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Free Read Mi Familia Part XIX

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Recap: The threesome are having issues. Sex has entered into their relationship and made everything more difficult. Will their friendship survive?

Diante’ shuddered, hearing the voice of his boyfriend. “No, please, Vince!”
Vince had red in his eyes and veins popping out his neck. He picked up Jared with all his might and jumped on top of him. Immediately, his fists started flailing away on his friends face.

“No!” Diante’ jumped up, holding onto Vince’s arms. “Stop it, Vince. Cut it out!” He wasn’t strong enough to hold him off completely.

Vince huffed, allowing Diante’ to pull him off his friend.

Diante’ looked at Jared whose face was bloodied. A black eye forming as well as a chipped tooth. “Omigod, Jared.” He let go of Vince and dropped to his knees. “Lemme get you a towel!” He ran out the room.

“What the fuck were you doin’ on my man, huh? Didn’t I tell you to stay away?” Vince yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Dios Mio! I swear! I wish we never would’ve crossed the line. Vince, you need to stop being so jealous! You could’ve killed him!” Diante’ started dabbing Jared face with the rag.

“He was kissing you,” he breathed hard. “I couldn’t have that! And what do you mean?”

“You know what the fuck I mean. We never should’ve gotten together.”

“Damn right, we never should’ve let him into our bedroom…”

Diante’ shook his head, cleaning the blood from Jared’s cheeks. “No, we never should’ve had sex. We were friends! Best of and now just because we allowed this to happen, we’re fighting. I hate this!”

Vince sighed, “Diante’ I love you! Please don’t hurt my feelings like that, baby!” He began to shed tears.

“I dunno, Vince. Your temper is out of control.  You’re too envious of Jared or anyone that comes around me.”

“I’ll change, Diante’. I promise. I need you!” He grabbed onto Diante’s waist, holding him tightly.

Diante’ drew up his lips and exhaled. This situation with Vince and Jared had to be remedied immediately before they’d end up destroying the friendship they’d took so long to cultivate.

What would it take for this to be resolved? Time? Diante’ began to think separation was the answer.

“Umm, maybe we should try finding places apart, hmm? Jared? Vince and I will move out.”

Jared opened one eye. “No, please! Don’t go. I…I don’t wanna loose you two. We can get this solved.”

Vince kissed Diante’s shoulder. “Yeah, I agree. It’ll be tough but maybe a place close to school, babe?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I might be up for a promotion at my job so we might be able to get a studio.” Diante’ hoped this wouldn’t break up their friendship permanently but he felt this would be best at least for now.
* * * *

Jared couldn’t believe that Diante’ and Vince were leaving him. Although the pain from the punches he’d received bothered him, the thought of losing his friends hurt a lot more.

In actuality, he could do without Vince. Diante’s departure bothered him more.
He’d always felt close to Diante’ just as Vince did and lately, there was no question the young blaxican turned him on more these days.

Jared struggled to get up. Despite the pain, he was successful. He strolled over to the two young men, holding his side with one hand. His eye hurt pretty bad but his heart ached more.

“Please, listen. We can and will work this out. Just sit down awhile, let’s get all our feelings out in the open.” Jared knew he was grasping for straws but he couldn’t bear the thought of losing Diante’.

He’d do whatever he could to keep him there.

“Fine.” Vince pulled Diante’ over to the sofa and they both sat.

Jared took the recliner seat across from them, gazing at Diante’ the hardest. The man he’d become made Jared salivate. Broader shoulders, stronger chest, his hair long on his shoulders. No question Vince was working with him in the gym and besides that, he was finally growing taller. No longer a pip squeak.

Damn, how can I convince him to stay?

Jared cleared his throat. “Okay, look. I’m sorry,” he sighed and shrugged. “I’m still on the fence about this but I know there’s nothin’ I want more than to be with the two of you.” He lied, he really only wanted Diante’.

Vince shook his head. “What’s with you, man? I thought this was an issue. You didn’t want be gay. You liked females! Pussy! You couldn’t be gay! Remember that?”

“Yeah, yeah, I do. And… I still like it…”


“But, I also know I’m not attracted to any other men.”

Diante’ blew raspberries. “Really? Has that always been the case, Jared? Even before Vince and I got together?”

Only for you.

“Yes. It was. You know how you wanna experiment with your best friends. Hell, Vince, you thought the same thing. Look how long it took you to realize it.”

“Yeah, and I vocalized it to Diante’ when I felt the time was right.”

Jared squirmed a little in his chair from the discomfort. Not from his wounds but staring at Diante’s face and body. “Um, yeah, so, that;s what I’m doin’. Look, I’m still havin’ issues with this whole thing. I don’t mean to be trouble.”

“Yeah, I don’t think you realize what kind of trouble you’re causing. I almost wish none of this would’ve ever occurred. When I was gay by myself we were still friends. The three musketeers, all for one, one for all. Now, we’re fags with jealous streaks, actin’ like bitches. I love you both as friends first. Maybe I should’ve kept quiet!” Diante’ was flush red and tried to get up but Vince caught his arm.

