Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Sips - Turning the Tables

Greetings fans!

Welcome to Michael's where me and Rawiya are hanging out so that Michael can host XOXO at our place. Make sure you check in today since M interviewed the boss!

Now, for the Saturday Sips today I'm showing a little of the story I'm about to submit to my pub. A story of a woman looking for a partner that she hopes will do a little something extra to spice up their sexlife.

Yes it's an m/f. I know, shocker! 

Here's a little of Turning the Tables

Being a female cop you learn to accept different things. Number one, people think just because your female you’re not as strong as a man. Two, that you might be lesbian, which I really am not, and three, you might’ve taken the position to prove to someone or yourself you could do the job.

The latter would be me to a tee since I wanted to show my dear old mom how going to law school just wasn’t as fun as running down the street and catching criminals. Mrs. Daniels seethed when I told her that I dropped the books for a badge. She wanted me to follow in her footsteps and I reminded her each and every time how this was my life not hers. Of course she hated that because she could control my younger sister and not me. We Daniels women have always been that way.

Maybe that’s why all of us were alone. My dad left us when before I turned ten and my hot shot lawyer mom has only casually dated ever since, claiming not to want a long term relationship because every man has a problem with her status. By the looks of it, I’m headed down the same path. I haven’t had a long term relationship ever and since my biological clock is ticking, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future. Why we women have these issues more than men I don’t know but because thirty five is fast approaching, I’m concerned about being alone for the rest of my life. It hadn’t really bothered me till now but my birthday is right around the corner, ironically on Valentine’s Day.

Ain’t that bitch?

Yes, me, Chicago cop, Vanessa Daniels came into this world on V day. You’d think being born on the day of love I would’ve easily found someone and blessed with a fabulously gorgeous man, but I wasn’t. Part of it could be I’ve never really taken being in a relationship seriously since I’ve tried to keep myself from being hurt. The other reason, I like to be in control and not too many men want to be someone’s bitch. Could I possibly give up a little to start dating someone regularly? I’d have to if I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with my cat Jase whose outlasted all the men I even tried to bring into my life over the past five years. He’s been faithful but even he’s getting tired of me only spending my nights at home with him.

So am I for that matter. I need to find this me out there somewhere. Friends tell me to start going out to clubs with them again which I just can’t do. In my opinion, women after thirty shouldn’t be going to bars to meet men it should be the date after you meet him at the library or a sporting event. I’ve even subscribed to an online dating service which a lot of them don’t think is real safe but I remind them, I can find out all about him just by looking him up at work. If he’s shady, I’ll know it immediately. One of the reasons being on remained an easy decision. I’ve been on the site for about three months now and have met a couple of nice looking guys, however, they didn’t really do it for me. The one I’d want would have to make my heart job or my toes curl. I hadn’t come across him yet. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too long.

“Another day, another few bucks.” I closed my door to my Michigan Avenue apartment and removed my jacket, placing it in the closet. My aforementioned feline ran up to me, running his slender body against my legs. “Hey Jase.”


The grey cat with green eyes purred and a kneeled down to pick him up. I strolled towards my kitchen to feed him and try finding something for dinner. Living alone did have its perks. I only had to feed Jase and me but if I had somebody, maybe it would’ve already been made for me. A man that could cook; let me add that to the already long list of wants.

I placed Jase’s bowl on the counter and dumped the can of his favorite for him to eat. Once I gave him a pat on the head, I looked in my fridge which at the moment only had some leftover pasta from last week, bread, milk that I believe might’ve spoiled a couple of days ago, and beer. Yes, I drink that more than any fruity concoctions or wine. In that sense, that makes me a bit of a butch I suppose. I consume mostly brews and whiskeys, no femme beverages for this gal.

“Well maybe I should’ve stopped somewhere for dinner.” I tapped my foot while unbuttoning my blouse. “Take out seems to be in order.” I closed the door and looked in the drawers for menus. Living in the loop had its advantages; so much to choose from in the way of delivery. Italian right down the street, Chinese, less than two blocks away, then my favorite Sushi restaurant about a half block from there. Not sure what I’m feeling tonight. Just hungry so I could care less what I picked at this point.

While perusing the choices, my phone signaled I had a message. I had more than that, since I’d been ignoring it most of the day. One from my friend, Sharon who I’d known since high school, my BFF if you will and the other couple notifications from LoveMatch. I’d check in with those and Sharon after I’d taken a bath and ate. The messages for the site first since Sharon and I had a tendency to gab for hours and once she’d find out that I wasn’t due into work the next day, it would be a long night for sure.

“Mhmm…” I finished the last of my beef chop suey that I’d eaten straight out the carton and placed the empty on the table. I think I might’ve inhaled that so quickly since I skipped lunch due to a robbery call at a bank downtown. Such is the life of a cop.

I opened the cover to my laptop and placed it closer to me. Finally I felt relaxed after taking a hot bath and dressing in my favorite pj bottoms along with my pink bunny slippers. Yes, I know, not very “coplike” but I am a girl after all.

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