Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Sips - Taming Wild Horses

Good mornin'!

Welcome to today's Saturday Sip of my WIP, Taming Wild Horses.

It's a gay erotica foursome with some dark themes involved as well as snark. Might be one of my most interesting I've ever wrote.

I previewed it a few weeks back and here's a little more from my gay erotica western.


Dolby gave a party on the ranch for all the competitors and their significant others. A big soiree that included lots of drinks and plenty of good food.

The two of them slipped out the house to a nearby clearing to have a moment.
Dolby had been teasing Duncan all night even with the stares from fellow riders and friends who weren’t thrilled about the fact they were gay. Not that it mattered. Dolby went out of his way to confirm to people of his sexual orientation. To him, being in the closet was being a coward.
After they snuck out, Dolby and Duncan shared an embrace while leaning against the farmhouse. The small but stronger Dolby, grabbed Duncan by the butt cheeks, gripping them hard through his denims. He pressed into Duncan, burying his head into his neck.
“Ohh damnit, Dolby…” he grasped his lover’s back through the black fitted tee he was wearing. “I need you inside me, please.”
Dolby grinned, pushing his cock into his lover. “Yeah, I need to be there, alright.” He put Duncan down and shoved his jeans from his waist.
Duncan’s eyes widened. “God, I love your cock, baby!” He gripped it with his calloused fingers, kneading the foreskin.
Dolby licked his lips, pulling the latex from his shirt pocket along with a small sized tube. “I love it too, especially when it’s in that ass!” He slammed into Duncan, handing him the items while stripping the man half naked.
“You feel so good too…” he sighed, turning around to give his lover the latex back while he started prepping his anus for his partner’s entry. Duncan leaned against the siding, squatting down a couple inches. “Fuck, I been waitin’ for this, Dolby!”
“All night, lover.  You think I wanted to postpone this?” Dolby kissed the side of his boyfriend’s neck while sliding on the condom.
In seconds, Duncan felt Dolby’s shaft penetrating him slowly. He wrapped his arms behind around Dolby. “Yes…baby…ooh shitt…” he bit his lip, moving along with his lover’s rhythm.
“God, you’re so tight even now, luv. Ughh…” He groaned, pressing harder into Duncan’s snug space.
“Faster!” Duncan cried, trying to brace himself, wincing through the discomfort. Having sex wasn’t easy outside, standing up but it created a rush of adrenaline that was unmatched. He felt his nipples hardening through the cotton of his shirt. “Ooh…”
“Yes…” Dolby threw his head back, shoving his cock inside his partner, loving the risk of being caught. It added to the moment. “Shit, babe, I’m gonna cum.” He pulled out, tugging his hardened flesh.
Immediately, Duncan dropped to his knees, opening his mouth wide, ready to receive. He jerked his own cock, thumbing the mushroom head. “Oh God, yes, Dolby…give it to me!”
“Sweet…ooh Duncan, that mouth, yesss….fuck…Duncan, Duncan.”
* * * * *
His name being called by someone other than Dolby snapped him out of his dream. He shook his head. He glanced at Nana who was in front of him. “Keith’s been callin’ ya or the better part of 10 minutes, Duncan, hunny. What got cha head in the clouds?”
Duncan sighed gulping down the rest of his beverage. He shrugged, “My lover, Nana. I miss him. Things between us will never be the same.” He gave her the bottle, walking out the door to join Keith on the stables.
While strolling, he felt his cock straining against his pants.
“Maybe I should’ve took Dolby up on his offer to have sex, but…” he winced in pain. “Too much to do!”
Moorley kept walking in the direction of the horse barn. His mind clearly wasn’t on the chores that had to be completed now that he’d had the flashback.
Work would be the only thing to take his mind off sex.

To see BL and Rawiya click here.

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