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It's M/M, of course.

Out in Left Field

Michael Mandrake

Note: The players mentioned are fictional.

Chapter One

“Fuckin hell,” I screamed as I looked in my locker for my deodorant.

I was sure I’d brought some in my bag but much to my chagrin, I forgot it.

The wrong time to do it too, considering I had a date with a hot girl, Irene, from London. I met her after one of our matches last week. As I was going under the tunnel, she yelled out my name asking for an autograph and a kiss. When I went up there to fulfill her request, she smelled and looked good. Once I finished scribbling and locking lips with her, I asked for a date. Of course, she accepted.

“Roger! Ay mate! The team is going to a party at the old pub, ya joinin’ us?” Nathaniel Terry, my good friend and teammate, said coming out the shower clad in only a small towel.

We’d just beaten our rival Old Trafford 3-2 in a match that literally turned out to be a dogfight.

Nathaniel and I play for Manchester United soccer team in England. We’ve known each other since attending Salsberry Middle over ten years ago, were drafted to play for Manchester in the same year 2005, as well as band mates in an eighties cover band back in the day.

You could say we were close friends. Tight.

I continued searching for something to smell good.

Nathaniel walked over smacking me with the towel he’d just taken off.

“Madden, you heard me? Are you goin’ to the pub?” Nathaniel shook his wet hair out, pelting me with the drops.

“Nah, I got a date tonight. I told you I was takin’ that chick Irene out for dinner.” Once I found my cologne bottle, I sprayed it on hoping that it would suffice.

“Ah yeah! I don’t believe you told me if she had a friend er not though.” He opened his locker.

“I didn’t. Besides, you don’t have a problem getting dates, Nathaniel. You’re the team heartthrob.”

Amused, he laughed while slipping into his pants. “Yeah, well, so true. However, I noticed you knew how to pick the lookers Roger. Your former girlfriends were quite lovely.”

Approvingly, I nodded. He was right. I’ve had my share of nice ones. “Yeah, so have you, Nathaniel.”

Once I finished my sentence, he shook his head while putting Ban on his armpit. “Hey Nathaniel, can I use some of that? Fuckin’ forgot mine at home.”

“Sure mate. Why don’t you keep it? I’ve got another stick at the flat.” He handed it to me before grabbing his Obsession.

“Thanks chum, appreciated.” I put some on quickly after noticing the time. I was supposed to pick her up at eight.

“Like I said, if she’s got friends, sisters, whatever, let me know.” Nathaniel was buttoning his shirt while slipping into his shoes.

Confused, I continued to look at my best friend. I couldn’t understand why he wanted me to ask Irene about a partner for him when Nathaniel could get a girl without saying a word. For as long as I could remember, Nathaniel was always a ladies’ man.

His rock star, long, brown hair, and chiseled features turned heads everywhere he went. Not to mention, he was the most popular member of the team, receiving fan mail that could rival David Beckham.

The body on Nathaniel was tight as well. Although not overly muscular, he was built in all the right places; slender just like a well-trained, thoroughbred.

As I watched him finish getting dressed, I stared at the man I’d known and loved like a brother seemingly forever. He was so gorgeous and sexy. The man carried himself well. Very kind and intelligent.

I took pleasure in just looking at him, even though I considered myself straight. Of course, if the opportunity to spend a night with him presented itself, I’m sure I would do more than just give it a thought. However, anything more than that would most likely be out of the question.

“Roger, earth to Roger. Listen mate, if you and Irene want to stop by the party after your date, please do. We should be there till the wee hours of the mornin’.” He grabbed his comb to tame the strands while gazing into his mirror.

“Thanks mate, we just might do that.” I put on my jeans after sliding my fitted t-shirt over my head.

Once I pulled it down, I noticed Nathaniel giving me the eye.

“What, Nathaniel?”

“Ah nothin’ really mate. Just lookin’ at what you’re wearin’ to see the girl, that’s all.”
Immediately, I became self-conscious. Nathaniel was a fashion plate as well. “Is somethin’ wrong with what I have on?”

“Erm, well, I just thought you’d dress up a little more considering it’s your first date with her.”

Suddenly, I began second-guessing my choice of wardrobe. “Well do ya’ think…”

“Nah chum, if she really likes you, she’ll be okay with it.” He answered while closing his locker. “Have a good time mate, remember what I said about stopping by afterwards.” Slowly, backed out the room, waving.

At that moment, I wondered if I should go home and change. Nathaniel did have a point about the first date outfit, however, maybe she’d understand that I just came from playing a match.

After only a couple of more minutes, I shook my head and decided not to worry. However, I did think back to the way Nathaniel gawked at me.

The manner was intent, stern. Unless he was just so bothered by the way in which I was dressed.

I closed my locker before gazing at my watch. When I saw it was seven fifteen, I made up my mind that it was time to go. Wouldn’t want to keep my new gal waiting.

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