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Xmas Read My Daddy's Christmas Wish Part 5

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Hope you have enjoyed my free read so far. It's almost done.

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“Jared…” He whispered and tossed his red hat to the side. Santa’s silky black hair curled under his ears. So lush and gorgeous I couldn’t resist running my fingers through it.

“Jesus.” Who knew angels behaved like this? His blue eyes met my gaze while he slid my longing pants and boxers from my waist. Santa grabbed my ass and squeezed tightly as I pressed my body into his. “Shi… ooh sorry,” I caught myself before swearing.

Claus only smiled, “Its’ okay. You were saying exactly what was on my mind. You’re highly aroused and so am I.” Again, he covered my mouth with his and our tongues tangled in the heated exchange. Damn, what the hell was going on? I’m making out on my sofa with a man who claims to be the statue I’ve held for years. Am I going crazy? Who would believe this in a million years if I told them? No one, since I can’t even fathom it myself. Still, it felt too good to stop it. If it was really a dream, don’t let me wake up.

Santa pulled away from me and stared into my eyes while caressing my bald head. “It’s not Jared. I’m telling you the truth. Don’t worry about anything right now, let’s just enjoy one another, m’kay?”

I only nodded in agreement since I didn’t want to talk anymore. Once his mouth crushed with mine again, he reached between us and adjusted his g string, revealing his cock. Reluctantly, I moved so I could get a good look at the heaven he hid behind the red material. Of course, with all the perfection of his body, hair, and eyes, his cock didn’t disappoint me. The shaft was so thick and veiny in colors of light pink and purple, oozing pre-cum from the tip. Right then I wanted nothing more to take it between my lips and when I tried to bend my head, he grabbed my shoulders, stopping me from moving forward.

“No,” he breathed and removed the string from his body. “I wanna be inside you, Jared. Then we’ll taste one another.” The gleam in his eye proved to me how serious he was about slipping between my thighs. In all honesty, I agreed since I ached for him to penetrate me, especially after our kiss.

“Okay.” We shared another kiss and he knelt on the sofa cushions together. Claus pulled my shirt over my head before he leaned in, giving my nipple a gentle lick.

Just that slightest touch made me flinch because my little nub felt so sensitive. The moment his mouth touched me they hardened and a surge of energy travelled from there to my groin. Shit, I wanted him so badly right now I could taste him. Dad, if this is true what he says about him being the wish you wanted to grant me, thank you! I’ll never forget this, even if it is just for tonight. It had been such a long time since I felt someone else’s touch or their skin. I’d been horny for weeks and the screws at Manhaus weren’t anything special.

Gently, he pushed me back on the couch cushions and again, pressed his mouth on top of mine. Santa pulled my legs up, wrapped them around his waist, and placed my ankles on his shoulders. He teased my puckered hole with his tongue, probing it gently while he fisted my hardened muscle. “Ooh God…fuu…” I stopped short once again from saying something naughty. I couldn’t help myself though since the feeling of his mouth on me was better than anything I’d experienced in quite a while.

“Mhmm…” he groaned and continued with his affections. Claus fingered the tip of my length, smearing the juices into my skin. He made a trail from there, to my perineum, and the underside of my shaft. Claus sucked on my balls as if they were a sweet candy, languishing in the tastes, not worrying about the small patches of fuzz.

God for an Angel, he sure is a bit dirty.

This wasn’t clean angelic love but rather the kind that makes you ache for hours. What a man. Oh my God, I don’t think I want to wake up. I grasped his full head of hair and tangled it between my fingers. I closed my eyes tightly and grit my teeth while he push one inch of himself into me.

“Ah we need a little something.” He reached into my side table and retrieved the lube.

Dumbfounded, I stared and I couldn’t help but ask. “How did you know I kept that in there?”

While he squeezed some onto his hand, “I’ve been on the mantel watching you Jared. I know where everything is,” he grinned and began smoothing some of the cool substance on my tight orifice.

A part of me wanted to believe all this to be true but I like he said, I wouldn’t worry about it now. I’d just enjoy this moment for what it was, a delightful wish that my father granted me for Christmas.

Once he finished, he spread my legs and pressed his shaft into my puckered entry. Claus gazed into my eyes and smiled while he broke the barrier that was seemingly sealed for ages. “Yes, Jared, oooh you’re so tight, babe. So good.” He shook his head to move the stray black curl from his forehead. I noticed the beads of sweat on his brow and immediately I wanted to lick them.

“Mmmphh…” My cock hardened with every thrust. I clenched my buttocks tightly and met his penetration, thrust for thrust. Feeling my shaft read to explode, I started to jerk it slowly to build a rhythm. No way I’d be able to hold on much longer.

“Jared…” Claus repeated and leaned into me to capture my lips in another searing kiss. He smacked my hand away and picked up the pace. Claus began to rock me so hard, the couch started to protest from the weight. “I want you so badly, Jared. I’ve waited for this for such a long time.”

“Ooh God.” I couldn’t help but cry out since I felt myself cumming quickly. Small spurts of my liquid stained his stomach and my midsection. Santa continued his assault on my anus. He sped up even more and I could tell he was close.

“Jared, you feel amazing. Just like I thought you would.” Again, he crushed my mouth with his and he started to writhe uncontrollably. I moved with him and sensed his hot natural juices flood the inside of my thighs. I grasped his ass and pressed his crotch into mine. We shared another embrace and I felt myself weakening by the minute. What a Christmas gift, an unexpected one but nonetheless very enjoyable.

“Merry Christmas, Jared.” Claus’ blue gaze caught mine. Softly, he stroked my forehead.

“Same to you…Santa…” I was so drained I couldn’t finish the words. Damn, I suppose this means I’m waking up. Oh well, fun while it lasted and I’ve never had this hot of a vision that it made me instantly tired. Merry Christmas to one and all….

And to all…

A good night…


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