Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Read My Daddy's Christmas Wish Final

Greetings all!

Merry Xmas Eve.

This is the last part of my Xmas Eve Fic. Let me say, the story ill continue for Jared and Santa in a read coming for Valentines Day. I'll be self pubbing it for Smashwords and All Romance.

So, now you have something to look forward to.

Here is the final part and thanks!

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When I woke up I noticed I wasn’t on the couch anymore but rather in my bed alone. I sighed and rubbed my eyes knowing that as real as last night’s dream seemed it was just that.

A real good dream.

Who knew I had such an overactive imagination? Am I that lonely and desperate to be thinking of Santa Claus becoming a hot man and making hot passionate love to me on my sofa? Regardless I couldn’t deny the feeling of being in his arms, his large hands roaming every part of my body. Santa’s hard cock thrusting inside the tight space between my thighs. Damn, my cock swelled just thinking about it. Maybe I need to get out more. Still, I enjoyed it a lot despite the fact it was all in my head. Perhaps Mr. Claus will come by and visit me again.

I rubbed my neck since it felt as if I had a cramp. “Ooh…” I groaned from the pain of that and, “What the heck?” When I touched it some more I could swear there were small bumps. Quickly, I jumped out of bed and sprinted to my mirror to take a look. Tiny red marks on both sides including a few on my chest. My buttocks felt sore and my skin sticky from the night before. “Damn, some night…”

“Yeah, it was.”

Again that voice from my dreams. The man who claimed to be Santa stood at my doorway. I saw his reflection through the glass and turned to meet his gaze. Have I lost my mind? Am I dreaming again?

“Nope, I told you. I’m your Daddy’s last wish and I intend to fulfill my duty as your man for the rest of your life.” Santa closed the door behind him and strolled over slowly. His hands caressed my shoulders, gripping them tightly. Claus yanked me into him and covered my lips with his. When he finished, he stroked my head again. “I’m real babe and I’m yours. Merry Christmas.”

Still stunned I could do nothing but allow him to continue. Just the feel of his body against mine sent shocks of energy to my nipples and groin. I’d never felt this way about anyone so quickly. Besides that, there was still the small matter that this man claims to be my Santa Claus statue that I’ve kept on my mantle.

Maybe I have gone nuts but for now, I’ll just enjoy my Christmas holiday and worry about my sanity later. Merry Christmas to me and thanks Dad for this delicious gift.

Good things come to those who keep the spirit.


nicebutnaughty73 said...

I can't wait to find out more about this couple. Thanks again for sharing this Christmas story. I love it.

BLMorticia said...

TY much for following.