Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1 of Chasing the Dream guests! Lisa Worrall

Good morning fans!

Welcome to Michael's where I'm happy to have a bevy of guests this week. The ladies from Chasing the Dream and fab author and fellow IRM'er, Andrew Grey. Were also giving away a copy of the anthology to a lucky commenter!

Today, I start with great author, Lisa Worrall who is also the brilliant author from the story I love, Nanny for Nate.

In the antho, Dreaming of You is Lisa's story. I love all of them but this one I enjoyed the most.

Here is her inspiration, blurb and excerpt!

When Patti came up with the idea for the Chasing the Dream Anthology, the word Dream is what my mind chose to focus on the most, so I went with it.  The title kind of came about because I had to think fast on my feet and although I usually like to start writing before I come up with a title, this is the first time the title came first and I built the story around it.
I’d already had the idea of dreaming of a secret lover, although I had no idea how it would pan out or what direction it would go.  So I just cranked up the music, slapped my headphones on and once I’d chosen the characters’ names, let them take me where they wanted to go.
Noah Kinkade is an up and coming designer, one of the best newcomers in the field. When he is hired to restore the old Seevers mansion to its former glory, he thinks all his dreams have come true. He doesn't know how right he is.
Noah Kinkade slowly opened his eyes and let out an unmanly squawk. His bleary gaze focused on the dark figure illuminated in the muted glow of the bedside lamp he had left burning. He scrabbled quickly for the bedclothes. They'd slipped down in his slumber and the first thing he was aware of--after the stranger in the room--was that he was showing more than a fair amount of his pale-skinned ass. "What do you want?" He wished his voice sounded deeper and firmer than the rasp that shook his vocal chords, but the man gazing down at him didn't seem too perturbed. "Who--?"
The man silenced Noah's question with the press of a finger to his own lips before pulling at the thin blanket covering Noah's modesty.
"I--" was all Noah could manage as the blanket was eased from his suddenly nerveless fingers and slid down his body. His heart beat faster in his chest when the man's ice blue gaze followed the path of the material and burned into each new piece of flesh exposed. Noah's breath hitched in his throat when the man tossed the blanket aside and reached down and encircled his ankle in long, slender fingers. He worried at his lower lip with his teeth as those fingers began to slowly move up over the jut of bone and onto his calf, kneading at the muscle. What the hell was he doing? Shouldn't he be screaming for help? Dialing the cops? At the very least be grabbing the nearest heavy thing and hitting this guy over the head with it? His senses were assaulted by wave after wave of sensation, and he couldn't move, trapped by the heat in the man's gaze.
By the time those searching fingers had reached the sensitive skin of Noah's inner thigh, his cock was already achingly hard. His body trembled and his nerve endings cried out for the stranger's touch where he needed it most. The sound that fell from his parted lips was a half-sob, half-groan when the warm fingers carried on up his body, ignoring his throbbing cock, ghosting across his lower belly and up his torso. "Please," he whimpered, when blunt nails scraped over his nipples, sending a jolt of pleasure to his cock. Ice blue eyes twinkled with a wicked gleam as the man lay down next to him and covered his body like a blanket. When did he get naked? Noah thought desperately, then decided he didn't care as long, dark hair brushed his cheek and full pouty lips captured his.

* * * *

Fantastic! Just one of the five stories in the book. Here is the link to buy but with just a comment, you can win an ebook copy of the anthology!

Good luck and also, if you missed the video, here it is!


Rawiya said...

TY for being a guest!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how much I loved Dreaming of You. Thank you brit

Lisa Worrall said...

Rawiya - as always, it's a pleasure my love, and I'm so glad you enjoyed Dreaming of You :)

Patti - you are more than welcome my yankee doodle dandee :)