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Longing for Love With What?

Longing for a Story of Love with What?
Michael Mandrake

Good morning to all attending the Jay Di Meo blog tour. I’m excited to talk about a story I’m very fond of called Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo. The short is actually a tale already published in the anthology through Sizzler Editions called Riding the Rocket.

When I looked at the submission call by Sascha Illyvich, the editor of the collection, my first thought was to write a story of my main character receiving blinding love and passion from an immortal, something other than a vampire. *shudder*

At that time, I was very new to the genre and wanted to get a shot at being in this anthology by creating something totally new and different from any of the others he might have seen.

When I started writing, my first thought was to make it a historical since my main character Hayden Curry was a scientist from the 1900’s in Britain. Then I thought of the secondary character, David. He had to be someone strong and unique. Could he be a shifter, a chimera as Sascha offered that he might be? Who knows! Honestly, in the beginning, I had absolutely no idea what kind of being he actually was. Just as Hayden was clueless, so was I.

Then, I contacted Sascha later on after the anthology was released to ask him about doing a longer version. When I pulled the story back out of the WIP file, I looked it over and got more of a sense from David almost immediately. What I came up with without giving all the details is an immortal, some kind of angel or demon with powers to read minds, change forms, as well as an endless amount of sexual energy that Hayden takes a lot of pleasure in. *snicker*

Unlike some of the other blogs I’ve seen here on the tour, my story really has no mythological basis. It’s a complete fantasy story with the only factual things being the setting of that time period, the clothing of the characters, and the speech. The other thing I truly enjoy about my tale is the love and chemistry between my two men. How they communicate, get through trials and shortcomings during the early parts of their relationship, all the way to the ultimate test at the end which to this day I am astounded by what they asked me to write.

And to think, the basis was really, nothing! What did Hayden fall in love with? An angel or a demon? You’ll have to read the long version of Vertigo to find out.

I’d like to thank Jay for allowing me to be part of this exciting tour. Please enjoy a little from Longing For a Normal State of Vertigo in this next part and any comments today will win a free copy of the anthology.

Look for the full book to be released in 2012.


Definition: A sensation of dizziness or abnormal motion resulting from a disorder of the sense of balance

Vertigo is a three part series of short stories regarding the love life of Doctor Hayden Curry and his quest for a relationship after losing his companion, Lawrence to a state of mental illness. However, the scientist, revered by many as an individual looking for the newest discoveries and succeeding at some while failing in others, is in search of something different and extraordinary from the love he has already experienced. Hayden desires something new as well as fulfilling, giving him not only a state of happiness, but also a weird since of euphoria.

Set in the early 1900’s in the town of London, England, Hayden, at the age of thirty, begins this quest and unbeknownst to him, his surroundings, the environment, and situations, have been prearranged in order that he shall receive the lover he is looking for.

PG Excerpt, Subject to change before publication

When he walked away, I placed my cane onto the seat in the carriage. Seconds later, I heard the steps then a voice. “Ah Doctor Curry, I am so glad you could come on such short notice. Never seen anything like it,” said Captain Tiddle, the head of the London Police approaching me with an outstretched hand. “Inspector Fine is scared to bits. He did not even want to touch it.”
Firmly, I shook his gloved palm with my own. “Good evening to you as well, Captain,” I smirked.
Hearing what he had said, I turned my attention to the heavens. Every time the city morgue had something they did not want to bother with, they called me. All because I had made the mistake of announcing to everyone how boredom had set in with regular coroner work. Sometimes I wish I had taken the suggestion of an old friend who said I should go to America to start anew.
Nonetheless, I did not because of my love for Lawrence at the time. I knew he wanted nothing to do with leaving London, so I stayed here for him.
Although I had gained some popularity with some of my latest discoveries, such as my attempt to develop a medicine to stop the aging process, I did not appreciate the second job the department had thrust upon me as inspector of unexplained objects.
 As I hobbled away from him, I needed to state my disdain for being called to do this. “Captain Tiddle, Fine needs to grow thicker skin. What on earth is he an examiner for if he cannot handle-” The stench stopped me from continuing my statement. “What on God’s green earth.” My nose twitched, the hairs tickled my nostrils.
The closer I came to the covered body, I felt slightly nauseous. I grabbed my handkerchief from my coat, placing it over my nose and mouth.
The wind blew swifter as it continued drizzling. That did not deter the crowd who the constables held back. They were eager to see what lay under the sheet.
“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here…” Slowly, I uncovered what looked to be wolf-like man.
With the cloth still on my face, I traced its features with my other hand. The skin felt rough and hard as if it were decaying. As much as I wanted to take off the whole sheet, I decided to leave it on until I returned to my laboratory.
I placed the covering back over it before getting up. The smell was not as strong when I knelt down to it so I put my rag back in my pocket.
“Well Doctor, what do you think? Is it human, is it-” Captain Tiddle said.
“Not sure Captain. I will just have to dissect it and see what happens. I have not seen anything like it either, though I have heard of some sightings out in the country. Well, I will phone you once I have something to discuss. Berrows!”
Immediately he came with our wooden box ready to take our new project home. Burrows, not intimidated by anything, picked up the body and lowered it into the coffin, shutting it tight.
Tiddle stared, eyes bulged, seemingly amazed at how my driver did not act scared of what lay under the sheet.
“Uh Tiddle, can your men give Berrows a hand to put it on my carriage,” I inquired while drinking a little scotch from my flask.
“Oh, of course Doctor, sorry…” Tiddle motioned for four men to help Burrows with the box.
“I shall give you a call when I find out what this thing is. Good night Captain.” I tipped my hat and walked in the direction of my transportation.
“Night, Doctor…” I heard him say as I walked out of sight.
“Alright people, you can go home now. Nothing more to see here.” One of the policemen started to usher the throngs away from the square as I hopped back in my buggy.
As soon as Berrows cracked the whip, the people separated, giving us room to ride away.
I settled back in my seat thinking of the thing I had just put on the back of my carriage. What could that be? Seemingly, only things like that were figments of a horror scribe’s imagination.

