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Friday Read Out in Left Field

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When we arrived at his place, the alcohol got to him. As I helped him up the stairs, I wrapped my arms around Nathaniel’s waist, incidentally, letting my hands drop to his ass.

He laughed, “Ooh Roger, stop being frisky will ya,” he said as he handed me his key.

Once we got in, I sat his keys on the coffee table. I took my shoes off and jacket putting them near the couch.

“So Roger, are you gonna run awayyyy or what.” He was completely gone. Nothing would be happening tonight.

“No Nathaniel, I’m stayin’ here.” I said firmly. Although I had been drinking too, I still had my faculties in check.

“Allllrighhht, so, would you like to join me in bed or is it gonna be an issss…shue with you again.”

Of course it wasn’t an issue to lay in bed next to Nathaniel. Over the last year or so I had desired to be that close to him.  

As we strolled to his room, I held his hand so he would make it without stumbling. When we got there, we both began undressing almost as if we were stripping for each other. Though we were not really making too much eye contact, every time either of us tried to catch the others gaze, the heads would lower.

“What’s wrong Roger, yolu don’t like… the way I looookkk?” he chuckled while taking off his shirt.

Nervously, I chuckled, “No, it’s not that Nathaniel, just making sure yoo don’t fall over.”

“Ahhh Roger, always a mate,” he winked while tossing his trousers to the floor.

Yes, I was and I would always be. The question was how could I still be that while wanting to snog him?

While I took off my pants, Nathaniel had already settled in bed completely naked. I had seen him in this state before but had no idea he would strip when I’d be accompanying him under the covers.

Miffed, I left my boxers on and slid underneath about ten feet to his right. I lay there, watching him fall deep in slumber, desiring to trace that lovely face with my fingertips.

Damn what has come over me?

I felt like a schoolgirl on a first date; wanting to touch him anywhere I could.

“Mmmm…” escaped his lips as I continued to observe.

What now?

Still, I lay there in a trance, thinking if I should take the chance to get in closer.
After all, since I knew he was interested too; getting in bed, completely nude.

He knew exactly what he was doing, curse him.

After a couple of minutes of gawking, I turned myself around to lay flat on my back. While gazing at the ceiling. I thought about our relationship and where it would go from here.

Was there any evidence before now that he wanted me? If so, then it went completely over my head.

Of course, I’ve never been one to pick-up on those types of things right away. Damnit, I swear, maybe this longing would be satisfied now that the perfect scenario has befallen us.

Once I’d gotten tired of pondering over Nathaniel and his signals or lack thereof, I drifted off to sleep.

 Chapter Six

The light from Nathaniel's window shone through brightly as I wiped my mouth with my right hand. While turning my head, I noticed I wasn’t able to rotate because Nathaniel was lying on my chest, still knocked out.

Oh my God, what happened?

Suddenly, my mind started racing as I thought about what transpired before we fell asleep. He was drunk, closing his eyes before I did so why was he on my chest? Could he have rolled over onto of me at some point during the wee hours of the morning?

His hand was on my right pectoral, resting there. Slowly, I took his into mine grasping it tightly.
I tilted my head down, planting a kiss on the top of his head.

The way I felt right then, I could have frozen that moment so we could stay that way forever.

“Mmm…oohh Roger, God’s I want you,” he cooed while kissing my chest.

“I want you too…” I answered while holding his body.

Waking, he mounted me. The moment our eyes and crotches met, some friction built below.

“Is that really how you feel Madden? Fuck, I can’t read you.” A smirk crossed his face as he stared into my soul.

I know, I can figure me out either.

“Don’t worry about that. Just know that I want this, now Nathaniel…” I intercepted his lips immediately, pushing my tongue deep inside his mouth.

While we enjoyed the embrace, he ran his hand through my hair.

“Mmmhh…Roger, sh…ii…” he whispered as I tangled my fingers inside the strands of his beautiful brownish, blond locks.

“Ooh Nat…uhh…” That minute, I wanted to feel something more than just kisses.

