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Welcome Remmy Duchene!

Good morning on this lovely Monday at Michael's. I'm always excited to have on great guests and I've been very fortunate to have on GA Hauser, Sloan Parker, Tara Lain, Lee Brazil, the list is endless!

However, this day, I'm really happy to have on a great writer I know through FB who writes the kind of romance that the Triad loves to create. Interracial M/M

Remmy Duchene has published several books. I read his book Straight Through the Heart and loved his style so much, I'm hooked!

He writes his characters kind of the way I like to write mine and I'll always be a fan. I'll explain more down below.

Please give Remmy your undivided as he gives us an update on all his works and his thoughts abut being an author.


First, thank you so much for letting me crash the joint *crosses fingers behind back* I promise when I leave it will remain standing…But I am so happy to be here. What to talk about…hrm….Ok let me ramble and see what actually pops up…erm I mean out…

A little about me--*waves* Hi, I’m Remmy Duchene and I write Interracial Man Love with a lot of sizzle and plenty of heart—at least that would be how I describe my writing. I have titles with Loose Id,  Dreamspinner Press, Red Rose Publishing, Phaze Books, Xtasy Books, Dare Empire E-media (Empire Bookstore), Silver Publishing and some Self Published stuff. 

I’ve had the pleasure of writing with the talented John Simpson and a childhood friend Lee Owens and enjoyed that very much. I live in the cold white north, Canada, and when I am not writing or working the EDJ (evil day job) I spend time with my friend

 It’s the middle of the year and well, so far I’ve only had one release…not THAT kind of release, get your mind out of the gutter! I meant book release…I think it was just Straight Through the Heart that came out with Empire Bookstore. Never fear…CAGED is coming I swear. 
I know I’ve been saying this since last year but I mean it. It is actually coming. It will be at MuseItHot Publishing soon. I am not quite sure when but I am going to guess July. CAGED for those of you who don’t know anything about it came to me from my love of watching Mixed Martial Arts.

 I mean when Kenny Florian is fighting, you kinda have to stand up and pay attention. But most importantly, when GSP is fighting, you can’t help cheer for the guy because he’s so nice—and hot *stops to drool* oh right, blog entry.

But anyways, there was always something about the MMA, aside from muscular, sexy men climbing all over each other in what my cousin calls “Tantric sex positions.”  There was a form of respect, not always, but mostly between the fighters. When any form of disrespect is shown it is always such a big deal and all the other fighters frown on it that I started showing a regard for these men and women.  Anyways, due to obvious reason, my story couldn’t take place in the MMA so my lead male, Kyo Tsubasa is a marine. He went overseas and served his country a few times and all he wants to do is come home and live his happily ever after with Max. But things don’t go as planned when he comes home and finds that Max has taken off and took everything Kyo owned! *gasp!* So, we all know there’s a guy around every corner that believes in the saying “there’s a sucker born every minute” how pulls Kyo into the world of illegal, underground, fighting!

Tyrone Swayby is a sexy, chocolate Adonis—He’s proper, a good boy. He does what daddy says but when is enough enough? Then his brother talks him into going to see an illegal fight and he is hooked—not on the fight but on the sleek, sexy Japanese fighter in the ring with sad, cold, lifeless eyes. 

This story is my baby *flails* And I cannot wait to see what you all think about it.
Now, the reason I went into so much detail with CAGED is because there is something I have to explain to you all. No, I’m not going to go all teacher on you but this is a good point.  When you write, you have to love what you’re doing. Corny, isn’t it? But it is so true. You sir! In the tightie whities—if you’re a writer, try sitting down and thinking of an idea. Put an effort into it…doesn’t work does it? That’s how it is for me. If I sat down right now and try coming up with an idea, it would never happen…even if I did get an idea, halfway through I’d get so stuck, I wouldn’t be able to finish it.  Ideas have to hit you in the face like a sledge hammer.  CAGED, that one came to me when I was watching a fight with Kenny Florian. I was like—it was one of those infamous aha moments.  *Holds up half –naked picture of Kenny with drool running down. Then remembers where I am. Hides picture behind back*

Erm…What’s my point? Did I have a point *bites into Snicker Bar* Oh yah…my point…writing is not supposed to be hard and it’s not supposed to be stressful. The moment it starts getting that way, save it, back it up and just walk away for a while.  That happened to me over Christmas and I simply went on vacation.

