Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Snark - A Second Chance

This fab idea from great gay romance writer, Marie Sexton. 

Saturday Snark.

Here is the line from A Second Chance between the Chief and Farris

“Farris, aren’t you tired of hanging out at thirty-six?”

Smiling wryly, I chuckled, “No sir. I’m still a young man. Since I’m not dead yet, I might as well try makin’ all the parties I can before I’m not able to anymore.” 


Marie Sexton said...

Thanks for jumping into the Saturday Snark!

Rawiya said...

Thx so much! Its a great idea!

lily sawyer said...

nice idea. Maybe I'll join next weeks

Keta Diablo said...

Fab snark, Michael.

Tweeted your post today!

Keep those great books coming!


mountie123 said...

Just found the Saturday Snarks and am chasing the rainbow today. Thanks for posting Rawiya :-) Love, love, love snark.