick up my copy. 

Join us tomorrow when we have, Pia Valeno on the blog!

Until then...


Angel Martinez said...

Good luck, Havan, and many sales! LOL, I think I'd pay to see Em shaking it with Patti and Sue myself. In chocolate chip coolies, of course. I wouldn't want anyone to feel cheap :D

Michael said...

TY for visiting Havan and thx to Angel for being the early bird commenter!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, I will tell you, Havan was one of the first people to welcome me to the writer's world on FB and I've followed her ever since *blinks her fabulously long eyelashes up at Havan from her submissive position at her feet*. Seriously, she's a fantastic writer and a wonderful girl. I know you will love her book "And the Prompt is" and I look forward to many more future works from this very talented author.

Havan said...

Thanks for having me Michael! This was a blast!

Angel - oh heck yeah that would be money well spent! *winks*

Pattie - *covers heart with hand* I don't have to tell you how important you are . . . but I will everyday! You have a sense of humor that gets me snort/laughing and I love it! *huggles and cuddles*

Laura said...

There is nothing better on a Monday than to know you have a walk on the wild side with the Story Orgy crew. As always, the fabulous Havan leaves me with a smile!

Anonymous said...

I tried to read your blog, but got distracted by all the pretty pictures. :) Yum!
Admitting that I am writing that I am an author is very scary for me- I'm not published - yet- and as my YA novel is 120,000 words I'm looking at self-pub which is great but makes me nervous because I don't have an 'official person' giving me a stamp of approval. I've enjoyed the social networking I've done and the acceptance I've gotten from other authors on facebook and blogs. It gives me courage and hope to keep going.

JR Boyd said...

I love my Havan, yes I do! I do, I do, I do! LOL...that was fantastic, Havan; and, I can't agree with you more. I am blessed to have met you and will never let you go. Never! *Huggles my Havan* Thank you for letting me into your life. *Muah*

LB said...

*snaps handcuffs into place around Havan's wrist and mine*

Awesome post, as usual, HAvan... what? these? oh these are just to keep anyone from getting any ideas about making off with you...

LaviniaLewis said...

Great post Haven! I couldn't agree more, it truly amazes me how friendly and welcoming everyone has been since I stepped onto the scene a few short months ago. I was nervous at first and more than a little 'star struck' to be interacting with all of the wonderful authors that I'd been reading but everyone made me feel right at home.

Congratulations on your anthology hon you deserve it, I hope it's the first of many from you!

Em Woods said...

Woohoo! Great post, my Havan!! It is so easy to be friendly in this community, isn't it?

Amara Devonte said...

Sweetness, you are just too adorable. I'm just sayin. ;)

Pender Mackie said...

Very inspirational, Havan. You gave me warm fuzzies. Good luck with the anthology.

Havan said...

Laura ~ Thank you so much! I couldn't imagine my life without the Story Orgy! :D

Alica ~ Let me know when your YA book comes out!

JR ~ *hugs* You are amazing and irreplaceable!

Lee ~ *jingles wrist* Any chance you can lose the key? Cause I will never want or need it! *kisses and love* I could never have made it without you.

Lavinia ~ I know - it's amazing and the best move I ever made in my life! *huggles*

Em ~ Thank you for always being there for me! <3

Havan said...

Amara ~ You were one of the first to take me into your arms and welcome me . . . I'll never forget that! *hugs and smoochez*

Pender ~ Thank you so much! I love being able to give you the warm fuzzies . . . there aren't enough of them in this world sometimes! :D

Erica Pike said...

" I don’t have time to play until I finish two chapters"

That's so cute ^.^

Havan said...

Thanks Erica ~ I never realized how true that would be . . . but I catch myself now saying stuff like "No FB until another 1k is written" . . . then sneaking over there anyway! roflmao

Erica Pike said...

Yeah, I hear ya. I'm restricting my online activities to the evenings when I write by day. I also have to restrict my readings in between milestones.