“No, babe. Don’t say that. Look.” He glared at Jared. “We’re gonna be fine. I’m gonna stop bein’ jealous…”

Jared smirked and winced, “Well hallelujah!”

“But,” he pointed his finger at Jared. “There will be no more of this threesome shit. You had your turn, Jared. I don’t want you to enter into our bedroom any longer.”
Jared rolled his eyes. “But Vince…”

“No, no buts. We’re friends and you and your, he put his hands up in quotes, 
“experimentation,” has brought out the worst in us, okay? No more! Sorry. You’ll have to find another gay boy to have fun with.”

The older man sighed, looking at the friend he was starting to have disdain for each passing day. He shook his head. “Fine. If that’s what we need to do to keep the peace then, fine. I’ll play along!” He lied and got up from the chair. “I care for you both and I’ll wait until everything calms down a little. Once you’ve taken a chill pill then maybe you’ll see how much fun we could have, hmm? Alright, I’m gonna lie down.” Jared left out the room till he got to his own corner. After shutting the door, he leaned against it and slid to the floor with tears in his eyes. They stung on his cheeks. He gripped his fist tightly and started punching the floor repeatedly.

It hurt like hell. He didn’t even notice the bruises forming on his knuckles or was it that he really didn’t give a damn.

“Yeah, I leave you alone for now, Vince and Diante’ but only for now…”

Vince and Diante’ sat on the couch stunned by what they’d just witnessed.  The  sandy blond moved closer to his lover, gripping onto his shoulders. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay. I…I just want things to be back to normal. I’m frustrated Vince! We’re all goin’ crazy with lust, right?”

“No.” Vince took Diante’s face in his hands. He kissed the water flowing form his lids. 

“You and I are in love. I think Jared is jealous he doesn’t have anyone in his corner, ya’ know? Maybe he needs a new girlfriend? I dunno but, I do know that I love you, Diante’ Morillo and because of this, I lose my mind.” Vince kissed his head lightly.

“So I see, mi amor but, don’t you realize that how you are acting is tearing this friendship apart? I care for Jared very much. I meant what I said that we shouldn’t have crossed that line but, he had a point, You had these feelings and you acted on them. He is only doing the same.”

“Yeah but…” Vince ran his fingers through Diante’s hair. “He’s doing it now, AFTER, we’ve gotten together. Don’t you find that strange?”

“No. He only wants to be loved and accepted by both of us. Besides, mi amor, aren’t we a little too young to be in a committed relationship, anyway? We’re only 17. We have our whole lives to be together, no?”

Vince’s eyes narrowed. He shook his head. What was this nonsense he was hearing from his lover. Too soon to be committed? Vince knew he needed to lay down the law. 

“Lover, listen. We are gay, are we not? The last thing we need to do is be out fuckin’ and suckin’ everything in sight, right? I mean, AIDS among other things should make us want to be committed.”

“Vince, I don’t mean with anyone but, he is our friend.”

“What the fuck, Diante’! You just said you regretted that all of us got together, which is it?”

“I did, I do, but…fuck, Vince. I feel bad for him, okay? He’s our friend!”

“So you wanna allow him back in our bedroom?”

“Maybe when you’ve realized there is more than just me out there, yes.”

Vince sighed, getting up from the couch so he could calm down. He couldn’t believe he was hearing his lover, the man he cared for more than anything say he wanted to invite Jared back in at some point. What the hell!

“Look babe.” He took a deep breath. “Right now, I just want us to focus on us.”

“It’s been like that for the last few months!” Diante’s face red with anger.

“As it should be, lover. Listen, I care about you and love you more than anything and if you haven’t noticed, I’m very faithful. Have you ever known me to have a girlfriend?”


“Right, you know why, babe?”


“Because, love. I’ve never loved anyone in my life till now. Sex was just that, sex. Pussy, random, that was being thrown at me in all directions and I took it because that’s all I really had. I didn’t have anything real. I didn’t have anyone I really cared for. 

Damnit…” he held onto his head. “Now, I have you, Diante’. The first person I ever really loved. I care about you more than life itself. I can’t bear to lose you, Diante’ Morillo.” He started to sob. Vince wiped the tears.

Diante’ cried louder.

“If I lose you, it’ll be the end of me okay? Remember, I lost my family, Diante’. I don’t have my fuckin’ father, I lost my mom, my stepmom…you are all I’ve got and yes, I love Jared too but as a friend. He’s important but not as much as you are.” He bit his lip. “I love you, Diante’! I love you so much, please…just…” Vince bent his head. He hated crying like a bitch but it seemed to be the only way to get his point across.

Diante’ ran into his arms, sobbing harder than ever before. “Oh Dios Mio, mi amore. Lo siento. Oh shit, I’m such an idiot, Vince.” The young man gripped Vince tightly. “I love you, too, baby. I’ll never leave you. We’ll never leave you, I promise.” Morillo cried harder.

“I love you too, Diante’. Very much! I always will!”

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