Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome Mark Antonious Richfield

Greetings fans.

Welcome to Michael's.

Today I'm very excited to have on one of the muses for GA Hauser, Mark Antonious Richfield.

What a popular guy he is. He's been in several books. Charming one I'm sure. Please enjoy this special blog post.

* * * *

Tell me your back story.

It’s a bit of a boring story to tell, love. I was born in England to an English mother, Leslie and an American military father, Milt Richfield. The family relocated to Paradise, California when I was very young. I am an only child.

My father, before he died, was the owner of Richfield International, a business worth billions. The estate in Paradise includes a manor house, stables, pool, and servants. Mum wants to sell, but in this economy, how could she?

According to Jack, my longtime close friend and ally, the key to my success in modeling is my long brown hair and bright green eyes. I’ve been told I have fabulous sex appeal but my good looks have always been a burden and a blessing to me. I have been called soft and a fag by my father, overprotected by my mother who has turned into the ice-queen recently. I withstood an abusive childhood and fought with my sexuality all my adolescent life.

I have made several attempts at straight relationships but failed miserably.  I graduated from Stanford University, (where I met Jack Larsen) with a degree in architecture, but due to some outrageous sexual harassment on the job, I now work for Parsons and Company selling advertising and do modeling on the side with Dangereux Cologne.

I met the love of my life, ex-LAPD cop Steven Jay Miller on a business retreat and we now reside in LA. A son I had out of wedlock, Alexander-Mark-Lehman-Richfield came into my life when he was eighteen, and now lives with me full time. He’s been a handful to say the least.
And here I am talking to you. Hullo, love.

Hullo! In the last story you were a part of, were you happy with the way it's progressing? The desired result without giving details?

Ms. Hauser seems to think the public wants to know about my life. I’m not so certain. But she continues to play the fly on the wall and investigate my latest doings, especially when my doings are undone. Since I have regular sex with Steven Jay, and of course occasional four-way romps with Jack Larsen and Adam Lewis, Jack’s husband, Ms Hauser has been more stubborn than ever to know every detail of my life. More so now that we have begun role playing with BDSM fun.
What things would you change about the world, Mark?

Oh, Michael, love, if I were king I would give everyone the same civil rights throughout the world, let alone the country. We’ve lost our way, and I don’t know why what I do in the bedroom with my beloved is anyone’s concern. I have to tell you, I fear for Alexander. He’s so openly gay I panic one day someone will harm him.  Tell me, Michael, love, what would you do to change it?

Hm? Well I certainly agree with you about what you’ve said, but what do we know right? Do you control what GA writes about you?

Oh, bloody no! She holds me up to the spotlight, and even exposed that I dabble in botox and scream when I see a gray hair. She tells all about my ‘so-called’ eating disorders…she’s a bloody pest. If I had my way, she’d only write what I tell her to write. But you must know how impossible she is.
Tell me, Michael, what kind of background do you come from? Did you have support coming out as a gay man?
Well, I had a lot of support from my “parents” I’m sorry your dad was so strict on you. Of course, I got teased from people at school as we all do, but I knew at a very young age that I was a gay man. 
*grins* Now, back to you, if you could write your own story what would it be?
I suppose I have considered writing a biography. Many people have asked me to. But to be honest, isn’t it a story we’ve heard before? A father who does not want a gay child? Beating the gay out of them? Perhaps I should to help those in the same situation, but now that my horrible father is dead, what’s the bloody point? Of course years of counseling is trying to fix the mess he made of me. Though I look the part, mate, I assure you I’m an insecure mess inside. It’s a small wonder I need three minders to keep me in line. And with the addition of Alexander in to my life, I am beside myself with worry…where did I put me valiums??

*chuckles* Understood. What’s one word you would use to describe GA?
Do you have any habits or traits we would consider disturbing?
I tend to get down. Very down. I attempted to kill myself more than once. Jackie knows the truth about my childhood, but I shan’t tell many people. Poor Steven had to deal with me when I thought he and my son were going to become lovers and leave me. Needless to say I was a wreck. But it was all in me head. You see? I’m my worst enemy. 
I’m glad you’re here now, Mark. Do you have any dark secrets?
Who doesn’t, Michael, love? But my darkest secrets are and have been exposed by Ms Hauser. See? I said she was nosey. I wasn’t joking. She had made me an open book. I have shown the world I am a gorgeous insecure mess, in therapy, terrified of growing old, of losing my husband to a younger man, of becoming passé.  What are your darkest secrets?
Hmm, you know Mark I don’t really have any. I’m really quite a bore. Most of the flaws come from my characters. *grins* Let me get back to you on that. During any of the stories, will you discover anything that changes your life?
My story is still being told. I suppose it’s life as we know it. The constant trials and tribulations that make us who we are. In my future, I hope to keep making wonderful love, good friends, and cross my fingers no tragedy befalls any of the men I so dearly love. But life is full of new ideas, so who knows that is out there waiting for me.
Thank you so much for having me, Michael. It’s been a pleasure to chat with you, as I knew it would be.

Books Mark appears or is mentioned in:

Mark and Sharon (formerly A Question of Sex)
Capital Games
When Adam Met Jack
Playing Dirty
Getting it in the End
Behaving Badly
Top Men
Double Trouble
Going Deep
Mark Antonious deMontford
Dripping Hot
Got Men?
Packing Heat
Being Screwed
In the Dark & What Should Never Be
Something Sexy
Going Wild


Laura said...

Fabulous interview! So many things to know about you, and thanks for the great shopping list ;D


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having Mark here today Michael. Of course everything he told you is accurate because Ms. Hauser has exposed all his deepest darkest desires and secrets. What he forgot to admit to was that he is a hungry little bottom taking three men at a time, one after another. He also didn't mention how well endowed he is but then, he wouldn't, Mark is a gentleman. He's also a voyer and he forgot to tell you he's an avid runner and a savvy businessman. But, the thing I find most attractive about Mark *looks him up and down, grinning and winking* is his almost childlike vulnerability, even now that he's reached forty. I think Mark will be around for a very long time and I think that his men will continue to worship that most attractive feature as well. If I had one word of advice for Mark, I would tell him, let the gray hairs come love. There are some beautiful silver foxes out there. Ta love and thank you Michael

GA Hauser said...

It looks like Mark was very well behaved during this interview. Well done, Mark Antonious! And thanks, Micheal, for interviewing him. He told me he loved it! ;)

JP said...

Very cool interview!