Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas Read - My Daddy's Christmas Wish Part 2

Good morning!

Part 1

Here is part 2 of the Daddy's Xmas Wish story. By the way, here is my model for Jared. Yummy Boris Kodjoe.

After having my leftover Chinese, I sat on the couch in my satin lounging pants and a wife beater with my feet propped up on the table. My cell phone sat on one side. It had been beeping nonstop with texts from my few friends who were off visiting their folks or boyfriends families wishing me happy holidays. A couple of them had even offered for me to accompany them to their various places but I didn’t want to pry. On my right, Buster lay on my leg, snoring because It’s a Wonderful Life was on its second run already. I guess I couldn’t blame him for falling asleep. Just how many times could you watch this film in a row without getting bored?

I elected to sit through it though since it remained my favorite, along with Scrooge, The Grinch, and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Holiday TV for me could never get stale. What an exciting life I have, right? Still, I wouldn’t begin to feel sorry for myself. I’d kept that Christmas spirit just as good old mom and dad always told me to. Too much negativity in the world already and I refused to dwell on my misfortune right now. A distraction like work would’ve made it easier though but hell, I was exhausted anyway. After I’ve watched this movie the third time, I’m sure I’ll be ready to go to bed.

Just as the beginning scene flashed across the screen, another text came through and I picked up the phone. The caller ID displayed a number I didn’t notice. “Who is this?” I read it aloud. “To Jared, Merry Christmas and keep the spirit. Love Santa.”

Love Santa?

I laughed and shook my head, trying to search my brain to find out who would send me an anonymous text. Not many people had my number, only my few friends, not even my aunts or uncles had it so who could this be. Maybe one of my buddies dialing from someone else’s phone, but all of them had messaged me already.

“Ah well.”  I placed the phone back down and lay my head on the back of the couch cushion. Who knows, maybe I could’ve been dreaming or perhaps it was a wrong number but how would they know my name? I chalked it up as coincidence and picked up my remote. Suddenly, the movie didn’t interest me any longer and I craved sleep. I turned the television to holiday music channel. Right away the sounds of my favorite Christmas tune, “This Christmas,” by Donny Hathaway rang through the speakers making me feel all warm and cuddly inside. To cover up, I grabbed my blanket on the side of the couch. Since I’d already warmed this spot up nicely, I decided to stay here instead of going to the cold bed all alone. “Good night world, merry Christmas,” I whispered before drifting off into a deep sleep.

Within minutes I felt chilly air whisk through my apartment making me shiver. My teeth chattered and I lifted my lids, catching the lights as they flickered on and off. “What the?” I turned my attention to the window behind my tree that I noticed was open. I could’ve sworn I saw it closed when I stepped in the apartment. As much as I didn’t want to get from under my blanket, I quickly sprinted over there and shut it. “Brrr…” I rubbed my hands together and blew on them to warm them up. Taking a quick glance outside, I frowned at the snow clumps falling from the sky. The sidewalks and streets had disappeared under the white powder and the city looked to be changing into a winter wonderland right before my eyes. “Jesus, I hate snow!” I always had and despite loving this time of year I hated the change of season in Chicago. Cold temps and the white stuff I didn’t like one bit. Too bad I didn’t live in a place like Hawaii for the winter.

I pulled my curtain closed and just as I turned around to walk back to my sofa, I glanced at the mantle. My eyes widened and throat went dry when I didn’t see my Santa statue standing by the pictures. “Wha? Where?” Immediately I ran over and removed the pictures, frantically searching for my miniature Claus. “He was just here!” I yelled so loud, Buster woke up and barked in response.

“Where did he go?” My mind raced and I heaved in some air as I panicked about my mom’s most prized possession. While I stood there in shock and tapped my feet I ran my hand over my closely shaven head attempting to calm myself down. “What happened to it? No way did it spring up legs and leave on its own.”

“How do you know?” 


nicebutnaughty73 said...

I'm hooked! I can't wait to read more. :-)

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TY much. More coming tomorrow!