Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Read - Inspired by a Photo

Greetings. I've been so busy writing and promoing it slipped my mind that I had no more Out in Left Field to post. So, I'm doing a little impromptu fic on the picture at left. 

I'll start taking requests again by the way for Friday Fics. Send me an email at

Okay here we go!

* * *

Bryant showered to my left, soaping up his hard body as the water cascaded down his back. His muscles glistened with the drops and fine black hairs clung to his pale flesh. Seeing that, my cock jolted and gave me a painful reminder of just how long it had been since I'd had sex. 

As I continued to stare, he glanced over at me. Blue eyes, similar color to the Pacific. His short black locks looked painted on from the large amounts of water running on the top of his scalp. Bryant stopped rubbing himself and strolled in my direction.

My breath caught in my chest and I gulped hard. What could he be thinking? Will he be mad because I can't seem to get my eyes off him? What if...

In moments, Bryant roughly grabbed me by my neck and yanked me in for a rough kiss. The force in which he pulled me in hurt slightly but I was a happy man nonetheless. 

Maybe both of us had an affectionate moment on our mind. One could never tell. 

***Hmm, another plot bunny is brewing. Hope you liked that little fic. 

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