Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Back SL Danielson

Please welcome back my IRM mate SL Danielson with some news!

Howdy everyone!
First and foremost...Ranch Hands will now be released July 22nd...there was a snafu with the publisher; therefore, I am back to owning this one! If you read it last year, get this enhanced copy just the beautiful cover alone!

Announcing, S. L. Danielson's new company....Romance First Publishing (coming Sept, 2011, details to come, etc.) I hope to launch (officially) my own publishing company! Any and all suggestions of website providers would be greatly appreciated as I am a noob when it comes to some of forte is business and writing...a perfect combo for this I think.  I'll accept both gay and mainstream works...but will cover that all later in the official opening announcement.

The project with Julie is called "Leaving His Mark" about two Georgia teen boys. There's Mark, the fiery redhead who lives with a very abusive grandfather (whom he was left with as a baby since his parents ran out of town). He has a good heart, but is so damaged will he ever let anyone see it?
Blake is the geeky blond with glasses kid with a heart of gold. He has a 'girlfriend' named Violet, but she knows in her heart he's gay. After Blake is made the butt of a joke between Mark and his best bud Dylan at junior prom, their relationship has a very rocky start. It's complicated by the two finding a job at the same restaurant in town. Can they stomach working together after what's happened?

Right now we're on about page 165 and are only 4 months into our 1 year timeline. It may be a 2-parter!

Other than that, all settled in at our new place, it's a fair sight better than the old one for sure; the cats seem to like it better for sure! My commute is longer, but that won't last either.

Here's an excerpt of Ranch Hands

Sid frowned. “Naw, I would’ve remembered that. What in Sam Hill are you doing here on an American farm? Are you here legally?”

“Yes I’m here legally!” Roger retorted. “I have dual citizenship for your information. Oh that’s right; you didn’t really check my passport when I came here. I’ve been here over five years.”

Sid ran his hand through his hair. “I didn’t even think about it. I was desperate and you were the only one willin’ to come here. Didn’t you say you were too? That’s why you were lookin’ for a job so quickly?”

Roger nodded. “Yes, I had a horrible situation I had to get out of. This was ideal for that.”

Sid stood back and crossed his arms. “What the hell kinda environment you talking about?”

Roger cleared his throat and held back tears. “It uh, it’s personal, sir. Let’s just say I needed to get out of town.”

Sid glared at him. “You ain’t in trouble with the law or anything, are you?”

Roger’s eyes grew wide. “No sir! I was in a bad relationship and it just ended. I had to move away.”

Sid nodded. “Well, I can sure understand that. Well, at least you’re legal. I ain’t payin’ you anything, so I guess I’m alright tax-wise.”
“Yeah, you’re fine. I’m not a liability to you if that’s what you’re worried about,” he said with an air of sarcasm.

The two stood apart from each other. Roger let out a deep breath and looked over his shoulder at the field behind him. “Look, I know I’m not from around here, but I have lived on a farm. I helped out on my uncle’s farm in Nebraska.”

Sid cocked a brow and relaxed his posture a bit. “Really? For how long?”

“Several summers in a row, all during high school and even through college.” He patted his stomach. “Kept me in shape for sure.”

Sid’s eyes looked the man up and down, and tried not to do it too slowly. He was in very good shape, but the man would say nothing to acknowledge it. “You’re good enough.”

Roger shook his head and turned his back. “I’m in great shape. Maybe you’ll….”

“What?” Sid asked half-curiously.

Roger started a sentence but closed his lips and shut his eyes. Dammit, if you don’t think I’m in good shape, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  He unbuttoned his shirt from the bottom up and pulled back the sides.

Sid had to hold himself back from walking over and stroking the chest displayed before him. Roger silently noted this and opened the shirt the rest of the way. He walked closer to the large fingers that ached to touch him. Sid’s eyes tried to drink in all they could and even traveled further to take in Roger’s low-rise jeans. They barely covered what needed to be covered, something he considered extremely sexy. He tried to walk forward and tripped over his own feet. Roger caught him.

“Whoa now, you alright?”

Sid stumbled over his words and avoided eye contact. “Oh…I-I’m good. Very good. Damn, boy… you’d uh, better button back up. Don’t wanna catch cold.” He removed his gloves and started to re-button the shirt himself from the top down. Roger let him; he found it very sensual. He could feel the rough fingers of the farmer graze his chest and noted how they trembled. As Sid reached the last two buttons, he pulled away.

“Where ya going? You’re not done yet.”Roger protested.

Sid backed away and headed towards the house. “You, uh, you can get them yourself. I gotta run to the john.”

Roger smiled to himself.  He finished buttoning his shirt and secured his coat again. Walking back into the house, he noticed the bathroom door was shut tight.

A few minutes later, Sid surfaced. “Roger, I thought about it, I’ll need at least double what I have, or maybe some of them soybeans you like so well. Better look at the books again and see if I can maybe get some cheap beans instead of the expensive fertilizers.”

“They’re a great crop to grow. Very much in demand. You won’t be sorry, I promise. If they fail, you can kick me off your farm. Deal?”

Sid stared at him for a moment. “I wouldn’t do something that drastic… but we’d have to get jobs in town then.”

Roger nodded. “Understood. Well, I’m gonna get supper started. I’m making something special tonight. You can go hide in your office until its ready.”

Sid shot him a look. “I don’t hide in there. I work.” Snorting, he shut the door and locked it.

“I’m sure you do, Sid,” Roger whispered to himself.


The book sounds great! Cingrats on starting your own company SL! We look forward to the official news in the near future!


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Thx again for stopping in SL

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Great post, SL, and awesome news about your publishing company! I already know Ranch Hands is a good read - I read it! Having fun with those Georgia boys too lol