Sure, I get frustrated from time to time. Sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window and back over it with the car…sometimes I want to reach into my computer, grab my characters by the throat and pimp slap them into the middle of next year but when those times come, I save my file, back it up and log into facebook and torture my friends *evil grins* why you ask? Because they always have delicious pics of half naked men on their walls or a kind word to help me out.   Writing is complicated enough with all the drama and the politics and the haters and the thieves and the jealousy…we don’t need to make even more complicated by stressing ourselves out.  The characters will speak to you when they are ready—if not do what I do—torture them by not giving them booteh *wiggles eye brows with smarmy smile*

Right now, I will be taking my own advice. I’m taking a little break from starting anything new. I mean I have to finish the Sons of Eros Series (just Laird’s story left in that one and to Edit Rajan’s story), then Start and finish the King Cobras Series, plus I have Little Red Corvette, To You: A Totally Untrue Story of Coming Out and a few others on my plate. For the next two to three weeks, however, I will not be writing anything.

Now, about SHIVER (Coming July 8 to Empire Bookstore). SHIVER is my first REAL attempt at paranormal so yes, it is a short. I didn’t just want to write a long one with no practice and with no idea what I was doing.  So, to start out slowly, I created my own paranormal specie and ran with it. It’s a fun little read that I hope you enjoy.

Anyways, that’s me rambling for the moment. Now, where can you find me? Please add me to facebook by searching for Remmy Duchene. Follow my brand spanking new-ish blog at and visit my website
Also for some sexy read visit Ashtead Island at
Happy writing! And if you don’t write happy reading *wiggles brows*
Remmy Duchene

* * * *

*laughs* What a great blog. Oh am I one of those that puts naked pics on his wall? Nope, I save them for the groups.

Anyway, I couldn't agree more. The characters will speak to you. Mine do all the time and mostly, its a get your head in gear and write damnit, sort of thing. The brilliant thing about being a creator of anything, you're giving a part of yourself to unleash on the world and if you don't enjoy it, then you have no business doing it.

I have 2 other books by Remmy in my online library. One is Shiver, the one pictured in upper left and Redemption (not pictured) which I haven't read yet. We as writers, or me, tend to gravitate and read those who try to bring a fresh perspective on the genre and write in a somewhat similar style. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there are copy cats or that I don't enjoy anyone else writing. Everyone's style is different. 

The thing I love about Remmy's writing is he doesn't avoid the interracial subgenre and besides that, he writes his males, particularly the black male as a man withought the awful stereotypes. *bangs head against the wall*. 

A lot of the writers tend to bring out some of the so called "realities" when it comes to their black male characters. In my opinion, this needs to be avoided in order for me to truly enjoy the story. In my world all men are different. Some fit the "mold" Most do not!

From what I've read so far, Remmy writes his characters from a unique perspective and does it well!

Thanks Remmy for the awesome post.

Hope you enjoyed people and please leave your thoughts!


Rawiya said...

TY for stopping by Remmy!

Gay Romance Author Remmy Duchene said...

thanks...*stands before the smoke coming out of the roof* I try *hugs*

Gisteen said...

That was an amazing post. I enjoyed the look into your writing style and can't wait until your new book "Caged" comes out!! Enjoy your time off and happy writing when you come back.

Gay Romance Author Remmy Duchene said...

Thanks Gisteen! I really appreciate you stopping by! Actually I'm already researching for the next one...I'm just not writing

An Open Book said...

Love the cover for Country Soul- great interview
Dawne P

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*GROPE* can't pass up a free opportunity for a sanctioned "grope" *Great post, Rawiya, Remmy... *sneaks a second grope*

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Thanks everyone for stopping in! :D