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Saturday Sips - Vertigo - Michael Mandrake

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Welcome to the Sips, where I'm featuring my next book, Vertigo. 

The small bit of a synopsis is here but I have another excerpt from the story since I'm about to start doing edits with hopes of getting it released in the fall.

As you know, the short in in the Riding the Rocket Anthology, Longing For a normal State is the first part.

There are 2 more books within the one to excite and titillate.

Here is a bit from book two. Things Are Not as They Seem...

A cold, brisk night it was. The wind swirled through the trees. The grass was ugly, patches of dirt filled my acres. The snow had come and gone, leaving slush puddles and ice upon the ground. In times before, I’d hated the winter, nowadays, I cherished it a little more.

David and I were in the study, enjoying a quiet evening, listening to the classics on the phonograph. He and I sat in my chair with our feet resting on the ottoman while I had a glass of wine. Now that I knew where he’d come from, there was no reason for alarm. I had become used to all the strange things he needed to survive, including his desires for the liquids of my flesh.
In actuality, I believed he only wanted it because he cared that much for me. Not because it was a necessity for his existence. What could a fallen angel require to continue to co-exist? I didn’t know, but these now I did not care.
In a span of a year, David had become my confidant, companion, lover, protector, and soul mate. He was exactly what I’d been searching for since Lawrence was put away. Someone to excite me, intrigue me, love me. What could be more perfect than that?                                                                    
However, because I was still an adored member of society, my friends wanted to know more about my man that had seemingly come from the “sky.” If only they knew that their thoughts were true. David was a creation of God that had gone astray, cast to the earth to fend for himself and lucky for him, and me, he was spared to cohabitate and live as a human.
I lay on his broad shoulder after finishing my Merlot, ready to drift off to sleep when he lightly touched my back. “My love, do you wish to go to bed now? I desire to make love to you, my sweet Hayden. Please, stay awake for me.”
Wryly, I smiled, looking into his blue eyes. The small blue orbs were so bright, I could see my reflection. “David, I am tired tonight. Maybe in the morning?” I rested my head back on his shoulder.
He sighed, grasping my body, pulling it closer. “Doctor Curry. This has been going on for a while and it’s quite disturbing. You are outside the house, attending gatherings, being the socialite, while I stay indoors.”
“David,” I turned to gaze into his eyes once more. “I have asked you if you wanted to join me.” I looked away again, observing the flames in the fireplace.
David caressed my cheeks. “Lover, I have already told you, I didn’t want to be amongst those people. They always whisper things, and think too much. I know of what they are saying.”
“Yes, and why should that bother you?”
“Well, for one, as I said when we first began our courtship, I was only interested in you, not your admirers or close associates. My only reason for being here is you, Doctor Curry. Why can you not see that our love is more important than any discovery, social gathering, or anything outside this household?”
“Yes, I know but…” He put his hand on my mouth.
“No buts, love. I have allow this to go on for too long, Hayden. You are mine, always will be…MINE.”

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