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Saturday Sips - Mi Familia

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Welcome to another sip here at Michael's! 

My sip is from my Free read, Mi Familia that's based from my short story, A Different Kind of Family Portrait in the Tattoo Anthology.

It's taken me almost 5 months and its finally coming to a close. The read gets a lot of hits here, on Gay Demon and on Literotica. See what so great about it by following along every Friday. 

Mi Familia

Here is today's bit


“Well damnit…would you look at that,” Vince Tolliver said while looking through the pictures on the computer. The three photos were of he and his friends, Diante Morillo and Jared McKnight. They were standing in front of their high school, Juarez Middle.

Diante laughed, looking at is short hair cut, pointing, “Wow, what a terrible do. I’ll never do that again.”

“Why not, I kinda like it,” Jared chimed in. “Although I love the long dreads now because they suit you better.”

“Exactly my point. That cut didn’t fit my face. My cheeks are way too fat to have my hair that short.”

“Oh whatever,” Vince said. “Nothin’ wrong with how you looked then or now. I’m just glad these weren’t lost in the…” Vince hesitated.

Jared and Diante rubbed his shoulders. A tear ran down his face when he thought of the “accident” that almost claimed his life. “Oh shit…why do I do that?”

“Listen, you need to stop thinking about that, okay, it was a horrible time but it doesn’t mean you need to dwell on it.” Diante gripped the bigger man’s biceps.

“Yeah, you don’t, everything’s okay now,” Jared added.

Vince stiffened while rubbing his eyes. The scene kept playing in his mind on a loop. He’d never forget that day but as his best friends had reminded him, it was a terrible time gone by. “I know, I…right…” he sniffed. Vince swiveled in the chair turning to Diante and Jared. “Um, I need to go take a smoke.” He got up in haste, bolting for the door, leaving Diante and Vince standing there. Once he reached the back porch, he fumbled with the pack of Marlboro’s while grabbing the lighter from his pocket.

After lighting the cancer stick, he took a quick toke while looking out onto the water, admiring the colors.
I wish I would have saved them…

The moisture continued to flow down his cheeks when thinking of the unfortunate incident.  He hands shook as he tried to draw the nicotine out the cigarette. While blowing smoke into the air, Vince tried focusing on what had happened since then.

“I have it all…” he muttered. “A wonderful family, we’re financially secure, we have the world at our fingertips. Why can’t I get over this?”

“Because it’s hard to forget…” The voice of Diante came from behind him. “Baby, listen, that was years ago. This is your life now, okay?” Vince felt Diante’s hot breath on his ear.

“I know…it’s…” Vince bit his lip. “Just hard, I…that damn shrink ain’t helpin’ much.”

“You just started going,” Vince heard Jared say.

“And that was only after we forced you to.” The sound of Diante’s words rang in his head.

“Yep, and I’m paying…”

We’re paying…” Jared interrupted.

“Yeah okay…I keep forgetting about that we stuff.”

“Well don’t, it’s not about me anymore, it’s we. We do everything, and we will get you through this.”

“Just like we’ve always done even before now.” Vince leaned back into Diante when the smaller man wrapped his arms around his waist. “I love you, Vince, we both do. We’re here for you…”

Vince closed his eyes when Jared rubbed his neck. “Yep, we are and always will be.”

He flicked the Marlboro after taking his last toke. “I know…believe me I do. I’m glad I have the two of you to remind me.”

“Always…” Jared added.

“Forever,” Diante said directly after.

Vince sighed, “Yes…Always and forever, one happy family…”

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