While he was still on top, I moved my hands down to his buttocks, gripping them tightly. I pressed myself into him, rubbing against the hard vessel between his thighs.

“Ohh Roger, shit,” he said after ceasing our kiss.

Lightly, he placed small pecks on my chin continuing to drop lower until he got to the tent between my legs. Gently, he nuzzled his nose along my length, making me dizzy.

“Ohh baby…God’s Nath...!” I yelled as his mouth engulfed my shaft.

While he went on swallowing me, I grabbed a handful of his hair. As the eruption in my groin started to stir, my eyes rolled in the back of my head.

“FUCK!” I screamed I writ, writhing uncontrollably. The juices flowed from me quenching his thirst.

“Mmmhh…Roger, now yeah,” he said while wiping the remnants of my natural wine off the sides of his face.

“Yeah, whatever you want,” I breathed, enveloping his lips with mine.

As we continued devouring each other, Nathaniel reached over into his drawers.

“Roger, damn I have wanted this for so long baby. To be like this with yoo…,” he said while preparing himself with the condom.

Although I wanted to fuck him first, I knew it wouldn’t be impossible since he’d taken everything out of me.

When he finished arming himself, he took some of the lube, rubbing a little between his fingers then some on my tight hole. Slowly, he penetrated me with one, twisting it from left to right.

“Shit…oh, Nat…more yeah?” Even though it wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, I knew the only way to enjoy it was by relaxing my anus, allowing him to apply the pressure so it would loosen.

“Yes, I will be gentle.”

While he pushed another in, I gritted my teeth. I knew I wanted him inside me but I was glad he wasn’t in a hurry to thrust in. Nathaniel wasn’t small by any means.

At the same time, he was tracing my jaw line with his lips. My arms were wrapped around his neck while my ankles lay at his sides. “Uhh Nathaniel yes…mmm…” I moaned as he took out two then put in three.

“Roger, I can feel you loosening a little there. When you’re ready for me, let me know.” He grinned at me whilst pushing his fingers inside me.

Again, my hands were playing with his strands. I looked into those beautiful browns as he toyed with my ass like a kid.

The more he forced the fingers into my hole, the more I desired from him. “Fuck, yes…now baby.” I breathed wanting my friend and teammate to push into my tight space.

“You sure Roger?” His look was one of concern. I nodded to let him know not to worry.

Once he picked up on my signal, he stroked his cock before touching that sweet spot.
It only took a few small moves for him to get all the way inside me, causing both of us to gasp for air.

“Shit, Nat…” I yelled as the pleasure overtook the pain. While he penetrated me, he leaned down letting his bangs fall on to my forehead.

He is so beautiful.

Our bodies moved in unison as he thrust into me while I moved upwards to make sure I was completely filled.

“Ohh Roger…damn!” He said while pounding me into the mattress making it squeal in delight.

Still, my arms and legs bound him at that moment as I delighted in his trail of kisses along my neck. We were there encased within each other. Tight.

“Nat…yesss…ohh…” I whispered while his body began to tremble.

“Damn, Roger…FUCK!” He screamed at the top of his lungs as I felt the latex expanding in my bum.

As the aftershocks took over him, I reached for his chin, pulling him down to my face.

“Gods Nathaniel, that felt so good.” I breathed before enveloping his lips with my own.

“Mmmhh Roger…” He slid out of my canal, reciprocating the kiss.

Slowly, he pulled the condom off, tossing it aside. Again, he lay on top of me devouring my mouth as if it were his last meal.

At that point, I couldn’t think about anything other than being in his arms. Finally we had that moment that I’d wanted seemingly forever.


Benjamin Tiberius Russell said...

Well, I don't know what kind of feeling and emotions the author felt writing this piece, but for me the reader - it stirred my juices and made me want to fill up something or be filled up myself. Hot-damn, this made me horny.

Naomi said...

Damn that was hot. I was right there and it made me tingly. I'm so horny now lol

Michael said...

TY so much Ben and Naomi!