Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taboo Ten Final Winners and other great news

Greetings! Happy Saturday everyone.

This is a day late but I wanted to give my guest Rachel Haimowitz the whole day and I was sort of busy so I waited till today to do the final winners and tallies on the biggest event in Tabooindeed history!

WOW! What an event.

Guest posts everyday, SSS on Sundays with links to other participants.

Last months spotlight, Jay Bell was a success. His post was the most attended but it didn't mean that the others were ignored.

According to my Google Analytics, Taboo Tens brought 4600 unique page views last month. That's AMAZING the most I've had! Over 6100 total which means we had repeats.

Great event right? Lots of winners too.

Here are the last ones before today in this link

The last set are:

Sloan Parker - Penny B.

Catriana Sommers - Sheila

Michael Mandrake - Kellie K.

Karenna Colcroft - Bobbie Jean

Quite awesome...

Thanks for all the great comments

In case you missed some or all the great posts, follow this link

It will give you all of them from day 30 on back plus the winner posts, etc.

Lastly, I have a bit of news.

As you all know, I do author spotlights, asking the author about their books, some fun questions, etc.

Now that I'm more entrenched in this business, I just don't have the time anymore nor do I feel like it's fair for me to do this since I myself am a writer. 

So, my good friend and most likely my biggest follower, She or Sheila will be doing the spotlights.

Starting Next week, Sheila will be doing her top 5 as well as the book spotlighted at a later date which right now is Valentina Heart.

Welcome Sheila I'm so glad I'll be able to offer something to my readers. 

For now, she won't be taking any new authors to do the spotlight on but once shes done with my last few,she'll ask for new ones.

Thank you all so much for a great month and your continued support.

There were some great books given away, awesome posts and maybe, we'll do it again next year!

Have a great Saturday and holiday weekend!

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Lucia said...

Thanks for organizing this great event! It was great to learn about a lot of books and authors! And hi Sheila, looking forward to seeing how you will take care of the spotlights :)