Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Patricia Logan's Captive Lover

Greetings folks.

I'm happy to help celebrate the release of good friend Patricia Logan's book Captive Lover from Rebel Ink to you. 

The read is chilling, spine tingling, sexy, and suspenseful. It packs a punch and I highly recommend it. Not because she's a good buddy but because it is a fab book.

I'm also doing the book trailer for it and hope to have it completed by Friday.

Here is the synopsis.


Captive Lover-Synopsis

Dylan Yates isn’t a bad person but he’s fallen in with the wrong guy. Marcus Tucker is a big, bad and very beautiful biker who runs a huge criminal empire. Dylan hooks up with Marcus for a night of all out hot sex and only too late realizes that Marcus is into young boys, kids in fact. Dylan backs out of their planned evening together after meeting up with one of Marcus’s very young lovers and fearful that Dylan will expose him for what he is, Marcus decides upon a plan to make sure that the handsome Dylan will not expose his dark side.
Marcus kidnaps Jared Yates, Dylan’s nine-year-old brother and threatens to “break him in” if Dylan doesn’t do exactly what Marcus wants. Dylan’s assignment is to kidnap and guard a man named Connor Black until Connor’s very wealthy family can pay to get him back. What Marcus doesn’t suspect, is the attraction that the two men feel for each other, the instant that they meet.
While in Dylan’s custody, Connor is at first afraid and then becomes angry. And who better to take out his rage upon than his kidnapper, Dylan. What surprises Connor is that Dylan, his big tough kidnapper refuses to fight back. Dylan is powerfully attracted to Connor but won’t allow himself to become attached to the man that he fears he will eventually be ordered to kill if he wants to get Jared back safe and sound.
Little by little Connor realizes that Dylan is reluctant in his task to guard him and he begins to trust Dylan. Even more powerful than trust, Connor finally realizes his own deep attraction to the beautiful man. Is it just Stockholm Syndrome or is it something more? As the two men are forced to live together in the cramped surroundings of Marcus’s hideout, the walls between them crack and finally fall. Dylan gives in to his longing and he and Connor become lovers. When Connor finds out the truth of who’s behind the kidnapping and the hold that Marcus has over Dylan, he is determined that they face the menace together.
Marcus has waited long enough. Day after day Connor and Dylan have begged Connor’s father to raise the funds needed. The problem is, Connor’s father is wealthy but his wealth is tied up in real estate that is impossible to liquidate in such a short period of time.
Faced with his worst nightmare and desperately in love with Connor, Dylan must now decide how to handle the situation and keep Connor alive while keeping Jared safe from Marcus’s clutches. Dylan goes to Connor with his dilemma and they decide that they must escape so that Jared isn’t harmed. Trying to get away from a man like Marcus Tucker and his armed guards isn’t an easy thing to do.
Finally, they decide to enlist the help of Dmitri, one of Marcus’s “grown up” kids. Trusting Dmitri is risky but Dmitri has seen enough hell from the inside than one could ever imagine. Dmitri wants nothing more than to kill Marcus for taking away his innocence as a child and leading him into a life of servitude to a dangerous, possessive pedophile.
The men meticulously plan their escape keeping in mind that they must not only get themselves out alive, but little Jared and now their former captor Dmitri as well. Good triumphs over evil, Dmitri and Jared are freed from their bondage and Connor and Dylan begin their life together.
Though the book deals on the periphery with the difficult subject of pedophilia, it is in no way romanticized nor looked upon as anything other than a loathsome practice. My criminal Marcus Tucker, the pedophile, is vilified throughout the manuscript and sex between he and a child or even between he and the grown up Dmitri, is never spelled out in any manner. He is given absolutely no sexual satisfaction with the manuscript.
Captive lover is a full length novel of approximately 61,000 words and is the first in the new “Westburg” trilogy. Dmitri’s story follows in book two titled “A Very Good Year” currently a WIP. The final of the trilogy is “The Cowboy Queen” and promises to be a light-hearted novel. This series, though stand alone contains many of the same characters in cross over as the “Armadillo” series of the fictional town of Westburg, Texas, published by
Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of my work.

Patricia Nafisi

Writing as Patricia Logan


C. Zampa said...

The book looks fabulous and the cover is awesome!

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Thank you honey. I love being here.

Nanette said...

Congrats! Going to buy now... Cannot wait to read it