BIO: Michael Mandrake is a BRIT!

A 39 year old Brummie who loves to write tales of love and romance between two men that aren't afraid to show their sexuality.

At least that's what this 39 year old mom from the US thinks he is. They talk on a regular basis, Sharita and her muse.

Now for the truth, Sharita, who also writes under Rawiya and BLMorticia is a happily married mom of 2 who loves everything about British culture and hopes to visit someday.

Michael M is her most successful pseudonym. To date, he is the only muse with 2 sole author books, 2 more coming before the end of 2011. He is contracted through XOXO publishing, Sizzler Editions, and does shorts through STARbooks Press.

Michael shares Sharita's love for writing tales where the characters aren't perfect, they cross into new territory and resolve their struggles through communication and mind blowing sex.

At the moment, Mandrake’s books are only small steps into what’s to come. Look for longer works from Sharita and the muse, Michael very soon.


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J.K. Coi said...

This sounds wonderfully unique! Thanks so much for sharing it on the tour!

Barbara Elsborg said...

I loved the way you came up with what you wanted to make him. I don't think you need a mythological explanation. I quite like the idea of making angels and demons something else entirely. If we can have vamps that go out in sunlight - we can have just as much fun with angels and demons!

Angel Martinez said...

Hi, MM! Gripping excerpt - really makes the reader curious. :D A writer's mythology may build on others, but ultimately, we all have to make decisions about the what's and why's in our world building, whether we start with some pre-made bricks or with nothing but our busy hands.

Jay Di Meo said...

How cruel of you to let us hanging like this - not knowing if it is an angel or a demon! A very interesting twist on the myth and a story I definitely have to read! :)

Sara York said...

Love the excerpt. It sounds great!

Arlene said...

Wow. Ditto to all the other comments. I cant wait to read this one. I love a fresh perspective and cant wait to see what world you've come up with.

booklover0226 said...


You're a new author for me but not for long. I enjoyed both the post and the excerpt; they were great reads. I have to wait until 2012 to read this??? SIGHS....

Tracey D

Erica Pike said...

Hi Michael ;) I barely have time to promote one name - kudos for promoting 3! I love the name Michael Mandrake, by the way. It just rolls off the lips and sounds like a superstar.

eripike @ gmail . com

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

oh this sounds absolutely intriguing. I love the premise and would love to read the rest of this one. I love stories that are unique and discovering a new kind of plot like this sounds wonderful. Putting this on my must have list as I know I want to read this.
Thank you for the blog tour, and wishing you the best on this one!


Kiernan_Kelly said...

It's a phenomenal story, Michael. :) Is Vertigo coming out through Renaissance as well?

Hayley B. James said...

This one sounds great. Thanks for sharing! I love 1900s settings. It's on my list to buy.

related: now I don't feel like the only kid on the block without some sort of basis on my demons/angels. ;)

Rawiya said...

TY everyone for the lovely comments.

I love this story and hope to see it out this year!

Anonymous said...

Colour me very intrigued. Thanks BL & Michael for the glimpse.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Cool premise!