Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interviewing the Muse - Salton Lee

Happy Tuesday fans!

I can't believe its August already. What happened to the year? o.0

With new months we always like to start new things. So, just in case you haven't heard, I'm switching up the schedule here at Michael's. Please refer to the left.

One of the many things I wanted to do was interview the muse, the characters from some of the authors books or in such a case as myself, the author's pseudonym.

Again, these would be the muses speaking, not the author. So don't be surprised by what you hear. 

Today, I begin my monthly journey into the muse belonging to author Salton Lee. I hope to do this at least twice a month. 

Please enjoy this first one...

Tell me your backstory.
I was born Michael Adam Ramsey on July 27th, 1949, and several minutes later my twin brother Dominic followed me into the world of the country club, Catholic Church, and Pasadena our parents had waiting for us.

From as early as I can remember, Dad deemed me the favored son and repudiated Nick whenever possible. I hated him for it.

As Dad demanded, I delivered a USC diploma, which threw in his face and went off to the seminary with both middle fingers raised because that was how I could disgrace him most.

Hiding out as a priest worked just fine and dandy until the roof of Our Lady of the Sea Catholic Church in Salton City, California crushed me to death.  Hurricane Doreen’s rampage in 1977 did me in and I came back as an angry vigilante.

In the story you are a part of, are you happy with the way it's progressing? the desired result without giving details?
Things would go a hell of a lot better if people would do what I tell them to do. I have such little patience for people who want to swirl with turds in a toilet. No, things are not going swimmingly.

 If you were an actual living breathing human, what things would you change about the world?
Just as I make people listen as they stare down the barrel of my Ruger Redhawk, I’d fight terrorism with overkill. If you slap me, I’ll put a .44 through your forehead.

Do you control your writer?
I have a lot to say and he lets me say it. I don’t have to control him because he lives vicariously through the badass I am.

Does your author try to take over the story at any time?
I always can exert control if need be. All I have to do is tell him it’s time for us to have Razorblade martinis—he makes them perfectly—and regale him with tales of my Shelby Mustang GT500KR and its snarling Cobra Jet V8 and he’s back in the fold. He’s such a car whore. Nick can tell him 427 Sting Ray stories and get undivided attention.

Do you have any habits or traits we would consider disturbing?
I can easily gain your confidence and use you and quite frankly. I really don’t care about anything other than justice. There is no gray area. It’s either right or wrong, and if you’re wrong, you have me as your worst nightmare.

I know I can use my looks to get anything I need. I can make women melt. Men of all stripes wish they were me, hell some probably even want me. Go figure.

Do you have any dark secrets?
There was this prostitute from Desert Shores named Dolores Morris who would always get her John to drop her off for mass on Sundays. She loved flashing me the promised land when she got out of a car. She’d confess her sins in detail and they made me feel so alive. Sometimes we’d get sloppy drunk together in the rectory. I should have left the priesthood and spent years doing her, but I was such a chicken.

I never once broke my vows.

During the story, will you discover anything that changes your life?
The revelation for me in the battle between good and evil is that God and Satan act like two, equally dirty, rival gang leaders challenging each other for power in a territorial pissing contest without rules. Angels are as dirty as demons and the unclaimed souls of the living are in play as both sides play a numbers game.

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