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Friday Reads Out in Left Field

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We've had guests on so the free read was interrupted but we're back with more of my free read Out in Left Field. This will be done soon and then I'll have an Xmas story for you.

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Chapter Five

Over the next few days after that meeting in the locker room, Nathaniel was quite distant from me.

He and Charlie were very careful about showing affections towards one another in front of the team.

I should out them.

As much as I wanted to bring that embarrassment to them, it would show me as nothing but a jealous idiot. Nathaniel was already frosty towards me; I didn’t want to lose our relationship completely.

At this point, I made up my mind that Nathaniel was too important to let go. Although I wanted to continue my straight life, I desired to have him at least once. I longed for it.

On the team day off, we decided to meet at another brewery close to the stadium for a bachelor party given for our linesman, Andy.

The gathering started at seven and seemingly, by nine, everyone was quite drunk. There were plenty of strippers around since the team was paying for it.

While sitting at the bar talking to a gorgeous redhead, I noticed Nathaniel speaking to a beautiful dark skinned beauty.

The lady’s body was amazing, curves in all the right places. From where I was standing, she didn’t look bad facially either.

Curious and interested, I decided to go over and have a closer look.

Once I stepped over, Nathaniel's eyes met mine. Since everyone was inebriated, he didn’t give me the cool attitude he’d been giving me since that evening.

“Well, well if it isn’t, Madden. What are you drinkin’ friend?” Nathaniel turned towards the tender, giving him some cash.

“Rum and Coke, mate. Thanks.” I said while checking out the pretty girl.

She was quite the looker and seemingly, when she turned around my way, she wanted to know me as well.

“Allo, what’s your name gorgeous?” She took another drink out of her glass.

“Names Roger, Roger Madden and you are?”

“Selena, charmed.” When she put her hand out, I kissed it lightly.

Nathaniel raised an eyebrow when he handed me the drink. “Here ya’ go chum. What’s the big idea tryin’ to steal my girl?”

I chuckled, “Who said she was yours? As I recall, the team paid for these lovely entertainers so you cannot claim any of them.”

Selena laughed while taking her champagne flute from Nathaniel. “So true, Mr. Madden.”

“Please call me Roger,” I winked at her flirtatiously.

As I was making nice with her, Nathaniel was trying to distract me. Making faces as I talked, out of her view.

However, I ignored his gestures and continued to chat her, hoping she’d like to take me on.

Although I longed for Nathaniel, I hadn’t had any action in a while. Right then, I needed a good shag to stave off the erection that was hard as a nail beneath my trousers. What better way to be with Nathaniel than be with a girl too.

Since I was feeling good and confident about myself, I decided to give it a go and ask her about her plans. She looked like a gal that might want to have fun with both of us.

“So Selena, how’s about accompanying me and Nathaniel this evening?” I patted her leg before sliding my hand up her thigh.

Nathaniel shot me an angry look after drinking the rest of his beverage.

After taking a sip, she chuckled. “Ah Roger, sorry can’t do that. We were specifically told by your team not to do anything more than dance.” She exhaled, “But if either of you are interested after tonight, here’s my number.”

That moment, she took her cards out her purse, handing one to me and John. Afterwards, she got up, giving us kisses on the cheek. “I must go gentlemen, the team says we had to be gone by ten. Hopefully, I’ll hear from you both.” As she winked, she waltzed out of sight.

Fucking team, always ruining the fun.

“Damnit that would have been nice if they had not set any rules. I thought this was a bachelor bash?” I said while ordering a beer.

“Yeah…though I’m kinda glad she said we couldn’t. Who told you to come over here anyway,” Nathaniel hissed.

Amused, I grinned. “No one. I just liked the way she looked, mate.”

“You were sitting next to a pretty redhead. You left her to come disrupt me. Why me Madden.” His brows furrowed.

I glared at him. “Because I wanted us…to…damnit Nathaniel Pfft…Let’s go to your flat and talk. There are things that I need to get off my chest.” I said while paying our tab.

“Fuck off Madden, there’s nothing to say. You didn’t want me then, what has changed now,” he whispered just loud enough for me to hear it.

“Nathaniel, let’s just go okay?” Immediately, I took his arm pulling him out by his sleeve.

On the way out, I told the guys I needed to take him home because he was getting too drunk.

When we got outside, Nathaniel yanked me back. “Roger, I came with Charlie, I’m going home with him.”

“He drove you?”

“Yes he did, now let me go.” Nathaniel tried to get away but I took his arm again dragging him across the street to my Mercedes.

“Get in,” I commanded.

In a huff, he opened the door and sat. “Fuck Roger, I swear if I didn’t like you…”

Ignoring him, I started the engine, driving away.

While we rode, Nathaniel was complaining about how wrong I was for hurting his feelings, leaving the other night.

I know I was, but…

“Nathaniel listen, I’m sorry about what happened. I…I’m gonna make it up to you, okay?”

That minute he stopped talking as he stared at me.

The rest of the way to his flat, we were silent. This night, I would have Nathaniel Terry, right where I wanted him. Close to me, just as he should be.

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