Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome Deanna Wadsworth

Good morning!

Welcome to Michael's where I'm happy to have Deanna Wadsworth on today with a guestpost! Please give her your undivided attention!

Thank-you, Sharita for having me back at Taboo Indeed!

Today I want to talk about our favorite thing:


More importantly, HAIRY MEN!!!

Ladies and gents, do you like a smooth manscaped fella or a hairy man? Or is it just that perfect patch of chest hair with happy trail headed down south which gets your juices flowing?

Well, if you saw one too many Magnum PI reruns as a kid like I did...hell my Barbie dumped Ken for ol’ Tom Sellick in his short shorts...maybe you love hairy men, too!

Let's start with a side by side comparison of one of my favorite men who manages to look good any which way you manscape him!


Here's Jon sporting a nice pelt...

And below we have a trimmed Jon....

Hot hairy and wet Jon...

Oh and a shaved and carved Jon...

No hair?
Trimmed but still hairy?

Which do you prefer?

Truthfully, I wouldnt kick ol' Jon out of bed for eating crackers whether he was hairy or not. But I must say I prefer the feel of a hair covered chest under my fingertips over a smooth one....

Now lets get down to the real MEAT of the issue.
Do you like down south to be au naturale? Shaved smooth? Trimmed just a bit?

Personally, as I am married to a natural redhead—that hair is just too pretty to completely remove! But I do like it trimmed a bit so I don’t get a stray hair stuck in my tonsil, LOL!

However, I must admit I am fascinated by smooth, shaved men in pics…but I don’t want one of my own. I like a little matting and framing for my art. 

What about you guys? Do you like a hairy man?

My latest book BEAR IT ALL features a big hairy man named John. I feel the bear is often overlooked in m/m fiction because of all the pretty boys and oiled muscle hunks.

Nothing says comfort and sexy like a real man. A Hairy man.

I would love to hear from you!

What do you like?

One lucky commentator will win a copy of my book BEAR IT ALL where you can fall in love with bears, too!


Travis hired 1 Night Stand hoping for a hot encounter with a sexy older, hairy man, someone to make him feel safe and cherished, and John looks custom made to order.

After losing his partner three years ago, John needs to learn how to open his heart and live again. He thinks a one night stand in the Caribbean might be the answer, but when he sees the young, thin and much smaller Travis, he thinks the agency sent the wrong man.

Can desire overcome misunderstanding when these two bear it all? Or will both men walk away from exactly what they need and desire?

Now available from Decadent Publishing!

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Rawiya said...

Thanks for stopping in Deanna

Deanna said...

Always a pleasure darlin!

Silvia Violet said...

Great article Deanna! I love pics with men of both smooth, lightly-furred and full on hairy men, but in real life, I'm married to a hairy bear and I love the contrast of textures.

Elysa said...

Hairy, smooth or somewhere in between, it don't matter. I just LOVE men!

Sherry said...

For the most part I prefer men with little to no hair on their chest but I have seen some men with a lot of hair that I would love to have my wicked way with.

sstrode at scrtc dot com

Eden Winters said...

I like to look at smooth men, but if he's coming home with me I'd appreciate a little fur. Though nothing that'll require sheering to prevent hacking up hairballs come morning.

Deanna said...

@Silvia...contrast of textures, great line

@ so funny!

L. C. Dean said...

I like the look of a smooth man, but I love curling my fingers through a lovely chest pelt. In addition, I am probably in the minority on this one, but I like a bald man. There is something really sexy about a man with a smoothly shaved head. Down south as long as he is clean and fresh, I can appreciate anything. Back hair though - yeah, that's one area that needs to be smooth.

Deanna said...

@ Sherry...I wouldn't mind having my way wicked way with some of those smooth fellas either!

@ took the words right out of my mouth!

Thanks for stopping in ladies! Good luck in the drawing!

Rawiya said...

TY all for stopping by! :D

Deanna said... BFF loves bald black men, its her kryptonite! Clean and fresh....well, I'm 90% with you on that one....clean sweat, though, can be REALLY hot!!!

JM said...

You know, until you said Tom Selleck, I thought I liked not-so-hairy. Now you screwed up my thinking. No,no, less hair is better. Have to be able to touch skin.
Great post dear! One of those things you don't think about until questioned.

ron suresha said...

hiya deanna,
if you can send a review copy i'll give the book a plugon bear soup podcast, which runs mondays & wednesdays on
thanks, and good luck!

Deanna said...

JM- everybody loves Tom! And I am happy to screw up your thinking! LOL

Ron! I would gladly send you a review copy, thanks so much for offering! I posted a hello on your Bear SOup Facebook page, but I'll need an email to send the review copy! I hope you enjoy the story!

Deanna said...

Yea, Sherry! You won my random drawing for BEAR IT ALL! I will email you asap to see what format you would like!
Congrats and thanks to all for stopping by!