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Welcome Back Patricia Logan!

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Welcome to Michael's. This is your host BL speaking welcoming back Patricia Logan. A good friend of Shar's and the muses talking about hr upcoming Rebel Ink best Seller, A Very Good Year, the Sequel to Captive Lover which I am looking forward to reading.

Lets learn more!

Dmitri Hernandez is starting his life over. After his release from captivity and four years in college, he’s just accepted a position as vintner at the Lazy E Vineyard and Dude Ranch. He’s excited about the job but he’s even more excited by a tall handsome cowboy that just turns him on in every way. Maverick Walker is a true Marlboro man in every sense of the word and Dmitri falls hard for him. The two begin a relationship which only burns hotter until a third man steps into the mix and complicates everything. Carlo Degli Esposti, a famous Italian wine critic and gay playboy, makes his moves on Dmitri right away. Dmitri is suddenly torn between a handsome blond billionaire and a dominating cowboy with a vulnerable.

Carlo Degli Esposti is turned on by Dmitri’s sexy good looks and smokin’ hot body but the more he gets to know Dmitri, the more he realizes that the vintner has devastating secrets buried deep within. As Carlo and Dmitri begin to see more each other, Maverick backs off. He wants his own lover, not a relationship where he’d have to share Dmitri with the gorgeous Italian. As Dmitri’s nightmarish secrets are eventually uncovered, Carlo realizes that he is deeply in love with the handsome vintner and vows to make him the center of his life. Will Dmitri be able to forget the big beautiful Maverick? Is Carlo enough to fill the hole left in his heart many years before? Will taking a job in the Texas wine country be the worst decision that Dmitri ever made or will it be a very good year?

Here’s an excerpt from “A Very Good Year” my December release and the second in my Westburg series.

Carlo watched the play of emotions across Dmitri’s face. The lust was obvious and Carlo was amused that Dmitri schooled himself to try to hide it. The disgust was a surprise. What on earth didn’t this small town vintner see in a world famous man such as himself? It wasn’t that he thought over much of his assets; he was just confident. Carlo just knew that he was the premier wine critic in the world and had worked extremely hard to keep that reputation. It was hard not to come off in a hoity-toity manner when you knew what he knew. He tried to be as humble as possible when he wrote about the wines but one of the things about being a critic was that he became a target of criticism himself if his review was less than flattering. His reputation, thank god, remained solid because he knew what he was doing, but the lies about his love life got to him at times and had cost him more than one loving relationship. However he tried to keep his love life private, the tabloids seemed to love a gay billionaire and they did their very best to destroy his lovers as well as himself with lies and innuendo. 

“I’m sure you would like a tour of the operation we have here,” Dmitri offered. “I’d like to accompany Jenny while she shows you around if that’s all right?”

“That’s exactly what we were gonna do Dmitri, come and find you and ask you to join us,” Jenny replied.

Carlo translated the phrase in his head and so was slightly slow in answering. When he did, he smiled. Dmitri swallowed hard. The man was stunningly beautiful, angelic of face and with two well placed dimples on his cheeks, it was all Dmitri could do not to tackle him and fuck him then and there. Carlo clapped his hands together and said “Meravigliosa,” which sounded close enough to the word “marvelous” that both Jenny and Dmitri nodded and turned to walk out from under the porch. Dmitri followed Carlo and Jenny toward the vineyard.

The stunning Italian had removed his suit coat and it was folded and draped over one arm. His high tight ass had Dmitri ready to faint. The cut of the outrageously expensive suit pants outlined a tiny thong which Carlo wore underneath the white fabric and the rounded curves had Dmitri sweating under the Stetson. He was certain that he had giant sweat circles visible on his cambric shirt, even though it was morning and the heat of the day hadn’t even arrived. He silently cursed the lustful longing for Carlo’s ass and thought better of the decision to join them on their little tour. The last thing Dmitri needed was to set a bad impression for Jenny or the Lazy E Vineyards. The sight of the Lazy E’s vintner jacking his cock off in the barrel hall probably wouldn’t earn Jenny the appraisal she needed but if Dmitri didn’t get away from this man, that’s just what was gonna happen. Holy shit what an ass!

Carlo stopped his broken English and wild hand gestures and turned to draw Dmitri into the conversation. It was everything he could do to stop himself from laughing out loud when he noticed Dmitri’s eyes riveted to his ass. It was even more amusing when Dmitri tried to pretend that he hadn’t been staring at it. Dmitri Hernandez and those mahogany curls and golden eyes was going to be hard to resist, but resist he must, at least until he’d written his critique. He didn’t want Dmitri or Jenny to get the impression that Dmitri’s performance in Carlo’s bedroom had anything to do with his opinion of the winery or its vineyard.

* * * *

Wow, what an excerpt and blurb. Look for it in December. Thanks Patty for being here and fans, this is a swap so please go to to check Sharita out with a blog about manlove!

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