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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXVI

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RECAP: Jared has moved on without Vince and Diante' to stay with his female friend Geena. Now what will become of our 3 heroes?

Jared laid in bed with Geena after his first day on the new set. She’d hooked him up with a friend of hers who was an agent and immediately he got a Jared a job in a porno called “Analfest.”

The role was quite simple. All he had to do was stand there with his cock and wait to get with a twink. No kissing, no other touching, it was great and quite lucrative. He’d taken a few pictures too which the agent was sure would get him even more movie roles because he was such a pretty face.

Jared rested his head on her chest while she caressed his head and smoked a cigarette. “See, I told you he’d find you something,” she smiled. “Look how fast it happened too and you got a lot more than you thought!”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “Thanks G. I really do appreciate it. I should’ve listened to you a lot sooner. I just been…”

“I know, I know,” she held up her freehand. “So caught up in those two kids, especially the young pretty boy. What’s his name?”

“Diante’,” he chuckled. “I really wanted things to work out with him but he’s so into Vince and…”

“Isn’t that his man? I mean, why wouldn’t he be?” She took a drag off her cancer stick.

“Yeah but,: he bit his lip. “I really love Diante’ with all my heart. I told him we could do this under the table, without Vince knowing but, he wants to have all of us together and damnit, I just don’t want that.”

“As you shouldn’t. You’re a good man, Jared. Diante’ isn’t right for forcing you into something you don’t wanna do. He should respect that you only want your friendship back.”

“And to be in love with him,” he added. “It’s so damn complicated, G. I don’t wanna share Diante’ at all. Sometimes I wish I would’ve never gotten in bed with Diante’ in the first place. I would’ve kept things peaceful between all of us. Vince and I would still be friends and not fought. Maybe if the two of them had never even started, we’d all still be brothers.”

“And you can be!” Geena plunged her cigarette in a nearby ash tray. “Look, try forgetting Diante’. It’s the best thing that the three of you are apart. Stay here with me. If you still want to be with men, you know I don’t mind. I love a little ménage every once in a while. Or just get your gay on in the movie sets. Babe…” she cradled his face in her hands. “You’re making this more difficult than it needs to be. You have your career ahead of you. Don says you could be the next face on thousands of gay, bi, and straight covers, lovely. You have to concentrate on that and forget about those two a while. Maybe after you guys have separated, then you can go back and talk to them, patch things up but don’t move back in with them. Stay with me Jared! You ain’t no gay boy! You want some pussy I know. I could tell by the way you made love to me.”

Jared nodded and hugged her tightly. It was true. He really did miss being in bed with her, in particular. Before when he was with a few of the other women, there weren’t really any sparks flying or anything but with her, it was very different. Jared loved the feel of the curvy black woman’s body. She wasn’t like any of those other girls; skinny waifs who he couldn’t manhandle like he wanted. She was all woman, a string one who ran a successful business, who lived the way she wanted with no kids and enough money to take care of him as he wanted.

Geena had to be right. He was only gay for one person, Diante’ and if he wanted that male on male contact, he’d fulfill it with those men on set. He was mostly heterosexual and this he could live with. Jared kissed her roughly, yanking her into him. He crouched over her, rubbing his manhood against her moist mound, enjoying the tastes of Marlboro and Starbucks latte on her taste buds. He sensed Geena’s arousal immediately, plunged his cock deep within her sex.

“Fuck yes, baby!” She cried out and clenched his back with her nails.

“Yeah,” he growled and thrust himself into her heat. With small kisses and pecks, he made a trail down her neck onto her collarbone. Her body glistened with sweat and this he took between his lips. Damn, she smelled good and felt amazing.

Now, Jared realized where he’d went wrong. Yes he loved Diante’ but only Diante’ but as far as women, Geena was the one he wanted all along. No more jumping between girls for him. All he needed was right in front of him.

* * * *

Diante’ sat on the edge of the bed and sobbed after he and Vince made passionate love just minutes before. Vince had told him to just let things settle down, that Jared would come back at any moment and that he shouldn’t worry himself.  The young Mexican only accepted that for the time being, only to appease Vince but deep down, he felt as if he’d done his “familia” a deep injustice.

All because of his own selfish desires, he forced his good friend to leave. If he wouldn’t have made the ultimatum on both of them, hell if they’d never slept together, all three of them would still be close right? What if he and Vince would have stayed apart? All this jealousy would not have occurred.

Sex always ruins everything.

Young Morillo got up from the mattress and walked over to the window, looking at the empty streets. He missed Jared so terribly and wondered how he was doing with that Geena girl. Would he get so comfortable with her and forget about his life with him and Vince? Diante; knew Jared was still on the fence about his sexuality. Would she pull him over for good? Diante’ surely hoped not because deep down, he still held out hope that the three of them would come to an agreement and be Mi Familia’ once again.

I’ll never give up.

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